Sunday, June 11, 2017

Surviving the climate crisis is vital to every person on the planet and we won't survive if we don't do this together.

The issue of climate is a vital basis of the government for every country. The ideas that surround climate produce an economy. It is a good and sustainable economy. 

Unfortunately, the petroleum industry in the USA has control over a segment of USA resources. The investments are a liability that could cause them more costs if left unexploited. Currently, the American petroleum industry continues to renew leases that have never been used and most probably won't be.

The global community is setting it's sites on the problem of the climate crisis. That community is powerful in that it is correct in all it's scientific findings and it's identity of countries of most concern for people to survive this increasingly dangerous troposphere.

Recently, we have seen some of the strong storms in the Pacific increase the number of refugees in Bangladesh and account for enormous damage to the land of Myanmar. (click here)

March 13, 2017
Tropical Cyclone Enawo, (click here) which hit northeastern Madagascar on Tuesday, has killed 50 people, authorities said over the weekend. At least 20 are missing.
The island nation's disaster management agency on Sunday said that the cyclone has driven 110,000 people from their homes and that at least 183 people were injured....

April 24, 2017
By Emiko Terazono

The price of vanilla (click here) has soared to a record high as Madagascar, the world’s top producer of vanilla beans, grapples with damage wrought by a cyclone.
Used in ice cream, chocolate and perfume, vanilla pods are trading at an all-time high of $600 a kilogramme, according to Craig Nielsen of US vanilla and flavourings group Nielsen Massey.
Premium (click here) Madagascar Vanilla Beans 1/4 lb (26-30 beans) JR Mushrooms Brand
Wall Street isn't going to survive the climate crisis without support from the USA to other countries unable to protect from it.
Prices for vanilla, which is not traded on an exchange, had already surged over the past year thanks to speculative hoarding and rising demand as more consumers shun artificial flavourings and ingredients. The price climbed from about $100 a kg in 2015 to $450-$500 at the start of this year.
“Inventories were already depleted, and now we have the damage caused by the cyclone,” said Mr Nielsen. “It will be a tough time [for the vanilla market] for the next couple of years.”
It was a view echoed by Lawrence Kurzius, chief executive of McCormick, the US spice and food ingredients company. He told investors at the company’s first-quarter results that he sees this “high vanilla pricing continuing certainly well into 2018”.
Madagascan vanilla under guard last May. Prices had already surged due to speculative hoarding and rising demand
I hate to tell anyone "I told you so." But, I'll say it every time.
There is no hiding from the climate crisis no matter how many billionaires are involved. No one expected Ebola to ever arrive in the USA, but, it dead. Zika is still alive and well.

February 11, 2017
By Rebecca Leber

...Twenty governments commissioned (click here) an independent report in 2012 from the group DARA International to study the human and economic costs of climate change. It linked 400,000 deaths worldwide to climate change each year, projecting deaths to increase to over 600,000 per year by 2030. When scientists attribute deaths to climate change, they don't just mean succumbing to a heat wave or, as Huckabee put it, to sunburn. Heat waves kill many, to be sure, but global warming also devastates food security, nutrition, and water safety. Since mosquitoes and other pests thrive in hot, humid weather, scientists expect diseases like malaria and dengue fever to rise. Floods threaten to contaminate drinking water with bacteria and pollution.... 

Native species of the American landscape are beautiful.

Native grasses (click here) mingle beautifully with wildflowers in both naturalized and formal settings. Many have striking fall color with seedheads that add visual interest well into winter. Grasses are an important part of a balanced ecosystem or a naturalized landscape. At one time they formed the foundation of the vast North American Prairie.

The beautiful plant to the left is "Virginia Wild Rye."

Elymus virginicus (click here)

This is just one example. The species of the American grassland are many.

Just a few:

Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)
Big Bluestem Seed (Andropogon gerardii)
Sideoats Grama (Bouteloua curtipendula)
Sideoats Grama Seed (Bouteloua curtipendula)
Northern Sea Oats (Chasmanthium latifolium)
Tufted Hairgrass (Deschampsia cespitosa)

The climate is good business. Starting up new methods of business is growth.

I spent a summer on Eastern Lake Ontario in New York State. It is beautiful and the fish are healthy, but, the farming is incredible. The tractors are huge, their cow herds enormous and the dedication of the farmers is not to be under estimated.

Changing the methods of energy will make a considerable difference in the emissions of greenhouse gases. 

Whether or not the farmers in New York State seek to change the level of methane emissions is up to them. It might make their enterprises work better with healthier cows and perhaps higher milk production. It certainly should be explored.

