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"Implied Consent" - Rupert Murdoch is involved in all this up to his ears. He can't get away...

...and I don't have to make the case for any government.  Ignoring all the warning signs and abdicating oversight, ethics and morals, leading from behind, so to speak.  He gave consent to the 'boiler room' environment of his own News Corp and profited wildly from it and the power and profit it controlled no matter the venue. I am quite confident his wealth was not solely gained from his media service.  I am not that stupid.  To believe he wasn't manipulating his empire's power for his own profit would be more blind than a bat, an Australian bat.

Anyone that wants to glamorize the devil and the hell he created is questionable in his own right.  No matter the defense, I ain't buying it.

...Nearly 60 years later, (click title to entry - thank you) Murdoch is the head of a $33 billion media empire, the News Corporation, dominated by its holdings in television and film. Yet even though newspapers account for less than 17 percent of the company’s revenues, Murdoch still thinks of himself as a newspaperman. And there is still nothing more thrilling to him than a scoop by one of his papers — the more salacious, the better. How those stories are obtained has never been of much concern to him. In Murdoch’s mind, at least, it’s still life or death....

He turned a 168 year old newspaper into a scandal rag without ethics that operated above the law.  There is nothing to say anymore, except, the archives will sell well  at "Sotheby's" or "Christies."

The United States of America, Murdoch's preferred homeland, is either 235 years old or 228 years old depending on whether one recognizes the Treaty of Paris in 1783 as international communities do.  "The News of the World" covered most of the USA's existence.  THAT is meaningless?  Allowing such history to be transformed into lawlessness is okay?  I don't think so.  Not where I was born and raised. 

"He ain't Muslim is he?"

Herman Cain, there is nothing NEW about religious bigotry.

I can't believe it.  A has a history of being a religious man, yet, speaking such hatred.  Since when is that a devout thing to do?

So. Baptist Chides Herman Cain for Mosque Comments (click title to entry - thank you)

Mon, Jul. 18 2011 02:09 PM EDT

Southern Baptist leader Richard Land chided presidential candidate Herman Cain for disregarding the constitutional rights of U.S. Muslims during a Monday C-SPAN interview. He reminded Cain that as a Christian and an African American, he should have a special interest in the enforcement of the constitution in all communities, not just approving ones….
…Land said he agrees that allowing Sharia law in the courts is unconstitutional, as it also violates the rights of women. He agreed that it should not be enforced in America's legal system or government, but reminded the public that that the First Amendment allows for religious freedom….

I happen to greed with every aspect of what Baptist Leader Land stated.  


I would also be very worried about THE INFRINGEMENT on the First Amendment IF the governments of the USA were to begin to pass "Sharia Law" in legislation.  Careful now, because, there are many aspects of Christianity that is universal and if Sharia Law is to be banned ANYWHERE in legislation, then so must Christian Law.

Interesting though, Jesus Christ is a Prophet to the Muslim faith.  Odd, that Mr. Cain could not see it clearly when he victimized the Muslim people of Murfeesboro.

Mr. Cain is being nothing short of a 'flame thrower' while fanning the flames of hate.  He needs to apologize to the Muslims of Murfeesboro and pay a visit to their congregation for a town hall on hate and the inappropriate nature of violent speech when it translate into harm and actions.  If I didn't know better the hate mongers against the Murfeesboro Mosque are hoping to push someone, anyone in the Muslim Community over the edge.  Maybe, if they get lucky, the Imam himself.  Then, for sure, they and all the hate mongers in the USA will find their justification with something called "Aggravated Crime of one kind or another !"  What will be obvious to everyone else is exactly whom aggravated it.


Today, on the "Sean Hannity" radio circus, Senator John McCain drank the tea.

The Senator played in the rhetoric by stating, it doesn't matter if "Cap, Blah, Blah, Blah and Balance does pass the Senate where it needs 67 votes to pass, the REPUBLICANS will have sent a message to the country they wanted to do the right thing. 

So, Senator McCain BELIEVES "Cap, Blah, Blah, Blah and Balance" is the right thing for the country.

Let me tell you what this irresponsible legislation does.

First, from "The Christian Post."

