Friday, April 10, 2015

I hear Mrs. Clinton is going to run for President of the USA.


I look forward to every minute. The others conducting an exploratory for a potential run to oppose her will be welcome, too.  But, I am really looking forward to her campaign. She is a great woman. No one can take that away from her. 

She has a long history of providing leadership in this country, including the time she protected children from the fact they had no stated constitutional rights. I don't think people stop to realize the extent Hillary Clinton has influenced this country. 

So, Sunday, huh? Good.

"The Written Word"

I first saw this on "Politics Nation" and I had to try to understand why there is such widespread brutality. It is the reports they hand in. The written reports are not truthful. 

When Mr. Wilson killed Michael Brown, Jr. he never put one word to paper. The report was written by a supervisor who never witnessed what occurred. 

The death of Mr. Scott, here again, was not filed by the officer who killed him, but the supervisor. So, basically, police know they can get away with murder, quite literally, as peers cover for them. In the case of Mr. Scott, the responding police officer arrivee on the scene as the crime was being covered up by placing the taser next to Mr. Scott. That second officer on the scene never once stated the scene was being managed to cover up a murder. 

He wrote the extent he went to revive Mr. Scott. That wasn't honest either. The actual people that attempted to revive Mr. Scott arrived after the second officer arrived. Mr. Scott's wellness had deteriorated too far to be revived by then.

We need police and sheriffs and deputy sheriffs to carry body cams. It will stem the brutality and hopefully will end the deaths by police officers. These are unarmed people being either beaten within an inch of their lives or shot to death. The law enforcement officers at the local level would be required to file truthful reports.

I am getting the picture that any written police report about any type of injury or death of a suspect is a blatant lie. I have to wonder how many stories are 'out there' in the USA as never told or recorded and suppressed by fear of receiving the same type of treatment by law enforcement officers.

We have a problem. How does it come out of the file cabinets to reveal the injustice in this country? 

I guarantee you the deputies in this "You Tube" video knew they would blame the injuries on the suspect and the paper work would reflect a very different picture which would provide a better basis for prosecutors.They never acknowledged the helicopter. They were focused on the suspect and the beating more than a helicopter.

In the shooting death of James Boyd, the swat team put the video on the internet themselves. No one was spying on anyone. There was no helicopter. Those that killed him believed they were above the law. 

In the case of James Boyd, some of the local laws actually propagated the assault. There was no reason for his death. But, the homeless were considered an illegal status. They were barred from places like the park where he died. Albuquerque itself, or so it was stated, had a bonus for the law enforcement officer that reported a 'clean kill.' 

The USA has a huge cultural divide. How many local governments provide cover for officers actions? How many have laws that actually are unconstitutional and deny rights to citizens. In Ferguson, the judge was part of the plan. He was regularly denying citizens their civil rights. 

Ferguson was a town of Middle Class folks near St. Louis. I find it hard to believe the problems in Ferguson wasn't known by anyone outside Ferguson. 

I think there are cities and towns with extremist members running their own little world in the way they see fit.

We have problems and they aren't minor.

Clue: There are million dollar horses on the track. Hello?

Million dollar or not, horses don't understand selfie sticks, drones, fireworks or otherwise. Horses are more sane than the crowd on the other side of the rail dividing horses and humans. No one wants injuries to horse or jockey.

Race horses understand cheering crowds. Don't expect them to be a part of the party beyond that, okay? 

April 9, 2015
By Nina Mandell

Beware horse racing fans: (click here) Selfie sticks and drones to a list of things that will be banned from the Kentucky Derby this year.
According to an official release from Churchill Downs: “The list of items that cannot be carried into the track by guests on Kentucky Oaks and Derby days was expanded to include selfie sticks and remote-controlled aircraft, including drones.”
“The addition of selfie sticks, and remote-controlled aircraft to the roster of prohibited items also grew out an increase in the popularity of drones and concern for the safety of Derby and Oaks Day patrons, the horses competing in races those days, and participating horsemen and members of their respective staffs,” Churchill Downs spokesperson Darren Rogers wrote in the statement.
The selfie sticks and drones join a long list of banned items including fireworks, coolers, grills, tripods and “any items deemed dangerous and/or inappropriate.”

Senator Barbara Boxer is correct about the NPT agreement with Iran.