New York, NY - June 5, 2017 Governor Andrew M. Cuomo (click here) announced today the release of a comprehensive strategic plan to help farms across New York State cut energy costs and usage while accelerating the use of clean energy for more sustainable and profitable farming operations. The new state Clean Energy for Agriculture Task Force Strategic Plan will help New York achieve these clean energy goals and it supports the Governor’s ambitious Reforming the Energy Vision and Clean Energy Standard as the state also Moves closer to reducing 40 percent of its harmful greenhouse gas emissions based on 1990 levels by 2030.
Complementing today’s announcement was the creation of the Greenhouse Lighting and Systems Engineering (GLASE) Consortium, a public-private consortium including RPI, Cornell University and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), to transform the way greenhouses operate....

...Livestock and agricultural activities at New York’s nearly 36,000 farms account for nearly three percent of the State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture covers approximately 25 percent of land use in the State. Greater use of clean energy practices by farms can further reduce their greenhouse gas impacts and energy costs while building on the State’s efforts to promote environmentally sustainable practices.
Those efforts include several programs administered by the Department of Agriculture and Markets to minimize the environmental impact of New York farms, address water and soil quality and lower costs. Since 2011, approximately $2.5 million has been awarded through the Climate Resilient Farming grant program, to help farmers reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for and better manage impacts of climate change. In addition, the Agricultural Nonpoint Source Abatement and Control Program has dedicated nearly $80 million over the last five years to address water and soil quality on farms.
Greenhouses, which cover 720 acres in New York State, extend the growing season and protect crops and other plants from harsh weather conditions. They are particularly electricity-intensive compared to other types of buildings. GLASE aims to reduce their electricity use by 70 percent and increase crop yields [by what year?...

A pollen by any name can be a national security issue.

The Rye Grass Genus Details (click here)

The rye grass genus has short-lived perennial, biennial, and single-stemmed annual species. This grass is widely used in lawns, pastures as a forage, roadsides and waste areas. Perennial types grow in tufts or mats. Flat or slightly rolled (inward) leaf blades have a smooth surface and grow 1-10 inches long. Flowers are located on stalks 2-6 inches tall. Flowering occurs in June-August. The majority of the pollen comes from the grass found in patures, hay fields and wild areas, since the plants must usually be more than 1 foot tall to flower.

Rye Grass Allergy Info

This is one of the more significant grass types in terms of allergy. Abundant pollen shed can cause severe pollinosis problems in all regions of the U.S.

Rye Grass Pollen Description

Grains are spheroidal to ovoidal, sometimes elliptical. The exine is thin and the surface is granular to finely reticuloid. Poaceae apertures are 1-porate, with the pores usually circular to ovoidal.
Grains are 22-122 micrometers in diameter....

Probiotics for cows.

June 10, 2017
By Brian Wang

J.P. Brouwer, (click here) along with his father and two brothers at Sunalta Farms in central Alberta, runs the first commercial dairy farm contributing data to the Genome Canada project. One part of the project aims to increase feed efficiency—growing cows as big as possible with as little food as possible—and reduce emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas that traps 30 times more heat per molecule than carbon dioxide.

Farming livestock – cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and chickens – contributes around 6 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide) to the atmosphere each year.

Farm animals are responsible for about 9.5 percent of global greenhouse gas output, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Farmers are trying to reduce those emissions with lots of different strategies, starting with their diets. Researchers have tried adding flaxseed oil, garlic, juniper berries, and even seaweed to cow feed. Some scientists at Pennsylvania State University are even genetically modifying the bacteria in cow guts. Simpler tweaks can have an impact, too: Vaccinating cows against common viruses mean fewer cows die, letting farmers focus on raising fewer, healthier cows that live long into adulthood—creating less methane as a result.

But scientists are also tweaking the cows themselves. The Genome Canada project, led by Filippo Miglior at the University of Guelph and Paul Stothard at the University of Alberta, harnesses labs in the US, UK, Denmark, Australia, and Switzerland to help identify cows that produce fewer greenhouse gases, with the ultimate goal of distributing the responsible genes—conveniently transported in the form of bull semen—to areas that don’t have the resources to develop their own greener cows.

Lolium Distribution

Ryegrass in the USA is an invasive species and considered an exotic species throughout Canada and the USA.

The mayors of cities around the world have been the front line of climate change initiatives.

June 11, 2017

Hundreds of people protest in New York City on June 1, 2017 after President Trump declared that the U.S. is withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

Many American states, (click here) cities and businesses say they will work to meet the goals of the Paris climate agreement. This comes after President Donald Trump announced he was pulling the U.S. out of the international agreement.

More than a dozen governors have signed new climate change pledges since Trump made the announcement. Their states represent nearly 40 percent of the U.S. economy. Democrats govern most of those states. Trump is a Republican.

Kate Brown is the democratic governor of Oregon. She said Tuesday, “Our coalition wants to let the world know that absent leadership from our federal government,'' the country will keep cutting fossil fuel emissions....

