Saturday, March 05, 2016

Testing for Cancer DNA. Where have we been?

If you're 50 or older (click here) and at average risk for colon cancer, there's now a noninvasive screening option. Cologuard is an easy-to-use stool DNA test that can be used in the privacy of your own home.

Just collect a single sample, then return the kit to our lab via prepaid UPS shipping. Your doctor will contact you with your results soon after.

How does it work? (click here)

Medicare pay for it. Private insurance, not so much. Who do you want to trust with your overall health? 

Small intestine cancer (click here) is a rare disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the small intestine.

There are five types of small intestine cancer.

Doctors can look directly at tissue in the large bowel, mouth, esophagus, stomach and the upper part of the first segment of small bowl, but, being able to diagnosis small bowl cancers is difficult.

March 6, 2016
The "Achilles' heel" of cancer (click here) has been discovered, raising hopes it could lead to treatments for hopeless cases where disease has spread throughout the body.
Researchers found that all cancer cells carry a "flag", which can be spotted by the immune system, no matter how much they mutate.
Current treatments are often unsuccessful because cancer evolves rapidly, changing its make-up so it can evade drugs.
But scientists at University College London and Cancer Research UK have found that even when it has mutated cancer still carries signature molecules which never change. Crucially, these molecules are antigens - toxins which can be spotted by the immune system.

Immune cells that battle those antigens already exist, but their numbers are too small to be effective....