Friday, September 25, 2015

Trump is correct about Rubio by the way. Have you ever really listened to the simple kindergarten words of Marco Rubio?

"Government has nothing to do with an economy. The private sector runs the economy and the government should never be involved with it." That is such stupidity I can't believe he actually expects people to believe it. It is all old world bulloney. And of course taxes are always threatening jobs. If it weren't for taxes the USA would be the perfect country. But, of course the USA debt is going to be paid off magically in a world created by Disney. 

I'd like to see who among his cronies will volunteer to maximize jobs and pay off the USA debt because their profits will be astronomical, right Kochs? 

Rubio needs his pacifier, so be sure he has plenty of water bottles. It will be a miracle to hear reality in any of his speeches.

Denial is so much better than facing facts. Oh, boy, I must really be jaded from losing the Earth to the space program. Keep it up and denial won't matter anymore.

The list of topics that need to move to REALITY POLITICS is long and distinguished.

When I say people in power don't care, I mean it. It isn't politics. 

My only real concern today is Syria. That is immediate. It has urgency and no one likes Assad, but, like Republicans such as McCain there are no viable solutions. At least Russia is a direction for the country. It is measurable for people. They can live within a society that is measurable. Obama better not pull any bulloney over it either. I don't think a limited nuclear engagement between the USA and Russia will improve the chances for Syrians.

Syria needs a peace, not unlimited war.

It took Pope Francis to end the hideous political policies in relation to Cuba. The Republicans don't care about people, they care about a political agenda of democracy for every country. It's nonsense. Fifty years since the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Republicans, like Rubio, actually think oppression of the Cuban people can continue forever. The entire country of Cuba were prisoners due to USA political priorities. The ENTIRE country, not just political prisoners in Cuban jails. But, that is okay. Defeating a dictator passively takes lots and lots of time. Generations would pass before Cuban people received relief from the USA's boot on their necks.

I would think China would be an example of how a country secure within it's own sovereign responsibility can actually grow a democracy from a communist government. It doesn't happen overnight or in a decade; it happens over time as the people become more sophisticated and able to discern their interests in their country to choose leadership by elections. China is on track to become a great country. It is emerging. It seeks benevolent relationships. An emerging country is always worried about it's reputation with international relations. It is why censorship exists in emerging economies that begin in communism. India is different. Brazil is different. Both India and Brazil have a far different path to a government of the people. Russia and China are communist countries and have their own paths to greater freedom for their people. It takes time to build a country. That is good thing. There would be no stability in the world if the winds changed every other year. I think the word Wall Street uses is CONFIDENCE. They want confidence to invest. Good reputations build confidence to investors. Stability in the world is a very good thing if people are to move their countries to a standard that improves their quality of life. 

Russia is always interested in 'stable states.' It lost the post Soviet states because they were ready to be self-governing. Ukraine wanted to be neutral, but, Yanukovych put his power first. Now there is corruption beyond his removal to contend with. Russia needs to respect Minsk II. They don't like the NGOs because they bring political pressures the eastern communists don't want. They see the NGOs as coercive. 

Good night. I've rambled enough. I look forward to another "Day of Francis." His mass for the people in Philadelphia is his crown and glory for the trip. It is the mass for families.
I think Pope Francis spoke with Speaker Boehner about the activities of the US House in relation to people within the USA including the immigrants. I think that talk could have easily made up the Speakers mind to leave. He was constantly conflicted by the disarray with his own party. 

John Boehner will finally have peace in his life when he leaves, but, his leaving isn't going to change the dysfunction in the House. If anything his leaving will make it worse.

The US House is working on the CR until November 20th when it will be brought to the House floor. That date is after John Boehner leaves.

The US House is emboldened now. McCarthy has a lot of restraint to enforce to bring order again to the US House. I really think John Boehner left for his own reasons and damn the House. I don't blame him, but, his leaving is not going to resolve anything and the extremists won their infighting. The extremists admittedly has no answers to any of this infighting, but, it was important to them POLITICALLY to remove the Speaker.

None of it makes sense, except, to FOX News anchors.

The so called Values Voter Summit had no reason to cheer except their own hubris. They have their own reality. 

The House is going to be a mess for more than the next couple of months unless some of the Republicans resolve to work with the Democrats in the spirit of bipartisanship.