The projects have been too numerous to mention, but, a couple of examples is "Earth Hour" and the white roofs of New York City.

It should be a surprise to no one that a cleaner city is a better city for tourism and quality of life. It is the cities where the local economies flourish. The climate is good business.

Genus of ryegrass is "Lolium."

...The classification of Lolium grasses (click here) has long been a source of contention. On the basis of its spike-like inflorescence structure, early researchers placed the genus Lolium in the grass tribe Triticeae (reviewed in Darbyshire, 1993). However, accumulating evidence based on hybridization and cytology (Jenkin, 1959), endosperm structure (Tateoka, 1962), serology (Butkute and Konarev, 1980), chloroplast DNA restriction sites (Soreng et al., 1990), thermal denaturation of genomic DNA (King and Ingrouille, 1987), and sequence-based phylogenies (Catalán et al., 1997; Mathews et al., 2000; Soreng and Davis, 1998) have supported placement of the genus Lolium together with Festuca in the tribe Poeae. In the course of grass evolution, spike and panicle forms of grass inflorescences have frequently arisen from each other, so gross inflorescence morphology is particularly unreliable for identifying major evolutionary relationships. Although the difference between a fescue panicle and the ryegrass spike seems dramatic to the specialist's eye, a more scientific classification system should emphasize more evolutionarily relevant characters and genetic relationships.

It is known vegetable protein is better for the human body than animal protein.

06 June 2017
By Allison Eck

In 2016, (click here) Americans each ate an average of nearly 56 pounds of beef. Those demands on livestock end up increasing greenhouse gas production, since cows emit methane in large quantities.

Beans provide more protein than beef—plus, they have a lower carbon footprint.

But a less expensive and more healthful alternative to beef is something that most people associate with gas: beans. A team of scientists publishing in the journal Climatic Change (click here) say that a nationwide effort to swap beef with beans could help the U.S. meet more than 50% of its emissions goals by the year 2020....

The rye grass problem.

Ryegrass (click here) is a highly palatable and protein-rich grass that is grown primarily for pasture and silage. It is valued for its high nutrient composition and digestibility. Due to its excellent nutritional quality it is commonly used as pasture for lactating dairy cows. Sprouted ryegrass fodder contains many of the same benefits of its more mature, pasture-grown counterpart and the feed value of ryegrass fodder is highly comparable to corn.

Ryegrass in some areas of the USA is considered an invasive species when used for grazing.

With the development of large-scale agriculture in the mid-20th century, farming became a big business for some companies. Farms became consolidated into large enterprises with many thousands of animals across large acreages.

Initially, grazing areas were filled with a variety of grasses and flowers that grew naturally, offering a diverse diet for cows and other ruminants. However, in order to improve the efficiency of feeding livestock, many of these pastures became reseeded with perennial ryegrass. With the aid of artificial fertilizers, perennial ryegrass grows quickly and in huge quantities. The downside is that it lacks the nutritious content of other grasses and prevents more nutritious plants from growing. One commentator called it the "fast food" of grasses....

...A study at the University of Bristol compared three types of naturally grown pastures to ryegrass pasture grown with chemical fertilizers. Lambs were fed on each type of pasture. The meat from lambs fed on natural pastures had less saturated fat, more omega-3 fatty acids, more vitamin E and higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a "good fat" that is believed to fight cancer. The meat from these lambs was considered very high quality and scored well in flavor tests....

I wanted to list the study from the University of Bristol, but, there is a department of scientists studying the well being of British farm animals and their studies are a cascade of information, with one study built on another. There really needs to be a symposium regarding these grasses and their effect on a food supply including the well being of the farm animals as well. 

The global community may as well understand the motive behind Trump's withdrawal from the climate agreement. Greed.

This was a non-decision and completely immoral. The so-called decision by Trump was made long before the announcement; it was made before his election.

While Jeff Judson and Willie Soon believe they are qualified to comment on the deadly trend of Earth's climate, I haven't found Gilbert Garcia. The link with the article took me to an obituary page of many Gilbert Garcias. (click here) So, it is difficult to defend or critique Gilbert if I can't read his work.

But, I can still comment on the article/opinion paper.

June 11, 2017
By Jeff Judson and Willie Soon

As a policy analyst and atmospheric scientist, (click here) we felt the need to respond to Gilbert Garcia’s recent column attacking U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith’s “anti-science” support for President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, or PCA.

Smith is right to oppose PCA, which has the dubious honor of simultaneously being environmentally worthless for the planet and economically punitive for the United States. In fact, PCA is really more about global wealth redistribution than it is about the climate. The 2016 analysis of PCA by Bjorn Lomborg of the Copenhagen Consensus Center found that even if every single signatory met its nonbinding commitments, global temperatures would be reduced by at most 0.2 degrees Celsius in 2100 relative to the baseline case of no PCA.

