Friday, November 16, 2012

McConnell has no intention to do the right thing for the country.

McConnell stated outside the White House today, "I realize the country is not safe,..." (referring to the urgency of the fiscal needs of the country). 

Safe? Safe? The country is not safe from McConnell, that is what the country is not safe from.

5:48 PM, Nov 16, 2012
 WASHINGTON — Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (click here) certainly doesn’t sound combative when the name of Ashley Judd comes up.
“She’s great. Love her movies,” the Kentucky Republican said in an interview, smiling broadly.
That is all he’ll say about the actress and activist whom some Kentucky Democrats are hoping will run for Senate against him in 2014. Judd has not ruled out the idea.
But McConnell also has a warning for any Democrat wanting to take him on: He will try to tie “Barack Obama around their neck,” the senator said Thursday in an interview with The Courier-Journal at his U.S. Capitol office....

The needs of the country will be overshadowed by the Senate Minority Leader's agenda for his campaign. Currently, the only issue McConnell is running on are threats to oppress the Democrats if they try to challenge his Senate seat. That isn't really a pressing issue for the country, is it?

The only thing that will move McConnell from his obstructionist agenda is a candidate to oppose them sincerely willing to do the work of the country and not simply rest on his/her laurels watching the clock tick to the next Senate Filibuster. Mr. McConnell needs something to run on. I think the Democrats need to give it to him.

Between amusement rides and hero tributes our wounded veterans are simply not safe.

This combination of undated family photos provided by the Show of Support, Hunt for Heroes committee show, from left: Sgt. Maj. Gary Stouffer, 37; Sgt. Maj. Lawrence Boivin, 47; Army Sgt. Joshua Michael, 34, and Sgt. Maj. William Lubbers, 43, four veterans killed when a parade float they were riding on was struck by a freight train at a crossing Thursday, Nov. 15, 2012, in Midland, Texas. Photo: Courtesy Show Of Support / AP

They were run over by a train. No one checked to find out if there were trains expected along the parade route? It should never have been a surprise. What a nightmare.

Updated: November 16, 2012 6:19pm

JUAN CARLOS LLORCA, Associated Press

MIDLAND, Texas (AP) — Cheered on by a flag-waving crowd, a parade float filled with wounded veterans and their spouses was inching across a railroad track when the crossing gates began to lower and a freight train that seemed to come out of nowhere was suddenly bearing down on them, its horn blaring.
Some of those seated on the float jumped off in wide-eyed terror just moments before the train — traveling at more than 60 mph — crashed into the flatbed truck with a low whoosh and a thunderous crack.
Four veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan — including an Army sergeant who apparently sacrificed his life to save his wife — were killed Thursday afternoon and 16 people were injured in a scene of both tragedy and heroism....

It is time the US Navy build the next bulk head for yet another explosion off Louisiana.

Where are the inspectors? How did this happen yet again?

There needs to be a requirement for a stand-by bulk head for every well along the seacoast of the USA. It just needs to be. This is ridiculous and there are two missing. 

That is what happened at the Deepwater Horizon. The missing were searched for until it was hopeless to continue to search. I don't care if this is not an exploratory platform, to state the obvious of the parallels is nonsense.

Coast Guard: 4 injured, 2 missing after explosion on oil platform off coast of Louisiana (click here)

Updated at 11:03 AM today
At least four people have been injured in a fire at an oil drilling platform off the coast of Louisiana, and two workers are reported missing.
There was some sort of explosion at a Black Elk Energy Company oil and natural gas platform 20 nautical miles southeast of Grand Isle, LA. It is not clear if it is still burning.
Carlos Vega, a Coast Guard spokesperson, says four people on board were airlifted for medical treatment. A spokesperson for West Jefferson Medical Center said three patients are listed in critical condition and the fourth is being evaluated. More patients are expected as well.
Two others are missing, and may have gone overboard, but they have not been confirmed as dead at this time, Vega adds.
Petty Officer 3rd Class Jonathan Lally, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, says two helicopters, an airplane and small boats were sent to the area. He did not know if the fire caused by the explosion had been put out yet....

