Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Morning Papers" - Its Origins

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$100,000 PLUS of rambling, rhetoric and absolutely NO specifics. It was an empty speech. Anger, only anger, AT EVERYONE.

They are outside the power of Washington DC.

They can't identify with any of the changes to the country.

They are afraid of what they don't understand or approve of and they are angry they aren't getting their way.

She is grossly unqualified to be serving in any office.

What I expected was answers for these people with specific details for the cost of over $100.000.

They got nothing for their money and time, but, rhetoric.

She attacked both traditional parties and simply thought everything in recent history was an abomination.

Did everyone get a copy of the PAC paid for book, too?

Anyone in that audience could have made that speech. Anyone.

There were no specifics to alternative approaches or whom should be held responsible in the Bush/Cheney administration for the economic collapse she and McCain stopped their campaign to rally Congress in DC.

I want to know when John McCain is going to be held responsible for his nomination of Sarah Palin for Vice President?

Sarah Palin, the Tea Baggers and the Republican Party suffer from a sincere case of amnesia.

Volkswagen in the USA, employing American workers, is one of the winners in the Obama Green Job Initiatives.

Wind turbine component. WOW.

There are many manufacturers that play important parts in the Solar Energy Industry that also have won nice awards. (click title to entry - thank you) If one notes, the jobs with VW haven't begun yet, but, are anticipated.

Some of the more 'standard' names in corporate America that will receive Green awards are General Electric and United Technologies. Hopefully, the NEW names to the energy industry will become common place as well.

Chattanooga is a big winner again. The mayor must have worked into the wee hours of the morning. Alstom, Inc. and subsidiaries are building a facility. That means there are construction jobs as well as new sustainable jobs. Among their roles is assembly of wind turbines.

In Moses Lake, Washington there is REC Silicon which produce silicon for solar cells.

In Hemlock, Michigan is Hemlock Semiconductors a liquid silicon used in solar panels will expand its production plant.

Also in Tennessee, but this time Charleston, is Wacker Polysilicon NA has increased their annual production of a different type of silicon that will work in photovoltaic solar cells.

Santa Clara, California will hosts Miasole, whom claims to have a more efficient form of photovoltaic solar cells using thin-film production.

In Hillsboro, Oregon, Solar World America, Inc. will be expanding their operations to convert silicon into solar wafers and cells.

In two locations in Colorado, Brighton and Pueblo, Vestas Towers will produce those giant wind turbines.

All these industries were 'ready to roll' with provisions by the USA government. Why didn't it happen before now?

The expansion of these businesses are prudent use of taxpayer monies. This is HOW spending money creates viable and sustainable jobs and economies. I really don't believe ANY of the naysayers have valid points of view. They are complainers without facts and only fear to guide their rhetoric.

VW's Chattanooga, Tennessee facility.

VW plans to source more than $300M from Tennessee suppliers (click here)

Dave Hannon -- Purchasing, 2/5/2010 2:59:55 PM

Volkswagen announced it is starting work on a supplier park in Chattanooga, Tenn. where six suppliers will produce parts to be sent to VW's adjacent assembly plant due to go into production early next year.

The new Tennessee site is part of a drive to triple the number of Volkswagen brand vehicles sold in the United States to 800,000 by 2018.Frank Fischer, president of the plant, said work will start on the supplier park soon and it should be ready by June. He said it will feature two buildings that are each over 220,000 square feet. The new $1 billion plant will open in 2011, employing 2,000 workers producing a VW model developed specifically for the North American market.

The plant is designed for an annual capacity of 150,000 vehicles and will source $307 million in components from local Tennessee firms. One of those suppliers is SL America which recently won a contract to make automatic shifter assemblies for the VW plant at Chattanooga and to supply VW production in Mexico. SL's Clinton, Tenn. plant will add 300 jobs in a $35 million expansion.

Rush Limbaugh being "R Word" and out of step with his peers. Typical, he's always out of step with his peers.