There should be a hearing to bring 40 experts that want to speak. It is important. But, this agreement was reached under President Obama and with the persist patience of Secretary John Kerry. Are there two men in the USA more disdained by the Republicans? I don't mean that as a defeat, but, these men have been so successful in their time in the White House the Republicans just can't stand it.

The voices of 40 experts would be a comfort to many in the Middle East.

There are political hens running around the barnyard trying to be 'the one' most correct about any untrustworthy behavior by the IAEA and Iran. They make a lot of noise and carry no substantial message.  

From where I sit, the noisemakers are nothing more than that and carry no brevity to the issue at all.

President Obama and Secretary Kerry have done the impossible and it was completely obvious how diligent their efforts were. If everyone outside the P5+1 was against this agreement, I still would ignore them. This is a once in a lifetime agreement. If the five permanent members of the UN Security Council constructed a document that would bring peace to the international community in any way, it is necessary to go forward. Nuclear capacity of countries is a very dangerous thing. 

Iran is giving the world a place to begin hope again in the potential of peace without nuclear weapons. Our children deserve that. But, some people outside the negotiating team wants to continue high tensions in the world. Their political advantage is based in hate, fear and war.

Is that the type of politics we want on an international scale? No country beside the USA republican Party wants it.

This is a historic document reached by the work of men dedicated to peace. We cannot turn our backs on this. Iran has to realize the brevity of this document and the potential it holds for the future of their country and peace for their people.

I think the US Senate can afford to bring those that want to register their testimony to a historic document to the Senate floor to be on the record. But, their testimony is an enhancement and not a deterrent to the final agreement in June. Let's break the log jam in the Middle East and plant the first seed of peace.

April 10, 2015
UNISYS Enhanced Infrared North and West Image (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The system in the Pacific offshore of the west coast of California appears to have a feature like a roll cloud. The location today is where the high pressure usually exists. It is that chronic high pressure system that causes the drought.

April 10, 2015
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES West Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The satellite below is Canadian. It shows the reach of the vortex that touched down in Illinois, USA. 

April 10, 2015
1200 UTC
Canadian Satellite

The lower left side of the satellite image shows a formation of clouds reaching out of the Antarctica vortex to the Equator. It appears to deliver water vapor to the Intertropical Convergence Zone. Realizing there is southern hemispheric water vapor at the ICZ, the Illinois vortex is actually a global system. 

Why is that important? The vortexes, including the storm that touched down in Illinois, dissipate heat. If the northern hemisphere is so dry it can't dissipate it's heat without the assistance of the southern hemisphere water vapor, that is a worry. What happens if the southern hemisphere becomes as dry as the northern hemisphere. 

Why is the northern hemisphere hotter and drier? Because most of Earth's human population is in the northern hemisphere. It is the northern hemispher that is most industrialized.

This was the day before. It is a sustained hail system in Kansas.

Noted within the video was a red pick up truck that has stopped and a man gets out. It is after the hail stopped. I think it probably was the farmer checking his crops. Hail does a lot of damage to crops.

It was the formation of a hemispheric vortex. It actually wasn't a tornado, That is why the large wedge.

April 9, 2016
UNISYS Water Vapor North and East Hemispheric Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop)

This was the water vapor satellite at about the time of the touchdown.

The system developing over Illinois has a very diffuse shape.

The air mass offshore California is more than interesting. Compare this water vapor satellite with the current water vapor satellite and it is easy to discern this system was a vortex forming and not what is normally coined as a tornado. The super large wedge is definitive to that understanding.

April 10, 2015
UNISYS North and West Hemispheric Water Vapor Satellite

There is a film clip in cyberspace that shows a tractor trailer being pulled off the highway by the tornado formation a long distance away. That is the force of the formation of a hemispheric votex taking shape. The feeder system is huge and extremely powerful. The tractor trailer has a large surface area compared to the van the storm chasers were using. The feeder system was significant and caught the large surface area of the truck in it's path.

There was a third video I saw that showed the wedge and a trailing cloud formation that was nearly touching terra firma. That is more of the evidence the wedge was expanding to form the upper tropospheric vortex. 

The other diagnostic observation is the fact there are not sparks showing snapped power lines in any of the videos, even in this one where the storm crosses the road. The most powerful winds were at the center. The reason the power lines 'spark' does not show up is because all that is happening at a strong center not at all visible from the exterior of the turbulence. 

This storm was not the usual tornado. The actual center of the storm was shrouded by less powerful and more dense clouds.