Other than Pope Francis' address to the joint meeting of Congress, there isn't any legacy for John Boehner. It was the most do nothing Congress in history. I think it beats all other Congresses. When Nancy Pelosi was Speaker there were record setting numbers in the bills the House did pass. That sure has heck didn't happen with the "Impasse Congress." 

Pope Francis helped John Boehner resolve his conflict. I am happy for him. He loves the country and he wasn't going to harm it. There is every reason to believe his resignation and what lead up to it is probably going to define his legacy.  

So John Boehner was looking for an optimal time to leave the Speakership. And Donald Trump was booed and stated he was cheered. There is a reality that exists with Trump. He has his own constituency. He has the numbers. Yes, that's right. The American Plutocracy may very well have coupe the US Constitution by it's own mechanisms. It is possible for a plutocrat to take on the system and win without catering to cronies. It is a populous movement that can produce the numbers that a well meaning billionaire will win an election for President. It is all legal. Donald Trump can be painfully truthful and keep his constituency. He is anti-corruption. No one in the populous movement will abandon him necessarily. Winning without cronies is an anti-corruption agenda. This isn't new. I have been saying it for weeks now. DENIAL is an incredible capacity of a country dominated by a Plutocracy that seeks control of consumerism. There is a lot of denial in the USA population. It is learned denial. The solace is that the American public grabbed onto and prioritized their local economies post 2008. There can't be sincere learned denial in a local economy. It is the smallest economic component and is KNOWN to the population within it. Denial to create success for profit is not tolerated in a local economy, hence, the no GMO movcement. I've been saying this for seven years now. Where has everyone been? Oh, yeah. In denial. No one should be surprised. I have been out here carrying the truth about the destruction of Earth's troposphere called the Climate Crisis. Talk about denial. "Do you BELIEVE in human induced global warming?" BELIEVE? The heating of Earth is not a belief system, it is scientifically proven and is measurable, otherwise it wouldn't be scientifically proven. Believe? That is a theocracy, not a democracy with high esteem for science since Benjamin Franklin. It isn't just the climate crisis! Does the USA still have a problem with racism? Is there income and wealth inequality? Hello? That is called denial. Has the USA Middle Class been vanishing since the political demand to end unions. It's all provable, but, a voter has to BELIEVE. Unions are not belief systems, it is proven need to maintain a Middle Class that is the backbone of a stable economy. Denial. The USA has a big problem with it.

Donald Trump is a perfect storm with a Supreme Court as a facilitator.

One other thing about John Boehner. He was looking for an optimal time to leave the Speakership, BUT, he didn't make up his mind until yesterday evening. I think the Pope influenced his choices. What dedicated Catholic wants to be out of step with God?

I think Pope Francis was generous about all the technology at the school. He had made a point to end high technology that threatens work with people. Now, mobile phones may create jobs, but, the Pope basically tempers his tolerance of it.
I am very proud of the people of New York City. They inconvenienced their own lives to allow safe passage of Pope Francis. It is a wonderful time for throngs of people. They are safe, too. Thank you.

Pope Francis, the messenger of the truth.

Pope Francis in the procession after the mass.

Another incredible day.

New York loves Pope Francis. That is an incredible procession.

A sea of faces makes Pope Francis happy.
He is too good to be true.

He is celebrating this mass in English. 

Is there a child in that line without a mobile phone? Pope Francis is worried about all children receiving education; I think there is a disconnect.

They were chanting "Holy Father we love you."

The Cardinals go everywhere with him. They love the guy.

I guess that display will go back to  Rome with him. The children carried out projects that are themed in "Faith in Action." There are Catholic Schools throughout the area represented. Each school has a different project. 

The children put together what can be thought of a spiritual bouquet of photos, writings and offerings as a gift. It is an expression of all the children even those that could not be at the ceremony today.

The entire family of Mayor de Blasio is at the school. 

September 25, 2015
By Tracy Hunte 

..."I think what Pope Francis (click here) is showing us and teaching us is that a lot more is achievable than we realize. There's so much that he is calling for that I believe in and I am trying to follow his example," de Blasio told WNYC Friday. "The power of Pope Francis is he raises the bar. He sets a demand on all of us."...

Pope Francis is meeting with Catholic Charities to note their work and immigration.

He is given a hard hat and utility belt to represent all the immigrant workers in New York City.