Do any of the other judges get their name called out by the commentator. No. Why Rush? Because for as "R"idiculous as he is she was afraid he might actually take another heart attack. Always seeking attention. If his opinions can't be heard as a judge at a beauty contest, then his maniac moves will. Sad. Very sad.

There actually is an issue with the way the handicapped in the country feel about the "R" word. Of course, the crass Limbaugh was never called on it.

Take the pledge:

I pledge and support the elimination of the derogatory use of the r-word from everyday speech and promote the acceptance and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities.

If one takes a look at the pledge, it states DEROGATORY use of the R-word. It is still used in some circles, no different than the word Negro on the 2010 census.

It is a generational word. While some might actually consider it a value word to use, others do not. Any generation thought does not find the derogatory use appropriate.

Dangerous - A PAC evolved out of desperation, ideology and quest for power.

There is no practice of democracy which would be inclusive, not exclusive. They are known to carry hate as a directive and a strong component of the hate is racial. Their leadership is grossly inadequate to lead and their candidates to date have proven themselves to be underqualified and as desperate as they are.

They are opportunists seeking wealth out of the game they have embarked on. They don't believe in democracy, they believe in domination.

They have a media mogul willing to lie every step of the way to insure it has control of the message and the electorate. Murdoch's tribe is the only news outlet that has glamorized the movement, made it appear legitimate and carried the banner for its monetary solidification to facilitate its power.

As a matter of fact the Tea Baggers would not have existed without the insistence of Murdoch's Talk Radio. The origins of this mess stems directly from the activist radio personalities. It did not start because of a citizen's group. I know for a fact the Wilmington, NC group was cottled by Curtis Wright at The Big Talker FM (click here)

The man that ran the first bus to Washington, DC was mentored on the air by Wright. Absolutely. Curtis Wright runs an inflammatory news broadcast for the area. His views and opinions are taken seriously by many, but, for years they have yet to be effective to any goal of his broadcast focus. He has made a living out of 'handling' the angry. Heck, he has even brought 'HIS movement' to the UNCW campus laced with lies to try to say he wanted to nurture young Republicans. It is all pretty ludicrous when you get right down to it. Aaannddd the UNCW campus radio station has been virtually eliminated. I think there is something digital going on begun by a female minority student. It was an uphill battle for her to establish that much.

A movement to be heard or seek a recall does not require a PAC. A governor of California was recalled and it didn't require the organization of an extremist, ideological group willing to be lead by opportunistic politicians with no regard for the truth.

Sarah Palin is a motivational speaker. She isn't qualified to lead a Brownie Troop. There is no badge I know of for efficiency with firearms or natural childbirth.

Scott Brown is a 'wannabee' career politician with an extremely poor voting record that deceived the public to his identity and played their anger and fear for votes.

Mark Rubio is a narcissist. He will do the same thing Brown has done. He will use the movement to accumulate votes to be elected and he will abandon them as soon as the election is over. Welcome to the Republican Party. They used Palin. They are using Brown and they are seeking momentum from Tea Baggers. The Tea Baggers have already facilitated their use by their ideology alone. A party by any other name is still a Republican.

...So why does Rubio himself seem wary of the tea-party label? (click here) When CNBC's Larry Kudlow referred to him as a "tea-party senator" in a recent interview, Rubio responded, "Let me back you up on that for just a second. When you talk about the tea party, remember, I'm a Republican."...

Nice try though. A Party is suppose to nominate from within its members. A PAC is suppose to have a purpose other than being angry. There is nothing that defines the Tea Bagger PAC as a unique entity with a unique purpose except to give their organizers an income.

...The PAC, Ensuring Liberty Corp., (click title to entry - thank you) will give money and resources to candidates who advocate fiscal responsibility, less government, lower taxes, states’ rights, and strong national security, convention spokesman Mark Skoda said.

Skoda, who heads the Memphis Tea Party, said he would serve on the board of the PAC, which will be organized as a nonprofit based in Memphis. He declined to identify other leaders of the committee....