Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Anti-Constitutionalist Republicans have successfully postponed the vote on the much needed Health Care Reform Bill.

The vote on the Senate Health Care Reform Bill is scheduled for 7AM on December 24, 2009.

It can be viewed on C-Span. Watch history being made, I watched the House Vote, it was a moment I longed for.

The Senate Republicans have no shame. They know more tricks than a Wall Street prostitute.

The Senate Republicans are cowards and virtually have been jumping up and down in anger this morning before the passage of the bill.

First it was Conrad. He stated the bill had to be stopped in its tracks because it has an unfunded mandate.

If that was the case, he should have made his objection months and months ago. That is not the case. The Governors of any state have the right to petition their federal government no different than they did when the Stimulus was passed if they have extenuating circumstances of any federal law.

Then after Conrad states, the bill has unfunded mandates, Grassley puts this poster up about Trillion (The T Word) dollar spending. I thought Conrad just said there were unfunded mandates.

So, poor Senator Baucus has to object to all these 'points of order' to move things forward. I guess.

Then after Grassley makes a complete fool of himself by never qualifying any of his statements, Gregg from New Hampshire literally has a hissy fit on the Senate floor. The only thing he didn't say was, "...but, but, but you can't do this because I say so!"

I don't know where these men get the 'gall' to even face their constituencies after such a mess.

But, I want to discuss briefly what is the basis of all this ranting today.

There is a certain premise that is TRUE about the Republican Regime. They have 'ideas' about entitlements. They believe they are toxic to the nation.

We have witnessed in the Bush/Cheney Regime the attempt over eights years to shrink the national budget by displacing the military budget under emergency funding. We have witnessed under the Bush/Cheney Regime the attempt over eight years to shrink the national budget without regard to the well being of Americans or the 'intact' status of their economy. We have witnessed the Bush/Cheney Regime's attempt to increase the spending of Medicare to 'cause' the laws of the nation to come to bear to eradicate it from the laws of the country, which state at any point in time if Medicare is increased beyond 50% of the national budget it can be dismantled.

Just because Medicare survived these attempts doesn't mean the attempts didn't happen. They did.

The reason this issue was never approached by Republicans is because in order to legislate it the Medicare laws would have to be adjusted. Did they want to adjust them? No. So, the question is 'what reason' did they assign to this Republican agenda of attempts to destroy Medicare?

Many, many moons ago, the CBO stated, to use Medicare savings for other purposes is to weaken Medicare. Seems right. So why is this an issue today? Because the Republicans have USED that aged old assessment as THEIR EXCUSE to do NOTHING. It is an excuse that has worked for them for decades and today, because the Democrats are NOT AFRAID to go where no Republican will ever go they are livid.

How people ever vote for these people is beyond my understand. But, that is me and not anyone else.

What President Obama and the House and Senate Democrats were faced with when taking office is a 'condition' of the USA caused by Republican neglect for decades. Why take on the issue today? Because it has reached critical mass. The Democrats are acting 'in time' to prevent any further damage to the people of this country.

Just that simple. We have children at the forefront of this initiative that will be covered immediately up on the President signature. Young adults that can find funding for education can stay on their parent's health care policies until the age of 26 and on and on and on.

Now is the time and the Democrats are the party. I would think, the Republicans would realize the error of their ways all these many years and seek some dignity to bring this historic measure to the people, but, if Grassley and the others are willing to be Murdoch puppets and state, "...they will pull the plug on Grandma..." they have no shame.

The Republicans are a very sad bunch. It has been an honor to witness it. I only hope history captures its true meaning, its sincerely vindictive spirit and records forever the rhetoric 'fashioned' to serve 'the bonuses' of CEOs before any 'bonus' to the American people to achieve good health care insurance.

They could not be more obvious in what they regard as important. It is written loudly on every word and action they take.

The Kennedy Care Bill

Victoria Reggie Kennedy (R) widow of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) smiles while Sen. John Kerry (D-MA)(L), gets a hug from Sen.Christopher Dodd (D-CT)(C), after the Senate passed a procedural vote on health are reform on December 21, 2009 in Washington, DC. The Senate passed the first of three crucial procedural votes on health care by a 60 to 40 margin. Getty Images

...Mr. Obama's oft-stated goal of a bipartisan health bill was not met (click title to entry - thank you), despite the president's extensive courtship of moderate Sen. Olympia Snowe of Maine, the only Republican to support the bill in committee. Mr. Obama called Ms. Snowe to the White House for lengthy in-person meetings both before he left for climate talks in Copenhagen and after his return on Saturday. In the end Ms. Snowe said she was “extremely disappointed” in what she called a rushed process that left scant time for her to review, much less amend, the bill....

The nation is going to have heath care reform. President Obama is not a dictator. It is what sets the USA apart from some nations that simply have one man making decisions. It would seem as though Lieberman is a dictator, though. He is protecting his cronies and driving up the cost of regular health care.

This is reform the country needs. To stop now would be simply stupid. There are people dying every year in the 10s of thousands. That will increase from here on and we cannot allow that to happen. If the cost of health care skyrockets without sufficient programs to control costs and KEEP it within REASON, the amount of people dying each year or getting 'sicker' might turn into a higher incident rate. We just can't turn back and ignore the reality of our Broken Health Care System.

This is no joke. It isn't a matter of politics. This is the reality of the American people and the way legilators invested in Wall Street rather than the people simply 'dispose' of people to uphold some 'idea' of extreme capitalism. When making money is more important than 'reasonable' cost to consumers to maintain their health, it is time to do something about it.

The legislators have taken this issue as seriously as they needed to and came to the side of the people. They may have done so at their own political peril, but, the facts are the facts and they can't walk away from that just because the electorate was 'poisoned' by a media mogal. No, no, it doesn't work that way.

Lieberman comes from a state with dense interest in insurance. He is standing in the way of 'reasonable' competition among the 'entities' that can come to bear to bring about better competition with the private sector. He is opposing the Public Option at the expense of average citizens. That is corruption. Lieberman is responsible for it and NO ONE ELSE.

The House came through for the people and included a Public Option for competition with the private sector. The Public Option is a 'sufficient' insurance, but, it doesn't supply as much as most private insurance policies provide, so there is no reason to oppose such a measure, UNLESS, one is heavily invested in the Wall Street Insurance Sector for their political populism.

So, at the end of the day, if costs to consumers go up, when it didn't have to, everyone will know who to blame.

I believe the Democrats are great people and do all the hard work. I am grateful for them.

We are one step closer.

Go, Democrats, Go !