The IDEA alone that a cyber site could protected has resulted in enormous LOSS fo US seccurity.

It is insane to continue with the same computer methodologies. The USA national security has been completely compromised for more than a decade into the future. 

23 September 2015
By AP 

...The number of people (click here) applying for or receiving security clearances whose fingerprint images were stolen in one of the worst government data breaches is now believed to be 5.6 million, not 1.1 million as first thought, the Office of Personnel Management announced on Wednesday.
The agency was the victim of what the US believes was a Chinese espionage operation that affected an estimated 21.5 million current and former federal employees or job applicants. The theft could give Chinese intelligence a huge leg up in recruiting informants inside the US government, experts believe. It also could help the Chinese identify US spies abroad, according to American officials.
The White House has said it’s going to discuss cybersecurity with Chinese president Xi Jinping when he visits Barack Obama later this week....

The information stolen will compromise the intelligence community and new agents have to be trained. THEN. To actually repeat this idiotic idea there is security in cyber space lends itself to the  moronic. This is the security of the American people. There is no such thing as of the day of this breach in security.

And what President computerized national security after 911? Any guesses? 

Remember? Remember the billions of dollars? Remember how departments are suppose to speak to each other? That was the real reason for 911, right ? It wasn't because the Executive Branch failed to act on the intelligence delivered in the PDB.

The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) (click here) was established by Presidential Executive Order 13354 in August 2004, and codified by the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 (IRTPA). NCTC implements a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission: "Breaking the older mold of national government organizations, this NCTC should be a center for joint operational planning and joint intelligence, staffed by personnel from the various agencies."...
There is continuous coverage of Pope Francis online (click here).

There is also "On Demand" events as well. There isn't anything on demand at this time.
It is amazing to realize the Republican House has no remorse over the resignation of a Speaker. Wow. They aren't the least bit concerned about this disruption. No one is rushing to John Boehner to prevent his resignation. They wanted this. That is not a good thing.

There will be no war declared over cyber insecurity.

The governments of the USA have to completely disconnect it's infrastructure from the internet. They don't have to do anything else. There can be infrastructure that is interoffice and interdepartment, but, none of it connected to the net.

Any interface needed with the pubic has to be a separate infrastructure. In other words, The Department of Homeland Security has it's primary operation of cyber infrastructure offline. The places where it interfaces with the public is a completely separate infrastructure with neither connected to each other. 

The NSA is going to demand their way with the cyber security of the country. So, the NSA infrastructure will be connected to the net, but, not to the entire department or other agencies.

This is not a big deal. It was completely wrong for government to think they had control of infrastructure security. It's nonsense. There is no such thing. 

If Wall Street is bummed out over that reality, then I remind them; they have their own infrastructure at the bottom of the ocean called 'long lines.' Those are exclusive to Wall Street by the way. 

The problem is that Wall Street sees profits at the cost of their own security. That is not a government issue and should not concern the American people.

September 24, 2015
By CNET Staff

From a robot (click here) in line in Sydney to the crowds for the visiting pope in New York, this year's iPhone launch festivities had a few extra wrinkles.

The cyber Wall Street want more and more profits even if it means using it's own secured infrastructure to accommodate it. It is not a government problem. If Wall Street wants to compromise it's own infrastructure, they make that decision autonomously. Then Wall Street wonders what governments have against oligarchs with their own militias.

There is no such thing as an absolutey secure internet.

September 25, 2015
By Julie Hirschfeld Davis and David E. Sanger
Washington — President Obama (click here) said Friday that he had reached a “common understanding” with President Xi Jinping of China to combat “cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property,” but made it clear that wide areas of disagreement remained over how to stop an escalation of Chinese cyberthefts and the possibility of an American response....

That is why there is still outstanding issues. President Xi Jinping lives with reality while Wall Street lives in denial and war over hackers with bombs and missiles.

The USA military needs to stop relying on cyberspace for it's security. It is called pen and paper. Well, okay, word processors and printers.

What is the name of that computer security company? ???? Oh, yeah, "Lifelock." On it's commercials they state they provide the best cyber security POSSIBLE and have insurance that will cover infractions in the understanding of the coverage they provide. 

