Sunday, November 28, 2010

It would seem as though the "Big Bad Wolf" didn't show up at the airports to disrupt holiday travel.

That is what the entire movement reminds me of, bullies.  

I congratulate the TSA for a remarkably smooth travel holiday.

Thank you.  Well done.



No delays reported at McCarran as holiday weekend nears end (click here)

Sunday, Nov. 28, 2010 | 11:41 a.m.
The annual Thanksgiving retreat — making today one of the year's busiest travel days as people head home — isn't causing major headaches at McCarran International Airport so far.
Michael Alonzo, management analyst at McCarran, said travel operations appear to be running smoothly in Las Vegas with no reported problems causing major delays or long security lines....

Who's afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?  I have to disagree with the 'scare' (click here) some of the news media is feeling after the 2010 elections.  They believe there is some recompense needed to the Republicans regarding the change in leadership in the House.  To begin, I don't believe the media was paying attention to the Republican challengers called The Tea Party.  It could have helped stem the flow of 'change' in the Republican Party by this group of extremists.  It really isn't a Democratic issue, except, they are new faces and new names; therefore; in a difficult political environment for incumbents they 'seem' like the best choice to those that have a difficult time making up their minds most elections, anyway.  
The truth of the situation for the Republicans is that their party was shanghaied by the Tea Party.  They really aren't Republicans.  As a matter of fact, the 'icon' to the Tea Party, Former Governor Palin has stated, "If this is the end of the GOP, so be it."  This is a Conservative Crisis.  In the races where the media concentrated on Tea Party candidates, running under the Republican banner they were mostly defeated in the general elections.

The Tea Party are novices.  118 novices.  I haven't seen any policies written by them, but, simply 'POSITION' STATEMENTS in opposition of those that actually do know how to write policy.  That is why they are oppositional candidates.  They have no ideas.  They have the same problem as Republicans, except, they are more extreme in their goals to social issues.  They are very biased to the rights of other Americans unlike themselves.

At any rate, I sincerely believe the Democrats still hold the clear majority in the House.  I do not believe the Republican Party actually represents their 50% House majority.  There are 124 Republicans in the House and 118 Tea Party members.  That is like having 118 independent members from where I stand.  They don't recognize the GOP platform, don't seek to 'fall in line' under their leadership, but, simply took the GOP money to facilitate their candidacy.  There is something "W"rong with that picture.

So, in all honesty, while I understand President Obama needs to realize his 192 Democrats have to work with the Republicans and he has wanted bi-partisan participation from the beginning of his Presidency; 'the picture' of cooperation is really odd when one seeks to look for a concensus among the GOP now.  The Republicans in the House really are a bit of a mess and I encourage Democrats to reach out to the 118 Tea Party members to find 'common ground.'  I think there is more 'interest' in achieving goals than they might expect.  They aren't Republicans and while their social content is extreme (and it is) their goals may not be that far out of step with 'real governance.'  

I encourage 'open-mindedness' on behalf of the Democratic House.  They may very well be pleasantly surprised.  Until it is obvious otherwise.  After all, Michele Bachmann was not promoted to leadership and the Tea Party didn't have a demonstration.  I believe some of the Tea Party members are sincerely in DC to PARTICIPATE in governance and not extremism when it comes to the well being of the country.  At least give them the benefit of the doubt.

But to change subjects to an article no American should miss.  Of course, the Big Bad Wolf was after more than simply a disruption of holiday travel, he really was the Big Bad Wolf out to hurt three helpless members of the community.

It would seem as though some Red States are having a bit of trouble carrying out their coveted 'Death Sentence.'  Since the Radical Right Wing covets 'their power' over life so much I thought I'd bring the holiday on a high note for them.  Something they can really get there sorry minds around.

Hospira (click title to entry -thank you) won't be producing sodium thiopental until next year.  For the Right Wingers they must have a real affection for the drug, but, for most Americans; one might ask; "What the heck is sodium thiopental? 

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My, my, not exactly what I would call a crisis.  Sincerely.

I am going to enjoy my holiday.  Until tomorrow.

I understand Bristol came in thrid in her tv competition. Ms. Gray was absolutely exquisite.

Jennifer was achieving the impossible on the dance floor.  I didn't watch every competition, but, I was lucky enough to watch the evening where she balanced on one foot on tip toes while balancing on her partner's shoulder.

Wow.  That was balance beyond any imagination and her techniques were flawless.  It would have been extremely tragic had she not been able to compete and win that final evening.

Jennifer Gray is a true professional and with that in mind she put her reputation 'out there' not just 'her political capital.'  To that end she damaged herself on two occasions.  "Dancing with the Stars" needs to reflect on the pressure brought to bear on someone as exquisite as she when they ask professionals, like her and Brandy to become a part of their SHOW.

Political Capital.  I would like to speak to that and to Bristol's competition.

Every young woman should take advantage of their beauty and youth to enjoy their lives everyday they live.  To that end Bristol was able to carry out a dream and see it through and I congratulate her.  If the trappings of her Mother came along for the ride that was to her benefit.

Her 'persona' during the SHOW was one of embattled self-esteem and hard working woman.  Never did I hear anyone refer to her baby and the care and logistics of that child during the competition so I have to believe when she got in her truck (One similar to the one Massachusetts Senator Brown drives, I am sure.) she left the child to the care of others.  Yes?  I don't care to know in retrospect, as it will only be viewed as manipulated anyway.

I have never watched "Dancing with the Stars" before.  Not even when Tom DeLay was trying to win over America's heart and mind.  I am not interested in the 'theme' of these programs.  Just not.  I have been at friends' homes when they would watch the competition in disbelief in the corrupt nature of the outcomes.  So, I patiently watched while they complained.

The show from what I understand and I truly do not like commentating on things I don't come to research and understand 'first hand.'  But, the show has never featured a liberal political figure.  Yes, Bristol Palin is a Right Wing Political figure.

These 'theme' shows, in my opinion, serve one purpose.  They serve to enforce the political 'mind set' of the Right Wing Electorate.  I haven't heard of a gay couple in competition either.

While, no doubt, Bristol would love to have her own identity away from that of her mother's political agenda, that is her plight.  She might try looking up an aspiring Mayor of Wasilla and find out exactly how committed he can actually be to, not only Fatherhood, but being a worthy and wonderful spouse.

Is the show a political show?  You, betcha.  Is it manipulated through its' design?  Absolutely.  Is there some 'real talent' involved that find rewards in participation?  Sure.  Does it hold my attention through its corrupt nature?  Only long enough to know if it is corruption 'by design' or 'by purpose.'  Will I watch any of it again?  No.  Only if others are participating in that event, but, I doubt I'll want to know much more about it than I do now.  I certainly won't 'take an interest' in any of the 'audience participation' ever.

Jennifer's choreographer in "Dirty Dancing" made sure she was never injured.  Interesting.

Oh, one other thing.  The reason the link to the title of the entry goes to 'Jezebel' is because it was there that the 'votes' for Bristol were found to be redundant 'by design.'  I understand Bristol made the statement she believes those that were complaining 'hate her mother.'  That isn't it, that wasn't it and no one 'hates' Sarah Palin.

At this point, I believe the Right Wing Political pundits view criticism as 'hate.'  That is a juvenile concept, but, who ever said they were mature.  I mean "Birthers?'  Give me a break.