'Cut, Cap, and Balance' Is Responsible Approach, Say GOP Freshmen  (click title to entry - thank you)

Christian Post Reporter

...Plans to vote on a “Cut, Cap, and Balance” bill on Tuesday in the House was the main topic. The bill would cut fiscal year 2012 spending by $111 billion, cap future spending at 18 percent of GDP, and propose a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution....

The purpose of this legislation is to REDISTRIBUTE the responsibility for the National Debt to the Middle Class and Poor.

The Republicans are to scared to actually own up to the fact they incurred the National Debt as it is today by avoiding recalling The Bush Tax Cuts when it was apparent the nation was going to war.  They simply sent out checks to the country instead of raising more taxes for the one reason the nation would understand.  We no longer had a surplus we could count on, the nation was going to war to defeat al Qaeda.

No, they didn't RECALL the Bush Tax Cuts. 

They not only sent out checks, but, they top loaded the construction business, levied favors for banks and approved subsidies for oil barrons.  In my opinion, if oil drillers can't afford the business they are in, they should not be in it. 

They not only levied favors and bailouts for investment bankers, they allowed those responsible to walk away without legal consequences, thus allowing them to do it all over again. 

These actions by Republicans in the years 2000-2009, caused the nation the hardship they face today with lower real estate values, sincerely small businesses unable to get loans for nearly two years and a work force abandoned.



That the devil has delivered his calling card in the form of the National Debt Ceiling, Republicans are once again placing UNDO burden on the Middle Class and Poor without IMPOSING on their cronies, wealthy and Wall Street.  The oil subsidies stay, the  disproportionate Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy stay and tax rates for Wall Street will be slashed whenever possible. 

The Republicans, and among them Hannity and Neil Boortz are two of the worst, always complain how Democrats redistribute the wealth. 


They never complain about how the Republicans ALWAYS  REDISTRIBUTE  THE   DEBT !!!
The Republicans need to get serious.  I am very surprised a former candidate for President, John McCain would actually endorse rhetoric rather than delivering "THE TRUTH" of the measure going before the House tomorrow. 

Using the US House of Representatives as a POLITICAL PLATFORM with legislation that extends suffering to those powerless to do anything about it, is unethical, should be vigorously investigated for corruption and needs to be replaced with legislation that is meaningful RATHER THAN political.

I cannot believe this is happening to my country.

A dog and pony show.  McCain one of the ring masters.

Stop. Just stop. Murdoch was the problem, not the employees, regardless, of their involvement.

...Sean Hoare,  (click title to entry - thank you) a former show business reporter at the News International paper, part ofNews Corp, had also told the BBC he was asked by former editor Andy Coulson to tap into phones.

Coulson has denied being aware of any wrongdoing at the paper.

"The death is currently being treated as unexplained, but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing," Hertfordshire police said in a statement. They would not confirm the identity....

The employees of the News Corporation enterprises and their affiliated commentors, etc., are to blame for the pressure that exists regarding the lack of OVERSIGHT and the allowed content of the media services.  It is wrong, it is very wrong, but, the employees are the victim to the monster, just as the public was.

I swear the size of Great Britian is a benefit, but, during times like this the familiarity of each other sometimes is too much to bear.  Sean was a victim to the run away media empire that thrived on scandal and victimization.  There is nothing MORAL about the content of most of what occurs in the media of News Corporation.  The employees were 'captured' by opportunity and money, but, it was the lack of moral content and ETHICS that plagued the media service until it finally victimized the INNOCENT.

There is no shame among those even arrested as they were doing their jobs in a CORRUPTED CULTURE that developed over decades of time.  "Anything goes" so long as power and manipulation of the public and their money won the day.  It was "W"rong, very, very wrong, but, no one is more responsible than the self-styled billionaires that claimed the notoriety of LUST  FOR  MONEY above any other understanding of life lived as it should be.

I speak for NO ONE BUT MYSELF, but, the decency that will come of this is a goal worth pursuing..  The return of morals and ethics and PRIVACY will be a victory for all those that stand in the glare of the light of day and win the day.  It doesn't matter who it is, it matters what the outcome will be and who will be the champion for the decency and morality lost while in a 'pressure cooker.'

My sympathies to the families facing hardship and perceived shame.  

This in time too will pass and we will all be better for it.

The victory goes to the brevity of truth that brings about a better society and culture for us all.  

We will all get through this together.
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