I wish Wall Street good luck with the demands for treaties that insure their cyber security, OR ELSE. That is part of the problem, by the way. The reason there was an oil war into Iraq is to protect US ASSETS. Wall Street is considerd a US asset by some. So, much a US asset the military belongs to Wall Street for it's moral expansion and demands for fool-proof profits. I don't think so.

So, take this a step further. Imagine a world where Wall Street has complete control of life through 'trade agreements' and there is no local economy. Then Wall Street is hacked and the USA has to go to war, but, Wall Street is in disarray and dysfunction anyway.  PROTECT US LOCAL ECONOMIES!!!!!

The US local economies are the heartbeat of our country.  
At least Gingrich admits there are Republican hardlines that have a chronic agenda to remove Speaker Boehner. In his own words, John Boehner states it was impossible to carry out governance in the face of continual decent in the House. He stated the votes that were being demanded was not good for the institution and he refuses to call for them. He stated in good conscience he could not carry out the votes. But, I suppose McCarthy can.

If John Boehner was that conflicted between the DEMANDS on his authority to deliver function to the House and the dysfunction he had to deliver than it was overwhelming. One can look at the US Constitution for just so long in opposition to it's demands on the authority of leadership before it becomes hideous.

One would think with so many returns from the Supreme Court conflicting with the political agenda of the Republican hardliners, they would learn something. But, they learn nothing about governance and remain stupid and stubborn as if that is going to carry out a bloodless coup of the US Constitution.

Speaker Boehner will be resigned by the time the November deadline to move the CR to votes for the 2016 budget. The House is now a circus with media backing from FOX and CNN. The right wing media is anticipating their role in creating complete dysfunction in the House; the ratings will be great. 

McConnell is announcing adjournment until Monday the 28th at 4:30 PM. There were no votes in the Senate today. The State Dinner is this evening.
China's President Xi Jinping states openly that China is an emerging country with movement to middle incomes for it's people. He openly states China's GDP is not nearly as well as established as the USA and that has been a consistent over definition of China's economy.

President Xi Jinping openly states the Cold War is over and there is recognition of a global economy that is still yet well defined. He states the relationship been the USA and China is obvious and clear.


Wall Street is over invested in China and it shows. I am more than pleased President Xi Jinping is very open about the relationship between the USA and China. He also inspires the idea in his country that growth is necessary as well as wisdom to plan the future rather than stating, "If you build it, they will come." 

I had stated previously, the only way the meeting between President Obama and President Putin would result in intractable war is if China was completely lying about it's relationship with the USA. Russia and China are emerging economies and they have communist governments, but, they have no intention of setting the world on fire by nuclear holocaust in disappointment to the American Neocons.

"The new Republican young guns want change they can't get." No clue.

Republicans can't even admit they have problems that they own. They are blaming President Obama for Boehner's resignation. That is amazing.

Sorry folks, but, it isn't the President's problem !

At the news conference President Obama states that he is not going to prejudge the result of a new Speaker. He states he knew Speaker Boehner had a difficult job in finding compromise. 

Compromise with the Republicans is a joke. They call compromise "Go along to get along." There is no compromise. All there is a political dogma that is most important. I don't expect change. You've got to be joking. Keven McCarthy is the next failure. He is from California. The current Republicans don't even bother to understand the place where Ronald Reagan called home. California is about many things the current Republicans can't even find the language for. The entire circumstances with the Republicans is a joke. They and many of their backers DON'T WANT CHANGE. They think the thicker the dysfunction the better. Remember this is the party of NO GOVERNMENT.

So don't have false hopes about Congressional function improving. It won't happen. The juveniles haven't grown up yet.

It is valid to say, Speaker Boehner surrendered.

Pope Francis brings forward the fact the responders to September 11 was selfless.

Pope Francis (not Pope Franco) asked for the prayer service at the 911 Memorial to be religiously inclusive.

Franco, in Catholic history, is affiliated with war.

Francisco Franco was a very conservative Catholic general who controlled the army in Morocco (click here).

In Pope Francis final city visit he will visit a jail in Philadelphia.