Simply put — any impact on the climate produced by this treaty over the next 80 years would be negligible....

Lamar Smith is not qualified to comment on climate. My sincere guess is that if there is a Gilbert Carcia (hispanic - mixed race really, Gilbert is not an ethnic name - half breed) there would be some solid facts to his work.

Texas District 21 demographics
  • 57.1% White
  • 4.1% Black
  • 3.8% Asian
  • 28.5% Hispanic
  • 0.10% Native American
  • 6.1% other

On the other hand Lamar Smith simply speaks to impress his ignorant constituency who have little literacy benefit to understand the climate crisis. (Although, the literacy rate is fairly good. 92 percent have graduated from high school and about 45 percent have a bachelor's degree from college.) 

After all, the flooding in San Antonio only kills folks once in a while. And, of course, it is never attributed to the climate crisis. It just rained a lot. There have been at least six major floods in this congressional district, but, it just rained a lot. The flooding continues today.

March 10, 2017
By Andy Jechow

Cibolo, Texas (KXAN) — The body of a woman (click here) swept away in floodwaters outside of San Antonio on Friday has been recovered, according to News 4 San Antonio. 

Police in the suburb of Cibolo, just northeast of San Antonio, say a family member called for help overnight after the victim, identified by News 4 as
Shireal Boulanger, 58, said she was in a car surrounded by water.

Transportation officials later heard a man — the woman’s husband — screaming for help near an Interstate 10 frontage road at Santa Clara Road that was flooded with more than three feet of water. The man, who was found clinging to a tree, was rescued and treated for hypothermia along with cuts and bruises.

The man told rescuers that he and his wife were swept away as they drove down the frontage road.

Hm. These things happen. Very sad. God will forgive them for their sins.

There is a woman taking note of the disastrous administration.

May 20, 2017
By Sharon Lerner

...But Smith, (click here) who has boldly argued against funding for an institute that studies the toxicity of substances such as lead and asbestos, and has rushed to the defense of Monsanto’s RoundUp, is no longer just throwing bombs from the margins. With Trump in the White House and Scott Pruitt at the helm of the EPA, Smith now has the power to turn his visions of regulatory rollback into realities.

Already this session Smith revived two bills that, before the election, had been dismissed as nuisances. The Honest Act, which grew out of a strategy developed by the tobacco industry, is designed to prohibit the EPA from using public health research; the other bill, known as the EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act, was crafted to allow industry representatives to serve on scientific boards. Both bills were passed by the House in March....

I don't doubt Ms. Lerner is correct and has done her homework when discussing Smith and all his cohorts, but, she is discussing the wrong methodology. We know science doesn't matter to these buffoons. So, why discuss science?

The Paris Agreement on Climate is not about a disputed scientific basis for ACTING on climate to protect life on Earth. The Paris Agreement on Climate has the word AGREEMENT in it's title. The conclusions have been made and the focus is what do we do about it. That is where the discussion lies. Got it?

Now Mr. Lamar Smith states that the Paris Agreement on Climate is fraudulent. He states it is a SCHEME for wealth distribution to other countries. Imagine that?

This is from a symposium in 2011.

In policy discussions of climate change, mitigation has been the main focus to date but adaptation to climate change is moving up the policy agenda. Simulation models suggest that the negative effects of climate change disproportionately fall on the developing world. Some argue that such effects have already started to become visible in the form of agricultural damage, displacement of people by floods, etc....

The United States of America has the second largest HISTORIC deposit of greenhouse gases in the world. The UK is the first, but, it has been a long time proponent to end the emissions, so the responsibility of the USA is undisputed. It is just that people such as Mr. Lamar Smith don't accept the responsibility of their country in the real world. Mr. Smith is from Texas where 60 percent of the state's wealth comes from oil stocks.

May 21, 2014
By Johannes Friedrich and Thomas Damassa

...For context, (click here) at the beginning of this time period—1850—the United Kingdom was the top emitter of CO₂, with emissions nearly six times those of the country with the second-highest emissions, the United States. France, Germany, and Belgium completed the list of top five emitters. In 2011, China ranked as world’s largest emitter, followed by the United States, India, Russia, and Japan. Tellingly, while the United States was the world’s second-largest emitter in both years, its emissions in 2011 were 266 times greater than those in 1850....

While men such as Mr. Lamar Smith demand that fraud needs to be the primary reason to oppose the responsibility of the USA at the Paris Agreement on Climate, he is a church going man that believes in God. He believes in god the way his church defines it and not the god that sees responsibility for all humans on Earth. God is not a citizen of the USA.

In 2014, (click here) the top carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters were China, the United States, the European Union, India, the Russian Federation, and Japan. These data include CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion, as well as cement manufacturing and gas flaring. Together, these sources represent a large proportion of total global CO2 emissions....

