Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Arkansas Legislature has not basis for the abortion restriction.

The only basis for the Arkansas legislative agenda is religious bigotry. There is no scientific proof to support the law. It is just that simple.

A heartbeat is not a reaction to stimuli. The heart at any stage of development has it's own nervous system. 

The legal definition of LIFE at any stage of human life is when the fetus can feel and react to pain. That does not happen until 22 weeks old. Previous to that it is not a human being. A human being has a connected nervous system that has a body which reacts to stimuli.

A heartbeat is automatic and innate to the heart tissue. There is nothing needed for a heart to beat or not to beat. There  is no reaction by the nervous system to begin the heartbeat. The heart TISSUE has innate capacity to beat with it's own self contained nervous system.

There are two nodes of nervous tissue within the heart that results in a heart beat. The nervous tissue involved is considered the autonomic nervous system.

Child's Play

The autonomic nervous system (ANS) (click here) regulates the functions of our internal organs (the viscera) such as the heart, stomach and intestines.

To say a heartbeat is where life begins is like saying when the stomach grumbles it is the beginning of life. It is nonsense. There is no thought processes involved.

The Autonomic Nervous System is the most crude form of nervous tissue in the body. 

For simplicity purposes:

There are two nodes in the heart. The SA Node and the AV Node. 

The SA (Sino-Atrial) Node is correctly spelled, sinoatrial. It is the pacemaker of the heart. It works no matter what. There are conditions of the heart whereby the SA Node does not work well, but, that is disease and not health.

The entire heart conduction system provides IMPULSES that comprise the EKG (electrocardiogram). EKG can also be named ECG. But, the word is the same; electrocardiogram. 

So, the pacemaker of the heart begins the heart beat. The SA Node emits an electrical impulse that travels along the other nerve fibers and a heart beat is recorded. The EKG above shows the particular nervous system of the heat and how that is translated into a heart beat. Every nerve is recorded in a particular sequence otherwise the heart would FLUTTER and not produce blood pressure. Blood Pressure (BP) is primarily produced by the left ventricle, but, the entire heart is important to blood pressure.

There is nothing definitive about a heartbeat in recognizing an impulse from the brain. There is NO connection to the brain by any autonomic nervous system of the body or otherwise until the fetus is 22 weeks in development. So, the idea this is a definition of life is hideous. It diminishes the definition of life to a blob of neural tissue that has no function to quality of life.

This is truly religious bigotry. The legislatures of the Red States are trying One-Upmanship in finding a way to prohibit women to be self-directing in their own lives. This is crazy. There is no other word for it. 

If this continues and there is no definition that life demands a purpose with a brain, then literally human heart tissue grown in a petri dish can be considered a life. This is nonsense and complete stupidity.

There is a chance human beings can grown another heart for transplant in the future, does anyone realize what a nightmare this mess would be if our society ever allowed this stupidity to exist?

Whomever the physician involved in this should have his or her license pulled. Can you imagine what they are saying to their clients? 

I congratulate Senator Rand Paul.

At least he takes things seriously. I am troubled by the drone program. I find his protest more than interesting. I wish him well.

There is one thing though.

Just one.

Senator Paul stated he is opposed to the drone program domestically for all non-combatants. 

Non-combatants. So, if Americans are combatants then it is okay to send in the drones.

Does that mean all the people that use their weapons to attack the government in defense of their freedom are going to be attacked the day they become combatants?

Or, does Senator Paul see the people that take up weapons against their government are the non-combatants and the government is the combatant?

Because the government has the drones. So, if the people rise up against their oppressive government by getting all their weapons out of the moth balls for this one occasion they have saving them for which stops all regulation by the government aren't they the non-combatants. 

But, if the people rising up against the government are the non-combatants how do they stop the government from using the drones since the government is the combatants?

Gohmert is a Closet Terrorist

Sharia law is written into 
anti-abortion legislation!

Louie Gohmert, the gerrymandered US Representative is profoundly dedicated to justice.

Sharia Law will cause the loss of freedom and be a call to arms. That might be true when one looks to the Middle East for an example. Louie is Texas Lawman Extraordinaire. Better than Walker himself.

..."It is for our protection -- (click here) and the founders' quotes make that very very clear -- including against a government that would run amuck," Gohmert said, before shifting gears. "We've got some people who think Sharia law oughta be the law of the land, forget the Constitution. But the guns are there, the Second Amendment is there, to make sure all of the rest of the amendments are followed."...

Louie Gohmert is a man of deep thought. He says this mess on the floor of the USA House of Representatives. Where is Boner when all this is going on? 