September 24, 2015
By Daniel Denvir

When Pope Francis (click here) visits Philadelphia's Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility this weekend, he will get a firsthand, if stage-managed, look at one of that city's most opaque public institutions.
Allegations of guard abuse of inmates at CFCF come up frequently, but public oversight at the facility is almost nonexistent. Detailed information about allegations of abuse and their investigation are confidential. Prosecutions for physical abuse are extremely rare.
The Philadelphia Police Department makes available relatively detailed information on Internal Affairs investigations lodged by members of the public thanks to an executive order issued in 1993 by former Mayor Ed Rendell. No such records are available when it comes to the city’s correctional facilities. The most Mayor Michael Nutter's office would provide CityLab was a list of generic allegations ("alleges several officers pushed"), the dates allegations were made and investigations closed, and whether or not the allegation was sustained—no names of the accused, whether any sort of punishment was meted out, or any real details at all included.
The city has paid out nearly $2.9 million in corrections-related civil rights settlements since 2010. According to the city, that's no cause for concern....

The Pope recognizes the SERVICE WORKERS that require healing simply because of their work!

Pope Francis is reconciling spiritual turbulence of the people effected by September 11th. A fireman is stating he believes the Pope will help resolve his feeling of emotional trauma. 

The New York City government needs to seek how to best resolve the trauma of post September 11th. He is retired and he speaks to many that still suffer after September 11th. These people are still experiencing loss of friends and family due to the impacts of the post attack environment. The USA EPA completely failed these people with air quality problems and otherwise. 

The US House should be working overtime to reassess the people effected by the attacks of September 11th.

There is a huge difference between a war memorial and the New York memorial to the dead of September 11th. These people were citizens.

As I listen to comments about this Pope's visit it is completely inappropriate to bring up issues of war. Yesterday helicopters were described as if an element of war. When people find it necessary to reflect their own definition of war within their commentary it is ABOUT POWER and not what is occurring. It is completely inappropriate to define any of the Pope's presence anywhere as related to war.

If commentators can't put their own identity aside to find war within a Pope's visit they are no longer needed as a commentator when peace is the paramount issue.

I am not convinced that annual celebration of the dead of 911 is good for the country and especially in regard to the people that experienced the trauma. They relive it every year. PTSD enforced by government demands for yet another reminder of governmental incompetency to prevent war and protect citizens.

The annual celebration of the INNOCENT CITIZEN as a war image is outrageous and adds to the fear of the country. The 911 commission and it's finding about government incompetency that allowed war to develop is never part of this annual recognition of dead citizens, including jet crews.

It is all politics all the time with the Tea Party and it's relationship with the Kochs and FOX News.

September 24, 2015
By Washington Post

...Looming (click here) are another possible government shutdown and another round of high-stakes negotiations with President Obama, and a group of hard-line conservatives in his own party is openly threatening the Republican leader’s ouster if they don’t get their way.

But at least there’s this: His job might be so thankless, no one else wants to do it.
Rumblings about Boehner’s imminent demise, stoked by a GOP member’s July proposal to remove Boehner from the speaker’s chair, are tempered by the fact that no rivals have emerged to challenge Boehner.
“The members who are advocating or conspiring to take down the speaker haven’t put forward a horse of their own,” said Rep. Charlie Dent, R-Pa. “I mean, who’s their champion?”
Not Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield. The House majority leader is widely viewed as the only viable option for succeeding Boehner. But McCarthy has continued to stand behind Boehner, and his ongoing defense serves as a rejection of overtures from some conservatives who have been privately suggesting that, if they succeeded in a coup attempt on the speaker, they would support the genial Californian in a smooth succession....

The US House is currently in session debating changes in environmental review laws. They are attempting to control the Executive Branch making the environment a political issue. The House is overreaching and it's proceedings are unconstitutional.
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid states he always trusted John Boehner through a good relationship. He states his staff and that of John Boehner always got along well. He states John Boehner had a very difficult job with a fractured House. He states he is a conservative Republicans, but, he was pragmatic and the factions in the House were impossible in their demands.  Senator Reid states John Boehner was more the character of Ronald Reagan that knew the art of compromise.

Basically, Senator Reid sees a Republican House that is completely impossible to deal with. This is the second Congressional leader, albeit Democrats, that has openly stated this House is unable to function.

Senator Reid also stated, John Boehner was finding it difficult to serve his constituents.
Nancy Pelosi states the welcome of the Pope's speech yesterday to bring inclusive dialogue. She states the resignation of the Speaker is not to remove attention from the speech by Pope Francis. She states she wants to insure our home planet and future generations. She openly accepts the Pope's call to the USA. She is speaking on C-Span.