Mr. Lamar Smith's country, the United States of America NEVER changed it's place in the emissions of greenhouse gases. Since 1850, the USA has been second in emissions globally. That is undisputed.

So the issue is not whether there is a responsibility by the USA, the issue is WHY is the USA not accepting it's responsibility? In the case of Mr. Lamar Smith the problem is politics. He is stuck in a rut. He has to back the 60 percent petroleum portfolio of Texas, pretend flooding is sent my god and work to legitimatize the Paris Climate Agreement.

See there are special WORDS at work here. The word taxes is a bad word in Texas. Most folks don't like paying taxes. But, when the word REDISTRIBUTION of wealth is attached to the word taxes there is a special kind of social sin attached to that concept. Most Texans realize government costs money and has to be paid for, but, THE REASSIGNMENT of wealth is a sin. It is a capitalism sin. Capitalism demands that the people that create the economy and jobs and accumulate wealth deserve to keep it. They are only suppose to pay the same amount of their income to taxes, hence, the American Flat Tax. 

That is nothing but immoral greed. Let's say the flat tax is 14%. The fourteen percent that comes out of an annual income of $50,000 has a very different impact on a family's quality of life than an annual income of $1,000,000. So, as far as people like Mr. Lamar Smith is concerned what is FAIR is everyone contributing the same way.

Now, the Paris Agreement on Climate demands the wealthiest countries provide HELP to the poorest countries. That is what Mr. Lamar Smith considers redistribution of wealth and resents all of it.

Mr. Lamar Smith is not only immoral, but, should be behind bars for all the pain and suffering he causes his own constituents with his wacko lies and deceptions, but, the entire population of the Third World, especially Bangladesh and Burma. 

The discussion is not about the FACTS that 97 percent of scientists agree on, it is the 'skipping out of town (Paris)' that the Trump administration has decided is best for his party and their rhetoric. A rhetoric that is killing people, causing ciimate refugees, the loss of species and the entire collapse of fisheries around the globe. I remind, an ally to the USA, Australia is losing The Great Barrier Reef and that alone endangers a food supply and export of Australia. The loss of the Great Barrier Reef also is an economic loss for Australia and tourism. 

Mr. Lamar Smith should be listed among other American politicians that are turning their backs on the global community while the USA continues to be second in greenhouse gas emissions as of 2014.

I am going to start by reviewing the issue of "cow farts." It has been in the media lately.

From Scientific American:

Small molecule cuts methane emissions by 30 percent, (click here) and could curb this greenhouse gas

August 10, 2015
By Judith Lavelle

...What doesn’t stink is that Pennsylvania State University researchers, led by Alexander N. Hristrov, have now demonstrated that feeding 3-nitrooxypropanol (3NOP) to dairy cows over a 12-week period reduces the animals’ methane emissions by 30% (Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA2015, DOI: 1073/pnas.1504124112). 3NOP inhibits methyl coenzyme-M reductase, an enzyme used by bacteria in a cow’s gut.
These symbiotic bacteria produce methane when they help cows digest grass and other fiber-rich foods in the animals’ diet. To test the possibility of mitigating this production without disrupting a cow’s digestion, Hristov and his colleagues mixed additives containing three different concentrations of 3NOP as well as a placebo additive into cattle feed. Then they administered it to 48 Holstein cows for three months.
The rate of methane emission fell in all the animals, except for those receiving the placebo. Scientists have discovered several other methane production inhibitors, but 3NOP appears to be the first to achieve a meaningful effect while being safe for cows’ health and the environment....
It's Sunday Night
"I am cow" by Arrogant Worms (click here for official website - thank you)

I am cow hear me moo
I weigh twice as much as you
And I look good on the barbecue
Yogurt, curd, cream cheese, and butter's 
made from liquid from my udders
I am cow, I am cow, hear me moo!

I am cow, eating grass
methane gas comes out my ass
and out my muzzle when I belch
o the ozone layer is thinner 
from the outcome of my dinner
I am cow, I am cow, I've got gas

I am cow, here I stand 
far and wide upon this land
and I am living everywhere
from B.C. to Newfoundland 
You can squeeze my teats by hand
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow
I am cow, I am cow, I am cow!

What brought the plane down? The weather

8 June 2017

Several bodies and debris (click here) were found in the water after a Myanmar military plane vanished over the Andaman Sea with 122 soldiers, family members and crew on board, the country's army said in a statement.

The Chinese-made Y-8 turboprop aircraft disappeared on Wednesday afternoon about a half-hour after leaving Myeik, also known as Mergui, for Yangon on a route that would have taken it over the Andaman Sea.
The army said on Thursday that 10 corpses, including five children and four women, had been retrieved so far from the sea.what 
A plane wheel, two life jackets and some bags with clothes - believed to be from the missing plane - was also found, the statement also said. 
"We have found the plane and some dead bodies this morning about 8:25am [01:55 GMT]," a spokesman for the military's information team told the AFP news agency.
"Some were on their way for medical check-ups and to attend school," said a spokesman from the military's information team....

