Saturday, December 01, 2012

Test as soon as possible if there is suspicion of exposed.

Confidential testing can occur at any public health clinic. Physicans are required to maintain confidentiality.

The point is the sooner a person is tested, the sooner they can begin a treatment that might very well prevent transmission. 

Don't wait! Don't live with denial! TEST!

What HIV test is used during the window period?

The plasma HIV RNA test (also called a viral load test) (click here) can detect HIV in a person’s blood within 9 days of infection, before the body develops detectable HIV antibodies. he plasma HIV RNA test is recommended when recent infection is very likely—for example, soon after a person has 
had unprotected sex with a partner infected with HIV. 

Detecting HIV at the earliest stage of infection lets people take steps right away to prevent transmission of HIV. (See the Preventing Transmission of HIV fact sheet.) his is important because immediately after infection the amount of HIV in the body is very high, increasing the risk of 
transmission of HIV. Starting treatment at this earliest stage of infection also can be considered....

McConnell's use of the filibuster is abuse. It is unethical use of the power of the Senate.

The history of the filibuster, in one graph (click here)'

I don't know why McConnell's abuse of power as an ethical violation hasn't been invoked.

...The issue today isn’t that we see 50, or 100, or 150 filibusters. It’s that the filibuster is a constant where it used to be a rarity. Indeed, it shouldn’t even be called “the filibuster”: It has nothing to do with talking, or holding the floor. It should be called the 60-vote requirement....

The abuse of power by McConnell is extremely obvious. His use of the filibuster is a change in the word majority. Majority is 50% plus one. The abuse of the filibuster has resulted in a 60 majority vote.

Mr. McConnell is carrying out a single person coupe of the US Constitution. Since when does does the USA tolerate a coupe in any form?

Why is this an abuse of power? Because the filibuster was once a rarity. Being a rarity it means far less than a 50% occurrence. Mr. McConnell has taken a rarity and used it to cripple the USA. His use of the filibuster has gone well over 50% as a majority of the procedures the Senate now carries out. He is in violation of ethical use of the filibuster. When is he going to be held responsible for his unethical use of Senate procedure. When does respect for a fellow Senator, majority leader or not, cross over into abuse? When a Senator enters into unethical standards it needs to be litigated.

Crippling the nation is a matter of national security. The people spoke very loudly this year to their desire to move the nation forward. When are the people going to receive respect rather than a fellow Senator?

"Reparative Therapy" - There is a market for it.

Christine Sun, (click here) right, of the Southern Poverty Law Center, talks with Michael Ferguson, center, and his partner, Seth Anderson, Tuesday in New York. Ferguson is one of four gay men accusing a New Jersey organization of selling "conversion therapy" services.(Richard Drew, The Associated Press)

Psychiatry lends itself to social trends. When women were Stepford wives the practice of psychiatry would treat women for anxiety to their social standing. The list is long and undistinguished and includes children. Other than gay children, the most recent accusation includes higher number of boys receiving ADHD medications. 

The 'reasoning/theory' behind many of these measures is that we all have to 'belong' somewhere and when society does not allow a place for people then it is their 'role' to provide therapy to allow that to happen. At no point in time was the practice of psychiatry suppose to cause Demonstrations for Sufferage, etc. The role of psychiatry has traditionally been to treat people into passively accepting 'their role' in a society that provides for their life.

Psychiatry treats the individual finding themselves in need of belonging. Social acceptance. What can occur by today's standards is empowerment for a person to be an individual while finding a 'nitch' and finding a way of life. I like to think of this new 'place' for an individual as "Open Mike Night." While working 'a job' a person can self-nurture to provide a satisfying place for themselves. Much of this is due to connecting people through the internet. People find each other when they never could before in decades past.

As any rate, that sets an understanding of why Reparative Therapy exists. There is a market for it. Christians in many circles believe homosexuality is the death of their soul. And, of course, that is a desperate idea because a person can die at any moment for one reason or another and their 'forever soul' needs to be ready for that very instance.

When one places their soul before their genetic material there is a market for Reparative Therapy. The argument the 'practioners' will make is that Freedom of Religion provides for a Christian parent to bring their children to therapy to save their souls. That 'idea' has already been tried and failed with parents that refuse medical treatment for their children due to religious bias. There is no room for the argument a religion has the right to determine death of their members. 

Jones' Kool-aid spoke to that loudly. 

But, to realize this form of therapy causes a great deal of emotional pain and has been known to cause suicide there is no way this is therapy for a child. The idea of confronting emotional pain as a choice is an adult concept and not one for a child to have imposed on them.

People made a lot of money being Reparative Therapists. Those same people will be held accountable for their practice. They don't want to lose their income nor their fortunes so there will be all kinds of court challenges to prolong the reality this was a very bad idea which offered nothing in the way of sincere therapy.

The failure and removal of DADT began a the much needed landside of acceptance of 'the rest of our citizens' in the USA. I much rather the idea of a Gay Man serving in the military than one that is ? changed ? because of a bizarre therapy that is not based in genetic reality. I don't want to know the distress Gay Men and Lesbian Women have gone through in order to serve their country over their own sexual satisfaction. It is a bizarre concept and one that lends itself to higher stress levels in people needing to be valued for their talents and social contributions and not their innate identity. 

Reparative Therapy sincerely has no place in the country, but, it will exist. Make no mistake it will continue to exist for the sake of religious choice alone. But, to have children exposed to it is outrageous.

Unionize. There is a model that works.

A rally at a McDonald’s near Times Square on Thursday. Organizers said 200 fast-food workers went on strike in New York City.


The labor force of UPS is unionized. The pay is 'scaled' to reward longevity.

Unionizing will protect the employed. When employees 'stick together' to achieve a living wage it will work. Every fast food employer will benefit from a 'scaled wage' that ultimately provides a living wage of experienced and dedicated workers. 

One of the reasons fast food workers are so poorly paid is because of a high turnover rate and the need to train new employees all the time. Training is considered non-productive hours and adds to the company's expenses. When workers are paid wages that provide a living the repeated training of new people is unnecessary. That increase in profit from longevity of their workers actually belongs to the employees as an incentive to continue production of a good product and good service to the public.

As far as I am concerned, there is a CEO syndrome that is an 'us and them' ideology. It can be noted everywhere and why so much outsourcing goes on. CEOs prefer to think of their ? casual ? employees as disposable and easy to come by. They don't really make the connection to their employees as a means to their profit. It is a way of depersonalizing the employee to think of them as 'human resources' and not 'personnel.' I never considered myself a resource so much as a person offering excellent service to my employer. That does not mean the employer will change their treatment of an employee, but, it does create an ownership of the services with the person that provides a 'line in the sand' to mistreatment. That can interpret into a picket line if the abuse is systemic.

One has to ask if the services provided by outsourcing actually provides better service? No. It provides cheap labor. Outsourcing victimizes the customer whom does not have a choice to their outcome. CEOs are very competent at taking customers as hostages to their profit margin. I did say 'margin.' A company is suppose to have expenses and the 'margin' left over is their profit. Weaseling profits from mistreatment of customers and employees should never be tolerated.

Fast food workers cannot be oursourced. Organizing as unions will work. It is not a simple accomplishment because CEOs always want to stop expenses to their profit margins. Profit margins are important, but, so are employees providing excellent service consistent with the goals of profit to stockholders.