She is also stating China's Cap and Trade is a focus they are looking at. She welcomes the Chinese delegation to the USA. She recognizes the Chinese are to be commended for their actions regarding the climate. 

She states they had a non-state breakfast today in the spirit of Pope Francis where dissidents brought their message to the President of China and prisoners were recognized. 

She is looking forward to a Congress that will work 'It's Will' to keep government open to prevent any impacts of such actions.

To note, Minority Speaker Pelosi recognizes human rights violations as legitimate to any actions.

She state November 20th is the deadline for any negotiations within Congress and from there an omnibus bill would follow. She says the dollar figure is yet to be decided. She hopes that will be resolved by Monday or Tuesday for a CLEAN CR (continuing resolution for the 2016 budget).

She states John Boehner stepped down because the House Republicans are threatening a shut down of government if Planned Parenthood is defunded. He will participate in such extremism. She states the public will notice all these changes and tensions and demand the end of such extremism. 

The Republicans are not governing, they are demanding their political agenda be prioritized. They never stop their politics and that reality places their 'mind speak' at the center of any legislation. It's stupidity promulgated by people like Priebus. The Republicans are demanding their party to control the country. It is outrageous and quite frankly it is treasonous. 

Not direct words in all cases. I can't type as quick as his speech moves along.

Exactly. Pope Francis defines "justice" as not gaining one particular outcome of one party. Justice is about resolving conflict. He is correct. He is advocating peace among nations. In that call he is employing other religious leaders to work in the direction.

He is also recognizing the economic exploitation of Earth and the danger of the current climate trends.

There are countries, especially Syria, that have faced complete environmental collapse to any biotic content that lead to war of ethnicities.

The sad truth of the USA involved in international relations DOES NOT SPEAK OUT about the impact of the climate crisis in inducing war. The USA military has already stated this years ago. But, no administration or legislative member ever states the Syrian civil war is directly a result of the drought that forced the agrarian societies into the cities, thus destabilizing them. Maybe the Generals need to speak to the public about the climate crisis since the US Congress can't find the words. 

The truth is the truth. The Republicans finds the climate crisis helpful driving hate to promulgate fear and war for their particular politics.

Exactly, the 2015 conference in Paris this year can't be about simply taking a stand about the climate, but, action in reducing the greenhouse gas content of the planet in a meaningful way that returns function to Earth's troposphere.

He reminds all the UN members about negotiated treaties that bring about the end to things such as small arms trade. He is asking the United Naitons to bring about movements toward economic inequality for the world's population.  He asked the assembly recognize girls as well. Malala is at this assembly. She is seated to hear the Pope. Amazing.

Lodging, labor and land for nations of people. One spiritual meaning "Spiritual freedom," freedom of religion and education and all other civil rights. 

The right to existence of human nature itself He has before addressed the outrageous technological crisis that removes human nature from people. He states technology has the capacity to be a profound threat to the ability of peoples to earn a living, hence, a direct threat to human existence. 

The misuse of creation to raise humans above all else is wrong and stands to obstruction of raising human defense of environment as a moral law written into human nature itself. The natural difference between man and woman and respect for all life in all it's stages and dimensions.

True integral human development of all we must work tirelessly to end war and all adverse human circumstances connected to war.

First fifteen years of the new millennium is met with all kinds of laws, but, lack enforcement. Basically there is not enough cooperation between countries to enforce treaties and laws that are intended to add stability to all people.

He notes the cultural and environment as a priority to the United Nations. Peace is a friendly agreement between nations. The proliferation of arms has to end, especially those of mass destruction. He notes the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The simple existence of these weapons is a direct conflict to the purpose of the United Nations. He sees proliferation of fear and distrust between nations when these weapons exist. He wants a complete prohibition of his weapons.

He wants a unified agreement moving toward the care of all peoples on Earth. He urges and appreciation of all members of such an agreement to move quickly to end all the problems they face together.

Northern Africa, other African countries are a focus to end the hostile nature of the life of these people. To end the destruction of the cultural heritage and places of worship is important. It is a grave summons to conscience of those that conduct international affairs. Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan and the Great Lakes region (protecting water).

Former Sen. Russ Feingold's (D-Wis.) (click here) departing words as our nation's special envoy for Africa's Great Lakes region and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) took on new urgency in East and Central Africa this week.

