Sunday, May 07, 2017

When it comes to environmental quality and greenhouse gases, especially methane, the USA is lagging while the developing world takes their their wellness and pollution seriously. The developing world is making new in roads to things like manure management. They are learning from the ground up there are ways of managing livestock that is conducive to a responsible country.

In the 1970s when so much legislation as developed, written and passed into law, the environment we live in was important. That has waned since Ronald Regan and his demand for an economy at any cost. Then "W" followed in his footsteps and fully expect Trump to do the same thing.

The USA doesn't have the conscience it used to have. That is unfortunate because our children will be deprived of their understanding of the natural world and where they live in an envelope of safety and away from harm. 

The troposphere is becoming more and more dangerous, including unimaginable outcomes we are seeing in Syria. The global community has attempted to come together in many ways to end the dangers greenhouse gases produce. The USA and it's huge consumer market place reeks havoc on the mission of many other countries to rein in their abuses. The troposphere has no boundaries.

I would expect the American people to try to reclaim their morality and return to being a moral leader on Earth. With that is the hope a better government can be achieved in 2018. A government that actually governs to overcome it's problems and not add to them.