Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am also grateful for...

The liberators of the American Society, they have found the determination to 'stand up' for 'the truth.'  Although ignored for fear of their political prowess and a change in 'wind direction' for the Plutocracy.

Why aren't these men and their father's legacies making front page headlines, other than scandalous, while making indisputable history?

John and Thomas Steinbeck, Alex and Wendell Potter, and others such as Keith Olbermann.  

And, of course, the impetus to the movement toward greatness, Michael Moore.

He was not my father's favorite son, but, then I wasn't his favorite daughter either.  However, I was the one he mentored to do exactly as I am doing today.  The First Child, the truth seeker and the bravest of the family.

Michael Moore on Countdown with Keith Olbermann

Carlsbad Reads Together - Thomas Steinbeck - "Travels with Charley" Part 2

Google should have a Macy's Thanksgiving Day baloon in hte parade every year. It just seems right.

Google has become a verb as well as a noun since its inception.  It has maintained high levels of benevolence due to the love of people by its creators.  Google has morphed in recent years into a 'quality of life' sponsor in every country it now has a presence and we have seen essence of culture sponsored very regularly at the webpage for this incredible company.  

This Thanksgiving we were encouraged to enjoy new recipes for the USA Thanksgiving table (click title to entry - thank you) and it seems 'correct' to have them in the Macy's Day Parade as a part of the American Landscape that has brought a higher quality of life to each American and continues to strive to achieve that.  

I am grateful for the services Google provides to my life and does not ask for a dime in return.