According to historical data of that day; June 7, 2017; the winds were mild and out of the south with temperatures on the ground between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The weather appeared to be good for flying.

Past Weather in Yangon (click here)

There have been a lot of disappearing and crashing planes from this region of the world lately.

The murderers are dead.

10 June 2017
By Reuters

Iranian authorities (click here) have arrested seven people suspected of helping militants involved in this week’s attacks in the capital Tehran, according to a judiciary official.
Islamic State claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings and gun attacks on parliament and the mausoleum of the Islamic Republic’s founder, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, that killed 17 people on Wednesday....

Daba Rohrabacher applauds Daesh on Iranian deaths. Amazing. Republicans are about the most ignorant people on planet Earth. They don't even know who the enemy is, no wonder the USA has a "broken morality rudder." It is hard to believe he is from California.

June 11, 2017
By Salvador Hernandez

One day after 17 people died (click here) in an apparent ISIS attack in Iran, a California congressman questioned whether such an event might be a "good thing," and appeared to suggest that the United States might be able to collaborate with the terrorist group.

"Isn't it a good thing for us to have the United States finally backing up Sunnis who will attack Hezbollah and the Shia threat to us? Isn't that a good thing?" Rohrabacher asked a panel of terrorism experts assembled for a House hearing on Hezbollah financing Thursday.

"Maybe this is a Trump — maybe it's a Trump strategy of actually supporting one group against another considering that you have two terrorist organizations," he added.

The remarks were a reference to a pair of deadly rampages in Tehran Wednesday, in which attackers laid siege inside Iran's parliament building and outside the tomb of the Islamic Republic founder's Ayatollah Khomeini. The attacks — the first claimed by ISIS in Iran — left 17 people dead and dozens more injured.

A representative for Rohrabacher did not immediately respond to requests for comment, or to explain the congressman's comments....
Estimated Cancer Mortality Worldwide in 2012: Men (click here)

April 25, 2014
By Roxanne Nelson

Cancer mortality rates (click here) in Russia greatly exceed those in Europe and the United States, according to a report on the challenges to effective cancer control in China, India, and Russia, which was published in the April issue of the Lancet Oncology. About a quarter (26%) of all cancer patients will die within a year of their diagnosis, although this rate varies considerably by geographic region.

Russia is both a high-income country and an emerging economy, as defined by the World Bank. But despite this distinction, life expectancies have not risen in line with the increasing wealth of the country and, notably, cancer accounts for 15% of all deaths.

In Russia, the overall risk of dying from cancer is about 60%, which is higher than the 40% in the United Kingdom and the 33% in the United States.

The mortality-to-incidence ratio, an indirect measure of cancer survival, is higher for Russian men than Russian women (0.72 vs 0.49). It is also higher than for American men (0.36) and European men (0.44).

Graphic at right is from same source as above, but, this is "Estimated Cancer Incidences Worldwide 2012: Women." There is one distinctive word in that title. Incidence. That is different from above that states Mortality. Thank you. 

There are a number of reasons Russia faces such a daunting cancer burden, according to the report. For one, economic disparities are extreme and people living outside of major cities have inadequate access to cancer care facilities. The distribution of facilities throughout the country is uneven, and the disparity is most pronounced when comparing urban and rural areas....

President Donald Trump admires Russia for all the wrong reasons!

Calls for impeachment are at 48%. That has been rising over the past few weeks.

June 10, 2017
By Victoria McGrane and Astead W. Herndon

Washington — That rumbling you hear (click here) is from the fervent activists in the party’s base demanding that Democratic leaders press hard now to impeach President Trump. But the message coming back from the top is far more cautious: Just hang on folks.

Given how unlikely it is that the House Republican majority would approve articles of impeachment (no American president ever has been impeached when his own party controlled the House), the real political prize for Democrats is winning the House in 2018....

Those fervent activists are citizens of the USA (that is novel, an American citizen rather than Russian activists) that want a government without corruption, accept every American as it's own and provide rights to everyone, including the right to a living wage.

I don't believe the Democrats should be running on impeachment, they need to address the issues of the people. But, no doubt they will be asked about where they stand on Donald Trump's impeachment and they need to have a strong "yes" vote with every concern about the misuse and abuse of power in the White House.

Trump is doing a terrible job, except, for his family and his own business. Now he wants to enter a "Apprenticeship" into the economy of the USA.