Drug trafficking brings the arms trade, human trafficking, child trade and other corruption; social, political and military raising the question of the legitimacy of the ability of measures to be effective. The drug trade is to be a focus of international cooperation to end corruption of the lives of people.

Think about the origins of common beginnings. Among other things human genius will bring about the changes needed. He calls people to define the 'common home' of Earth to all peoples.

Individual and collective life is service to others. Spiritual principles set the ability of people to provide these important aspects of life. Do not create an elitism. If such elitism is created, it will be attacked from the people outside it. (wealth elitism already exists.)  The conflict that exist today enforces elitism.

The health and happiness of future generations is his call as a high priority.

He dedicates the Catholic Church to serve to this outcome and blesses the assembly.

This entry is not to redefine the Pope's words and meaning, but, to seek to understand it. He is an incredible Pope and openly speaks his mind as a means to facilitate movements in the best direction of all people and their common home.

The President of the United Nations stated there is to be a summit all should prepare for and attend.
Congratulations to Speaker Boehner. I always liked him right up to his instillation as Speaker and his indulgence of the radicals in his party. I could not stand with him over the extremism the Republicans launched into.

I hope he will be comfortable and happy on his favorite golf courses. There is a real chance he could start his own PAC.

Look for Republican women to vie for the Speaker's position. I am thinking extremists like Fox might actually be a favorite.

The radical Republican right wants to destroy the USA Constitution. I would think that is evident by the fact there are impossible divides to cross. That is not John Boehner. He cares a great deal about his country and not a radical rebel.
Please don't make the word "families" demonized by stating Pope Francis is against same sax marriage. My take was totally different. The USA is a country with a majority of single parent families. There is also no indication he frowns on same sex relationships. If anything he is inclusive indicated by "...For those that are not believers, wish me well." 

I took extensive notes. I'll do something about his speech to Congress this weekend. I want to see his trip for now.

But, please don't demonize his words, he would be offended. He is a Pope that speaks his mind. That isn't evident? He said nothing about same sex marriages. For those that are of the faith it is up to them to carry out their outcomes within the faith. There is no Catholic leader I noticed excommunicating anyone over their identity with LGBTQ. It would be an assault against the individual the Catholic Church don't really embark on. To place anyone's soul in question is not the act of men, but, of God.

Enough of the political rhetoric. The clerk from Kentucky should not believe she is empowered by the Pope. It's nonsense. She broke the law and continues to do so.

There is to be no hate!!!!!

Pope Francis is about coming together to heal wounds and instill peace. 

Enough of the STUPID politics!
The message of Pope Francis is more vital than it ever has been. 

It is important to realize the Roman Catholic Pope has standing in the United Nations to speak to the General Assembly. 

The values the Pope reflects is also at the core of the United Nations. Compassion and a world that values peace and care for Earth and the economic well being of all people and nations are central to the United Nation's mission.

Unless China is putting on a disguise, the meeting between Russia and the USA is not about a greater war.

September 24, 2015

U.S. (click here) President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet in New York next week at a time of high tension in Europe and the Middle East, but the Kremlin and the White House disagreed on Thursday over the top priority for the talks.
The White House insisted the meeting would focus on eastern Ukraine, where Russian-backed forces are fighting the Kiev government, prompting tough sanctions that have damaged Russia's economy.
Moscow, however, said the main focus would be on Syria, where Russia has built up its military forces in recent weeks with combat aircraft, tanks and other equipment in support of President Bashar al-Assad.

Ukraine is more about an impasse and Syria is about The West getting out of the way. Turkey is NATO and there has to be an agreement about the outcomes. President Putin is coming t set the terms. He isn't interested in conflict of major powers.

September 26, 2015

As yet, (click here) Mr Putin does not have much to worry about. Ukraine’s reformers have tried, but their war on corruption is not going well The Ukrainian state, like the Russian one, still resembles a giant mafia. It administers the country (reluctantly), but its main purpose is to generate graft and it governs largely by dishing out the proceeds. Oligarchs and their political cronies still dominate Ukrainian life. Should the government do too much to fight corruption, the oligarchs may use their private armies to stage a coup. Should the government do too little, angry Maidan veterans might stage one themselves. That could leave Europe with a failed state on its borders contested by rival militias—a European Syria....