Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thanks to the nation of Oman in successfully bringing three Americans home.

Is the Ivory Tower of justice in the USA become less connected to its citizens?

And more an instrument of the status quo?

The list of profound injustice to Americans is longer.

Car bomb E. Elm near I-75 - Monroe, MI

(AP) MONROE, Mich. — (click title to entry - thank you)  A law enforcement official says the man who was seriously injured along with two of his sons by a car bomb blast in Michigan is an area lawyer.

The official told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the adult victim injured in Tuesday's blast is 42-year-old Erik Chappell. The official is familiar with the investigation but who requested anonymity because he is not authorized to speak about it publicly.

Authorities are looking for clues about how the bomb was made and who might have planted it. They say the three victims are in serious condition at a Toledo, Ohio, hospital.

Chappell works for a Sylvania, Ohio-based firm that has an office in nearby Monroe. The firm declined to comment Wednesday and calls to Chappell's home rang unanswered.

How the heck did anyone get access to the car?  Wasn't it parked in the garage?  This is strange.  At least no one is dead, although it is obvious it was intended to kill.

This may be a coincidence, but, with the execution of a man that was provided some of the poorest defense in the world, there could be riots.

Pavement (click here) is shown on Elm Street in Monroe, Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011, where a vehicle carrying a man and his two sons exploded Tuesday evening. A spokesman for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives on Wednesday said someone put an explosive device on the car, seriously injuring the occupants. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

This is more or less a character assessment.

The testimony is rather convincing. He seems to know the men involved and the activities. I thought someone would step in and stop this before all the facts are clear. If Troy traveled in the same company on a regular basis, it makes sense that the same gun ballistics were at scenes where they traveled. There is far too much reasonable doubt. No one is stating anyone is completely innocent of violence here, but, murder is far different than assault or any other crime that may have happened that night. I don't like to see revenge in the name of police officers, it diminishes the truth and places authorities in complete opposition to it.  

Police Officers should have special status, but, only when it is based on the truth and not revenge at any cost.

Bernanke has made money in the 'negative' interest range, as a result there is a glut of capital circulating around the globe.

The availability of capital is not the issue.  The capitalists are holding 
onto their money and the nations are going broke.  The countries in need of improving their deficits need to tax those with the excess capital and settle their debts.

It is just that simple.  

It isn't about confidence either, it is however about comfort!

When the banks imploded in 2008 they took most of the global economies with them.  In the USA there was a loss of $1.2 Trillion from its economy in the first year.  The Recovery and Reinvestment Act  added $787 Billion US back into the economy.  There are profoundly understandable reasons why the USA economy is still floundering.  Being "short" a half a trillion in stability and growth is a lot of short fall.  

As a result of the shortfall the contraction continues and there is more loss to be realized.  President Obama knows what he is doing and it high time the Congress woke up to that fact.

Europe needs to increase its taxation and the Western countries need to find reasons at the WTO and the UN  to rein in India and China including human rights violations.  These countries are practicing a two class system and while there is more chance for a spontaneous Middle Class growing in India; it was noted at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China there is a five year plan in place now to address of China bringing its impoverished to a status most of the world would recognize as Middle Class.  I believe China is beginning to understand how exploitative Wall Street can be in regard to valuing human labor.  I expect to see changes in India and China in a few years that will elevate their impoverished and bring equity to global markets regardless of the exploitative character of Wall Street.

In the meantime, the West is going to have to provide incentives for growth of their Middle Class and Small Business.  You know, the people that actually love their neighborhood, towns and cities that will make it work for everyone.  There really is no other way at this point.  Subsidies to small businesses at the cost of taxing windfall capital and loose equity is the best way a country can maintain the integrity of their economies and providing tax breaks to the Middle Class and Poor to facilitate their participation in up-spring small business and local economies.  Wall Street is crouching in a corner of comfort and security without an interest in added risk to seek new ventures.

The policies of the Fed have facilitated that posturing of Wall Street and they like it.  Bernanke took interest rates to zero and then gave them free money in the way of Quantitative Easing.  Now, he wants to further reduce the interest Wall Street pays and quite frankly he does not understand his own clientele.  It won't work, there is plenty of capital in circulation and that is not the problem.  The EU is looking for more US dollars but that is not an excuse to print more money.

...In other words, (click title to entry - thank you) the slogan for markets as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank meet this week in Washington could well be, “You’re on your own. Don’t count on anybody to bail you out.”...