Saturday, March 24, 2012

Zimmerman was pursuing Martin. There is no self-defense.

Trayvon Martin, my son, and the Black Male Code (click title to entry - thank you)

March 24, 2012 

By JESSE WASHINGTON, Associated Press
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — I thought my son would be much older before I had to tell him about the Black Male Code. He's only 12, still sleeping with stuffed animals, still afraid of the dark. But after the Trayvon Martin tragedy, I needed to explain to my child that soon people might be afraid of him.
We were in the car on the way to school when a story about Martin came on the radio. "The guy who killed him should get arrested. The dead guy was unarmed!" my son said after hearing that neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman had claimed self-defense in the shooting in Sanford, Fla....

When I heard the 'Hoodie' component to this a bell went off. Besides carry a stigma, the hoodies were found to cause vitamin deficiencies. No lie.

I read this in the New Zealand Herald when it was first published.  This is not intended to be a joke, it was something I remembered about Hoodies when they became a focus as an icon in the Trayvon Martin case. Just something to consider while we are embracing Trayvon.

I congratulate the Black Community for coming together over Trayvon and his family. The chilling truth is the racism. It is real. It is palpable.

Without completely victimizing the nation of majority in the USA, there are significant problems within our minority populations. We cannot be fatigued of that reality. Our minorities are in prison more frequently and they have a high recidivism rate.

Stereotypes are Black Men are criminals and Hispanics are Anchor Babies and Illegal Immigrants. That has to stop. All those labels are victimizing. Undeserved. I don't see any references in that manner anywhere in the media as legitimate so much as bigoted speech, hate speech.

Trayvon was an achiever. He had a family that dearly loved him. He has been removed from us and completely without justification. We know there were statements made to police that 'classified' him and facilitated his death. Those that classify people are dangerous. Very dangerous. We also know police gave a gunman an order to 'stand down' from pursuit. There are crimes within that understanding. Hate. Disregard of authority.

Every parent knows how impressionable children are to their environment. We witness it within our society with bullying. If a minority child is told in subtle ways they are unworthy of societal rewards, it answer the questions "What goes wrong?" The people of this country don't like lack of opportunity when their roots are from the Middle Class. But, the country can no longer continue to ignore the racism existing among our minorities. It isn't enough to have achievers among us, it has to be balanced with an equal percentage of achievement across the minority population in our country.

When I reflect on any time I needed police to help me in life it was because I offered my obedience to their statements. I respected their authority and understanding as to what was the best outcomes for me. The laws in question remove that respect of authority. They displace authority in the hands of those with prejudice, bias and hate. They are wrong beyond any rationalizing otherwise.

My condolences to Trayvon's family, friends and community.  Also to Reverend Al Sharpton for the loss of his mother and his bravery to continue the fight for equality and justice. He is selfless. He is priceless and so was Trayvon.

We haven't found the answers, Trayvon. We need to continue to try. I want him back, I really want him back.

Thursday, November 16, 2006 
...Dr Twentyman said: (click title to entry - thank you) "It's the hoodies and the hats and the downward glance of the teenagers, shading your face all the time." (click title to entry - thank you)

Dr Twentyman said that every young person that he had tested showed a deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps vital minerals to be absorbed into the bones. Vitamin D is given to our body from the sun. "A lot of these kids stay away from sunshine. They don't hang out at the beach or in the bush. Some are into drugs and alcohol and a lot of it is indoor activity and night-time activity. They sleep during the day. They are wearing those hoods and literally they don't get out in the sun."
Even though vitamin D is usually absorbed through sun it can also be found in: fatty fish, liver, eggs, full fat milk and butter....

The world is changing. I look forward to its resolve.

Julian Borger
March 25, 2012

A historic conference (click title to entry - thank you) bringing Iran and Israel together with Arab states to discuss a ban on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons in the Middle East is scheduled to take place in Helsinki in December, it has emerged.

The Finnish organisers of the United Nations-backed bid to establish a zone free of weapons of mass destruction are said to be cautiously optimistic that the conference will go ahead despite high tensions in the Gulf.

The Finnish team has held about 70 meetings with officials in the region and made repeated trips to Israel and Iran since the veteran diplomat Jaakko Laajava was appointed ''facilitator'' of the consensus in October. So far, none of the countries invited to Helsinki have turned the invitation down....

