Monday, December 17, 2012

I reject any language in regard to gun control, except, clear concise language.

I've heard such manipulation today of the language surrounding gun control legislation and I reject it all. 

This is not a gun safety issue. This is not about making guns safer. I reject that language. A gun cannot be made safe. The 'safety' on a gun is to protect the operator from actions of the gun without predictability.

The legislation is about control. It is about gun control. 

The conservatives in this country play with words and for a gun control legislation to be called anything but gun control, gun ban and/or ammunition ban is risky language.

The violence in this country will abate and we will put this hideous genie back in the bottle. 

It is inconceivable this has happened. The twisted ideology allowing this country to enter into heinous crimes with a Second Amendment that is suppose to protect lives, liberty and happiness is about as diabolical as it comes. 

The language to the legislation has to be clear and concise. There can be no 'Scalia Broccoli' to come out of this.

There are no words to explain what I think at this moment. Every time I see those faces, the moment is felt to the depth of me. There are just no words.

I could speculate to what brought this shooter and the movie theater shooter to their heinous acts, but, in reflection of the two, there are huge similarities and it has nothing to do with mental health so much as social illness. 

There is more here than mental illness. Society has issues and they need to come to terms with them. Society lacks respect for decency and life and the tolerance of violence a person should be exposed to. 

I look forward to the conclusion of the police investigation, whenever it is finished to the degree they deem complete. I am sorry the town doesn't feel as though the school building is approachable anymore. There are some aspects of this that has to be accepted into memory. It cannot all be wiped away and time does make the daily living easier. I wish them all solace. All those people are going to be dearly missed.

Good night.

Where is PETA when you need them?

The Oregon Zoo recently (click here for video - thank you) announced the birth of a female elephant, but a newspaper investigation revealed the calf actually belongs to a controversial traveling road show that rents out the animals. NBC’s Diana Alvear reports.

It is a what? 


6:03 AM, Dec 8, 2012

MANSFIELD — An innovative piece (click here) of Mansfield is now part of the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington, D.C.

Carousel Works, Inc. produced its first solar-paneled ride. The 64-animal carousel was recently installed as part of the zoo’s earth-friendly initiative.

“The Smithsonian wants to make things as green as possible,” said Kate Blakley, the director of marketing and operations at Carousel Works. “They were able to find a local electric company that was willing to donate the solar panels and they asked us to figure out how to make it run by solar power.”

Blakley said the creation took about a year to complete, a bit longer than other carousel projects....

I have a suggestion to a way forward for Sandy Hook Elementary School.

There needs to be some construction. The area where children and their adult protectors died needs to be demolished after the investigation is finished. A new office area and classroom area has to be built at a different part of the school. An addition to the existing structure with different doors and new security for the school. This school sheltered many children to be survivors, it is not an evil place.

In the area where the building is deconstructed a playground should be built. Whether it is a memorial to the victims is up to the town, but, the building is not to blame and the memories there are also good memories.

Just a thought, it would bring the town together to find solace for their deep and painful loss. Perhaps.

I would think Christmas Vacation for the students of this school should start early and perhaps trim the vacation times from other areas of the calendar. Teachers could even provide 'at home' exercises to keep their academics on track. Even 'online classrooms' until the return after the New Year. A lot of construction can take place during that time to provide a renewed view of the school for their parents and children.

Drape (construction drape) the damaged parts of the building and prohibit access except to investigators. Drape the exterior, too. Usually the color is steel gray. I don't know if there are other construction drape colors to match the exterior brick and be less noticeable.

There is every indication these teachers are very dedicated and very creative to fulfill their responsibilities to their students. I would trust them with this transition. They are incredible heroes and children are some of the luckiest to have them to be guides to life and learning.

It is time to get started. No more waiting. No more lives lost. We need to do this.

...On NBC, California's senior senator said her staff has crafted a bill that would "exempt over 900 specific weapons that will not ... fall under the bill.''... (click here)

There is no clash between rural and urban America. That is another myth orchestrated by the opposition. It is time to move forward. We need to do this now.

The reason current laws to minimize the danger to society doesn't work is because the culture of violence overwhelms our law enforcement and prosecutorial proceedings.

Why don't we prosecute those that lie on background checks? Because the prosecutors are busy with murderers and investigators are busy with murders and police are overwhelmed by the amount of fire power on the street and how their body armor helps them make it through the day.

The society within the USA is overwhelmed by guns and the culture of gun violence. What does anyone think it means when I state, "There are too many guns on the street?" It means they are competing for who does the best maintenance on their guns? Does it mean there are too many collectors showing off their weapons and winning ribbons for Best at the Gun Show? 

When I state "There are too many guns on the street," it means the law enforcement agencies, the prosecutors, the jails and the prisons are OVERWHELMED with the culture of gun violence in this country.

The current liberal gun laws in the USA pander to drug dealers. Anyone want to have this conversation or just get on with legislation? The overwhelming reality of the gun culture in this country propagates crime after crime after crime. We are running out of police officers. 

Hey, Mexico is waiting for the next pick-up truck load in exchange for drugs to sell on our streets.

We don't need the conversation. We need legislation and we need it now.