The question is not a "Skills Gap" and the need for apprenticeship, it is about what the heck is Wall Street doing? The USA can pump out all kinds of qualified people in hopes it matches Wall Street's needs, but, the fact of the matter is "The Skills Gap" exists because Wall Street is conducting NO PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT nor pay scale that is meaningful to even the marketing of their own products.

iPhone 7 (4.7 inch display) (click here) From $32.41/mo. with the iPhone Upgrade Program. Or pay now from $649.

iPhone 7 Plus (5.5 inch display) From $37.41/mo. with the iPhone Upgrade Program. Or pay now from $769.

The majority of the iPhone users are loyal, sure. But, they are not running to the 
Apple store and paying the full price. Most iPhone users are paying for their phone as they go included in their phone bill. And while Apple Conducts product
development on a continual basis, the majority of Wall Street in the USA is looking for the next merger, the next buy out or the next set of layoffs because the CEO wants the bonus, forget the future of the company.

The reason the iPhone is bought primarily with installments is because there are dearly few Americans employed in manufacturing of the parts.

Accelerometer: (click here) Bosch Sensortech. Based in Germany, with locations in the U.S., China, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan

Audio chips: Cirrus Logic. Based in the U.S., with locations in the U.K., China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore

Battery: Samsung. Based in South Korea, with locations in 80 countries

Battery: Sunwoda Electronic. Based in China

Camera: Qualcomm. Based in the U.S., with locations in Australia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, and more than a dozen locations through Europe and Latin America

Camera: Sony. Based in Japan, with locations in dozens of countries

Chips for 3G/4G/LTE networking: Qualcomm. (click here)

Compass: AKM Semiconductor. Based in Japan, with locations in the U.S., France, England, China, South Korea, and Taiwan

Glass screen: Corning. Based in the U.S., with locations in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Turkey, the U.K., and the United Arab Emirates.

Gyroscope: STMicroelectronics. Based in Switzerland, with locations 35 countries

Flash memory: Toshiba. Based in Japan, with locations in over 50 countries

Flash memory: Samsung. South Korea (click here)

LCD screen: Sharp. Based in Japan, with locations in 13 countries

LCD screen: LG. Based in South Korea, with locations in Poland and China

A-series Processor: Samsung. See above.

A-series Processor: TSMC. Based in Taiwan (Taiwan is China), with locations in China, Singapore, and the U.S.

Touch ID: TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company)

Touch ID: Xintec. Based in Taiwan.

Touchscreen controller: Broadcom. Based in the U.S., with locations in Israel, Greece, the U.K., the Netherlands, Belgium, France, India, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea

Wi-Fi chip: Murata. Based in the U.S., with locations in Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Spain, the U.K., Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, and Finland 

If Trump wants apprenticeships, he can begin with his Wall Street CEOs. Many of the iPhone users are not among the Working Poor in the USA!

"What kind of person PREFERS an iPhone?" (click here)

The majority of the users of the iPhone and/or Android have a significant income and education. THAT LEAVES A HUGE MARKET OPEN for those that are the Working Poor. If Apple and Android put the Working Poor of the USA to work MAKING A LIVING WAGE perhaps they would not only have good and qualified workers, but, a brand new consumer base!

The CEO's of Wall Street an apprenticeship, not the people!

That consumer base would not only be available to Apple and otherwise, it would be available to purchase the products of many other American companies. That is called an growth economy and it works. The fact of the matter is currently in the USA, the local economy is the only USA economy that works. It has expanded from 2008 simply because IT WORKS! But, it works before 2008 and it recovered the quickest. The local economies feel the pinch the soonest and react the best. The losers in the USA are Wall Street CEOs.

...The components manufactured by those companies all around the world are ultimately sent to just two companies to assemble into iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

Those companies are Foxconn and Pegatron, both of which are based in Taiwan....

Taiwan is China!

Here is a clue:

January 26, 2015

APPLE IS EXPECTED (click here) to announce that it has sold more iPhones in China than the US during 2014.
Increased availability, thanks to a deal with China’s biggest telecom provider, and strong sales of the iPhone 6 allowed it to reach this turning point, according to the Financial Times.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said he expected China to overtake the US as Apple’s single largest source of revenue back in 2013. At the end of that year, Apple struck a deal with China Mobile to bring its collection of iPhones to the market....

Wall Street CANNOT expect to make products in impoverished third world countries and sell in the USA. It may have worked in the past, but, the USA is completely tapped out in providing good paying jobs to it's labor and THEY NEED RELIEF!

There are cities and states in the USA that now demand higher wages for their citizens AND IT IS WORKING!

WHY IS THAT WALL STREET? Why is it that states and cities where the minimum wage is increased has growing economies? 

Why is that?

What idiots are the CEOs that won't pay their people a living wage!


We don't need apprenticeships, we need RESPECT for American Labor and their unions and a return of the Middle Class!

Does the call for impeachment seem wrong and the wrong idea for the 2018 elections? Wrong? Really?

