Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Is it racist to take a President's and First Lady's agenda out of context for the purpose of inciting anger? You betcha.

The White House yesterday (click title to entry - thank you) defended a decision to invite a rapper to Michelle Obama’s evening of poetry. The first lady invited writers, musicians, and one rapper — Lonnie Rashin Lynn Jr., known as Common — to perform Tuesday night to “showcase the impact of poetry on American culture.’’ The performers include poets Billy Collins, Rita Dove, and Elizabeth Alexander, and singers such as Aimee Mann and Jill Scott. The inclusion of Common set off Republican complaints. Common, who is considered tame as rappers go, is known for rhymes that tend to be socially and politically conscious. Karl Rove, however, called him a “thug.’’ White House spokesman Jay Carney defended the decision to invite him and said reports about Common were deliberately being distorted. (AP)

Social comment is a NON-VIOLENT method of expressing an understanding.  If a person cannot 'bring a message' to the White House and to invited police then what kind of country are we? 

We have seen this kind of method of networking before by President Obama.  He thrives in a climate of 'reasonable objection' within social structure.  This is his way of making a statement of support to both police and the communities they seek to reduce levels of violence.  I hope it works. 

It would be interesting if the police attending the social event actually would find something in 'Common' with the gentleman rapper. 

There are No - Go districts in USA cities.  If bridges can be built I am confident the President and the First Lady will find it.  I wish all a sincere good luck in an effort to seek a higher purpose.

Oh yeah. This is just what we need is guns on campus.

If this wasn't a random shooting it was probably domestic violence.  There are too many guns on the street in the USA.  It allows aggreived people leverage over innocent people seeking to improve their lives and/or move on.




Three killed, including suspect, in shooting at San Jose State University

Updated: 05/11/2011 05:56:18 AM PDT

As students attended evening classes, a shooter opened fire inside a San Jose State campus garage Tuesday night, killing two people in a chilling scene that also claimed the shooting suspect's life.

Authorities were alerted at 8:36 p.m. about the shooting at San Fernando and 10th streets.

"I don't think we've had anything like this before," said Sgt. John Laws, a campus police spokesman.

San Jose State police were tight-lipped about the shooting and would not release further information about the suspect or victims. But authorities said they did not believe the shooting was random....

What happens to the USA without its Middle Class?

We become China, except, our children will wear Mohawks and orange and green nail polish.