By Eric W. Dolan
Wednesday, February 27, 2013 19:14 EST

...Speaking on the House floor, (click here) Gohmert said the timing of Obama’s meeting with congressional leaders over the sequester was evidence the President really wanted the across-the-board budget cuts to happen. He claimed the sequester was actually a plot by Obama to cut defense spending and transfer money to “ACORN-like” groups that would help elect Democratic candidates....

The only place where ACORN exists anymore is on Wikipedia (click here). Acorn - like groups. What is that suppose to mean? The League Women's Voters has been impacted in the State of Florida due to the Republican attacks on voting rights, so what the heck is this suppose to mean? All organizations seeking to empower citizens are members of some strange and contorted conspiracy? When is Boner going to require House Members whom make this wild allegations to have proof of same before carry on like this on government time. If Gohmert wants to discuss wasting government money we can start with the nonsense that goes on with him taking the House floor when there are rarely days they are in session.

Tuesday, 05 Feb 2013 10:10 PM
By Todd Beamon

...“If somebody’s going to require a certification of the border being safe, (click here) I know, personally, Louie Gohmert would not trust Janet Napolitano because she doesn’t even have a clue,” the Republican congressman told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV. “I wouldn’t expect her to have a clue, since she doesn’t even have a clue here....

Certification. Now the brilliant mind of Gohmert wants a certification of the USA border security. Well, if Mr. Gohmert doesn't consider Secretary Napolitano qualified to certify the security of BOTH USA borders, than whom would Mr. Gohmert hire to certify it then? The USA military? Maybe the military could certify the borders are secure. Maybe the CIA or the FBI could certify the USA Borders are certified.

The latest revelation from the brilliant Gohmert mind is that President Obama should not take trips now at the cost of the government. I suppose next President Obama shouldn't have Secret Service either because of the Republicans Sequester.

When is Mr. Gohmert going to put his brilliant mind to work actually solving the economic problems of the country, including, entertaining the idea of breaking up the banks? Never? If Mr. Gohmert's only responsibility is drumming up political rhetoric we can start cutting the budget by cutting his district from the map. Sound like a plan? We'll even let them secede. No problem. The less violence within the borders of the USA, the better.

Posted at 02:57 PM ET, 07/20/2012

Texas Rep. Gohmert on Aurora shooting: We’ve told God ‘we don’t want him around’ (click here)

In response to the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo., that left 12 dead and dozens wounded, Texas Rep.
Louie Gohmert told the 
Is took Liveshow Friday that he believed that the country’s move away from its “Judeo-Christian beliefs” was responsible for God withdrawing his “protective hand” from the country....

Evidently, attending a Bat Man Film is religious blasphemy. And he oppose the Sharia Law legislation before every state in the nation, now?

Mr. Gohmert is a member of the Bible Study Group in the House and states it is the joy of his week in DC. I want to know how many study groups he attended before being elected to the USA House? How many Bible Studies did he lead? How many Sunday's did he preach and how many converts has he added to his devotions?

Never mind, he leaves all the messy stuff affiliated with religion to someone else far more qualified.

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) joined (click here) the fervently anti-gayanti-Latino pastor Rick Scarborough of Vision America for his “40 Days to Save America” conference call today, and delivered a somber message to participants about how America is on the verge of collapse if their prayer efforts to shift the election don’t work. “The truth is if you look at great nations, great civilizations, great powers throughout recorded history, when they’ve passed some of the milestones we have as a nation, that was the sign that they were toward the end of their existence,” Gohmert said. He stated that “the only reason I continue to run for Congress is because I still have hope" as he urged Americans to “follow the rule book as to what blesses a nation” and join Scarborough’s prayer initiative.

Mr. Scarborough is quite the guy, at least as enlightened as Gohmert. The KKK never had a better friend. A nitch I am sure the country has ignored to demoralization.

...In 1996 he published (click here) the widely acclaimed 252-page book appropriately entitled, Enough is Enough; a Call to Christian Involvement.  In 2008 he published an update edition of Enough is Enough.   Other published works include, Mixing Church and State God’s Way and It All Depends on What Is…Is. In 2007 he published Liberalism Kills Kids and contributed two chapters to Judicial Tyranny, along with such noted authors as James Dobson, former US Attorney General Edwin Meece, and Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore....

Racist? Is there a question about these men? The GOP actually expects to turn their reputations into gold with minorities with men like these in their ranks? Seriously.

...Now we are witnessing (click here) more babies being born out of wedlock than in wedlock, leading to escalating social problems. That brings us back to this latest revelation on the growing influence of minorities in America. The sad reality is that more non-white families will also mean an America with more fatherless families.

The increasing polarization of the races is an additional cause for concern. Politicians and self-styled community leaders urge blacks and Hispanics to see themselves as members of a race first and foremost, and not as Americans or Christians....

So any recommendations coming for the Gohmert-like people and organizations can't be taken seriously so much as racist. 
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