California "assault with a deadly weapon" laws

In the Castle Doctrine / Stand Your Ground...

...calling the police is a formality.  I've listened to a few tapes that are more than alarming of 'hard core' gun owners (Zimmerman being one of them.) and what came alive was the clear understanding the actions of the gunman was never going to change. Calling the police was a formality and in doing so proved they were attempting other less lethal methods before actually killing a person of choice.

It could be argued, and very easily, the 'person of choice' is simply anyone acting in a manner the shooter deems 'odd,' even if it is skin color.  The Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground provides a platform for 'Trial by One Citizen' based on baseless information.  The gunman is acting on 'presumed innocence' and 'fills in the blanks' to justify his/her actions.

The underpinnings of these laws are well known by these aggressive gun owners.  The gunmen are well versed in how simple it is to kill another person. Zimmerman knew he was not going to jail or even going to be arrested because he filled in all the blanks he had to with his actions all along the way.

The tapes I am hearing have a police dispatcher stating to NOT ACT in the manner prescribed.  Both the dispatcher and the gunman know what is happening and both are going through the motions of the anticipated murder.  I am not saying the dispatcher is an active consenting member of the ultimate scenario, but, I do believe the dispatcher knows it is a futile act of 'instruction' to the gunman. I also believe the gunman knows exactly what is going to happen based on the fact 'they always get away' and 'in that' is the idea immediate action before police officers arrive is most prudent and premeditated.

These gunmen are answering the ego ambition 'Give me a reason.'  They are exhibiting no inhibitions in acting to kill. As a matter of fact it is a goal. A trained goal.

There is a culture in the USA called "Preppers."  Not peppers, PREPPERS.  These folks prepare for the destruction of society.  Some would call them survivalists.  They are more than that.  They train for killing others in the idea they will be attacked by desperate people seeking food, water, shelter, etc.  They justify their expensive habits of training, purchasing underground shelters, etc., with the idea the USA is so poorly organized within its government structure it cannot contain chaos. It is profound lack of trust of government and in many ways is the underlying premise for the political ideology, "Government is too big, expensive and intrusive, therefore get rid of it." These folks are fanatical in their ideology and seek to be the 'do all and end all' to justice.  Self contained justice.

When gun enthusiasts go to firing ranges they have the option of shooting Zombies. The idea is Zombies are 'the living dead.' The Preppers prepare for a full front Zombie attack. The Zombies in the definition of Preppers are those without the shelter needed to live through catastrophe, no matter the source. So, the Preppers are not interested in community so much as self reliance. 

When I hear these 911 calls I am hearing men, haven't heard a woman yet, centered on killing. They could be killing their 'inner Zombie' so to speak. At any rate, the Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground law demands nothing of people to be prudent. Those laws demand practice to carry out the PERMISSIONS of the law to kill. They are as much 'mind/thought exercises' as much as gun practice. So, when someone, anyone enters their 'territory' they are prepared to carry out a killing. Legal murder. I believe that is what occurred with Zimmerman. He was prepared both mentally and with the capacity of a gun and munitions to kill in a way prescribed by law which allowed for his ultimate innocence.

The police on the beat are more restrained in acting than the citizens in the Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground. These folks to some extent have occurrences they can site whereby criminals broke into homes or attempted to break into homes prepared to kill innocent people for the purpose of theft or whatever.  There are legitimate basis for these laws when such instances are cited and gun owners do not want to be restrained from protecting themselves or their property, BUT, those instances are far fewer than anyone wants to admit within the community of PREPPERS.

The unrestrained use of personal gun ownership is not realistic in the USA. We have well trained police that respond to emergencies and intruders are an emergency. I personally have never been faced with disappointment after calling for help to 911. I don't know people who have been either. Guns have their place, but, the numbers of times a gun actually served its owner are fewer than anyone wants to admit. 

These laws are excessive. A convenience store owner has a reason to own a gun and use it, but, only seeks to do so in realizing the person across the counter is not a customer, but, a criminal. The people using guns to 'stand their ground' are exhibiting very poor judgement in their use of their weapons. The laws are excessive and justify the actions of people untrained to discern THE USE so much as THE SKILL in pulling the trigger.