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The Mississippi Race

JUNE 5, 2014


No. Quite the contrary. Chris has been a leader for conservative legal causes for years, including helping to lead Mississippi’s legal fight against Obamacare that went all the way to the Supreme Court.
In his legal practice, Chris McDaniel almost exclusively defended companies and people AGAINST frivolous law suits.
There is a good chance even if Thad Cochran runs for US Senate, he may not win. He is promising to do what he has always done and that is to bring money back to Mississippi from DC.
That is the problem in Mississippi. It has the highest poverty rate in the nation, because, it receives high amounts of federal monies. Mississippi is a recipient state. States like New York and California and New Jersey are donor states. Has anyone every made the connection to 'enforced' poverty in the south? Not yet?
12:25 pm ET
Mar 27, 2014
By Jeffery Sparshott
Delaware residents, who voted overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama in 2012, get 50 cents in federal funding for every $1 in federal income taxes they pay.
Mississippi — 55.5% for Mitt Romney — cashes in with $3.07 in federal funding for every dollar paid in income taxes.
Those findings come from a new analysis by WalletHub. The personal finance social network crunched returns on taxes paid to the federal government, federal funding as a percent of state revenue and the number of federal employees per capita to conclude that Red States “are altogether more reliant on federal funding than Blue States.”
That often correlates to lower state taxes. “The more dependent a state is on the federal government, the less likely it is to charge high tax rates,” Wallethub says.
Some of the results correspond with a recent study by the Tax Foundation, which showed that federal aid accounted for 45.8% of Mississippi’s revenue, ranking it first. The Magnolia state also has among the lowest tax burdens in the nation....
Why does Texas have an unfair advantage over New York in attracting businesses? And if the oil business is 'all that' why does Texas need to attract business?
But, the real question is "Are all state playing on a level playing field when it comes to tax breaks and incentives to attract business to their states?" If not, why not?
Federal subsidies to states result in impoverishment of citizens who rely on those subsidies and low tax rates and income because the states can give their cronies lots and lots of tax breaks to keep campaign monies flowing in. 
To begin, I cannot believe this is still the state flag of Mississippi. The Confederacy surrendered and when it did it surrendered it's flag. 

This Mississippi flag looks like the Russian flag with it's large block colors and a Rebel Confederate flag stuck in the corner.

But, New York State receives no federal dollars for every dollar it pays, while Texas receives the dollar it paid refunded. Now, what state is going to have a treasury to play economic games with, New York or Texas? See, Texas can increase it's taxes whenever it wants, but, New York can't. New York uses it's taxes to sustain it's infrastructure and increase the quality of life of it's citizens. The Standard of Living in New York is higher than that of Texas, so therefore the taxes paid by citizens of New York reflects that standard.

This is the GDP of the states in 2008. Now why would Texas receive all those federal dollars when New York doesn't?

Look at Mississippi's GDP. It is among the worst in the nation. 

In a Bloomberg study (click here), Mississippi came in 46th in GDP from 2008 to 2012. It was (-0.84). Mississippi came in Number One in Tax Refunds, most vaccinated children (S-CHIP), Worst Dental Health (no federal program), comes in second in Most Miserable, Most Retirement Spent Alone for Women, it is third in Highest Unemployment, Smoker Friendly (at least they have that much of an economy) and Mississippi is fourth in Fewest Minorities in 1% Club, Getting Fatter Fastest and Most Unintentional Deaths.

To the right is a 2011 map of per capita incomes across the USA. Interesting isn't it? New York and Texas are in the same GDP level, but, New York let's their people keep more of their money even after taxes. 

Mississippi is among the lowest per capita income and receives 55 percent of it's GDP from federal subsidies. Next to federal subsidies is trade, transportation and utilities. That means railways, buses, cargo at sea ports and their warehousing, pipelines and then utilities because everyone needs heating, air conditioning and electricity. But, gambling also ranks among the industries in Mississippi. But, Leisure and Tourism actually ranks third after government subsides with some degree of manufacturing coming in second.

What would happen to Mississippi if all federal subsides just stopped? Complete disaster. People would not have food, they would not have any form of health care and folks would die. And they would probably die in large numbers within a couple of months. But, yet, leaving the 'dependency' intact is the worst thing the federal government can do. 

Who should win the US Senate seat in Mississippi? Someone who knows and loves the people of Mississippi, can work to change the poverty into upward movement to the Lower Middle class. Someone who would welcome the help of unions to organize workers in all it's industries, including education and health care, to demand better working conditions in manufacturing, better wages and benefits. Someone who wants to work with Washington, DC in the right way to raise Mississippi out of poverty without cutting it off at the knees. That who should win the Mississippi US Senate election. Not a bible toting moralist that will oppression the people further, but, one that can actually provide self-esteem to the people and choices for the future. Mississippi doesn't need Cochran to continue Mississippi's welfare status and it doesn't need a Tea Partier that will cut the people off at the knees. It needs a real leader capable of taking the people's message to Washington, DC and bring about reform.

California Chrome ran the longest race of any horse on the track.

He was between two slow movers in the gate. The other competitive horses broke faster and ran directly for the rail. 

He was forced to run behind the others and could not find a break on the rail, so he was crowded to the outside where he then moved toward the front on the straight away.

Once he had sunlight it was a matter of inches to the finish. 

He ran a one mile and a half race, but, his path was the longest around the track. He would have won if he wasn't forced to the outside. He is a great horse and we still looking at a horse capable of winning a mile and a half race.

I hope the owners put him to stud and won't run him again. We need his bloodlines back in the Thoroughbred. He is a very important horse.