Democrats need to rely on their own polling with the help of some healthy fundraising and they need to get the messages right; excellent health care for all with a realistic look at price and quality and the BEST WAY TO INSURE THE USA. Americans that work for a living need to have a better wage. Better wages grow the USA economy. Cities need support in the way of providing healthy and happy living space. Cities have to be put first on the Democratic agenda to provide good services, schools and MANAGEABLE DEBT. Detroit was not a failure alone, it was just 20 years ahead of every other city in the country.

The Democratic message has to be one of research, education, quality of life and jobs with a good minimum wage, health care that works for everyone and a demand to erase poverty across this country INCLUDING the southeast which is nothing more than welfare states and a drag on the USA economy. BREAK the cultural barrier of the southeast, it is literally killing people and building greater and greater poverty.

June 8, 2017

Wilmington  -- A chemical replacement (click here) for a key ingredient in Teflon linked to cancer and a host of other ailments has been found in the drinking water system of the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA), which cannot filter it.

Known commercially as GenX, the contaminating compound is made by the Chemours Co. at Fayetteville Works, a 2,150-acre industrial site straddling the Cumberland-Bladen county line along the Cape Fear River, about 100 miles upstream from Wilmington....

...In 2012, a research team detected GenX in the Cape Fear downriver from Fayetteville Works. Other teams found it again in 2013-14 and as recently as last December. Results of river water samples drawn last month are pending. Upriver from Fayetteville Works, none was found.

In a statement provided this week, Chemours officials said they are aware of the studies and that “additional water emissions abatement technology” was added to the Fayetteville Works plant in November 2013. That installation occurred more than three years prior to the latest confirmed discovery of GenX in the Cape Fear downstream from the plant. The company did not provide details on the abatement technology....

...They continued to find GenX and the “novel” substances at the end of the treatment line, where freshly treated drinking water enters pipes feeding faucets throughout New Hanover County....

...Frank Styers, chief operations officer of CFPUA, last week said the utility is aware of the most recent study and its findings.

“We think these type of studies are important and often lead to better regulation at the state and federal level,” he said. “Our drinking water continues to meet all state and federal drinking water standards. We would support proper regulation to improve water quality in the river or prevent compounds such as this from being discharged in the river.”

The Cape Fear River accounts for about 80 percent of the water treated and distributed by CFPUA, Styers said. The remainder comes from groundwater....

The chemical CURRENTLY in the water supply to New Hanover County, North Carolina, over 216,000 citizens, has cancer causing chemicals in their water supply. God is not going to change their outcomes and everyone outside of NC knows that!

March 3, 2016

In this series, (click here) Sharon Lerner exposes DuPont’s multi-decade cover-up of the severe harms to health associated with a chemical known as PFOA, or C8....

The southeast USA is a drag on the USA economy, national debt and has some of the worst health outcomes in the USA.

Death Rate by State of all cancers (click here)

While some states may have higher instances of cancer, the EARLY detection and treatment that is applied to the quality of life of the citizen is GROSSLY lacking in many states and I might add, Coal Black Lung of miners is a considerable problem. While LIFESTYLE choices are to blame for the impoverished.

Unfortunately, (click here) Kentucky has the highest overall cancer incidence and mortality rates in the country compared to all other U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Laura Ungar is a staff writer for the Louisville Courier Journal newspaper. In a recent article titled “Cancer Kills Kentuckians at the Highest Rate”, she makes a strong case that the unusually high cancer burden in Kentucky is related to the high rates of poverty and low educational attainment in the state. But, how are poverty and literacy implicated in the excessively high cancer burden in Kentucky? The answer to this question is not simple....

The two US Senators from the state of Kentucky are Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell. They and their Liberty for All promise sure as heck doesn't deliver health care OR literacy.

Kentucky has needed a strong health care initiative for a long time and they found it in the Affordable Care Act. Diagnosis of danger diseases are being found and the treatments MUST follow. It is difficult to believe Republicans, especially the Republican Leadership, actually allows such danger to exist with their citizens, but, if they are not diagnosed it is convenient to look the other way.

December 19, 2016
CDC's MMWR on Dec. 16 (click here) offered online an alarming report about a surge in cases of Appalachian coal workers' black lung disease. An NPR investigation also probed the increase in this occupational lung disease, which is caused by overexposure to respirable coal mine dust. NIOSH administers the Coal Workers' Health Surveillance Program, a voluntary program with the goal of reducing the incidence of black lung -- pneumoconiosis -- and eliminating its most severe form, progressive massive fibrosis (PMF)....

This surge is due to increased DIAGNOSIS, not necessarily an increase in disease. The reason the Southeast has such poor quality of life, including health, is because it goes undetected ON PURPOSE.

The overwhelming support for the ACA in Kentucky should come as no surprise!

Apprenticeships? Donald Trump should have had one before running for office.