At some point the detractors of the President need to apologize.

Discussing the semantics of language with the public isn't an issue. The language used by the best of our government was correct and was to let the public know in the USA and throughout the international community they were taking care of business.

Terrorist Attack was inflammatory at a time when civilian populations were reacting to a video in the Middle East. It was completely obvious Secretary Clinton was knowledgeable of the circumstances in Benghazi. She was the first to say this was a planned attack. It is not about what the USA knew. Obviously, the USA knew what had occurred.

The dialogue of labeling it a terrorist attack would be unhelpful to what was occurring across the region and could cause increased danger to USA consulates.

9:29AM EST November 16. 2012
WASHINGTON — Former CIA director David Petraeus (click here) testified Friday to House lawmakers investigating the Sept.11 attack in Benghazi that killed four Americans, including ambassador Chris Stevens.
Susan Phelan, spokeswoman for the House Intelligence Committee, told reporters waiting outside the secure underground briefing room that Petraeus is due to testify before the Senate Intelligence later this morning....

Clarity of public discourse during an emergency when it involves the safety of our consulates is irrelevant. The Senate is not the Executive Branch and the House is not the Senate or the Executive Branch. They cannot impose their will on the freedom of speech of the Executive Branch when it is carrying out the business of the nation. 

Clarity of language is a political agenda and has absolutely nothing to do with the functioning of the Executive Branch. 

Those stating in defense of their own political agenda regarding Benghazi, minimally, owes the President, Secretary Clinton and Ambassador Rice an apology for imposing faux values to their actions

The politicization of the Benghazi deaths is "W"rong. 

End of discussion.

There is no legitimacy to Romney's statements to wealthy patrons. All his statements demoralize the American people.

Does everyone understand what 'demoralize' means? It means it takes the definition of the political discourse and uses 'authority statements' to achieve a change in that dialogue. Demoralizing a nation's dialogue about its circumstances only 'kicks the can down the road.'

Mr. Romney was stuck on his rhetoric and his wrongful economic values and simply continued them with his wealthy supports. I sincerely think he is going to start up his own Bain Group with a political intent. He may or may not change his 'end product' to reflect a kinder economic outcome to the Middle Class, but, the methodology will never change. He can't change it. It is a proven method which results in high income to its initial investors. Romney's past performance is example of that. His past performance proves he is a vulture capitalist and NOT a venture capitalist. 

As much as the Texas Governor Rick Perry was ridiculed in his dialogue about Mr. Romney, he was correct. Rick Perry leads projects with investors all the time in Texas. Whether one consents to those projects or not is not what this is about. Perry knows when an investment is about building a future or destroying it for the purpose of monetary exploitation. He is inarticulate about his knowledge, but, he was correct. Romney never built anything that didn't hurt the long term economic outcome of Americans.

Examples: The steel plant was drained of its value and those monies went directly into the pockets of investors that facilitated the purchase of the steel plant in the first place. Staples, Sports Authority were created out of remnants of American manufacturing. All the suppliers that went out of business to the sports marketing storefronts, the office marketing storefronts were replaced with cheaper alternatives from import sources. Then the store fronts were staffed with cheap labor. Big Box stores are known destroyers of the American economic 'strength.'

The fact of the matter is this. I did say FACT. The Republican policies of the past forty years have created a vast array of poverty in the USA.

We know for a fact, subsistence economic status of any American does not lead to growth. The larger the numbers of 'subsistence Americans' the less economic growth will occur. Why? Because Subsistence Americans purchase specific items with their income. They do not expand their purchases of new technology unless it extends the limited dollars available to them. 

A country will always have some degree of poverty because there is a populous of people unable (that was unable) to improve their circumstances, but, if that poverty grows an economic tragedy will occur and the economy will contract. It is why Wall Street consents and rewards the idea of an American having two, three or four jobs. No benefits, part time income from some jobs, but at least it expands the 'disposable' income to purchase their products / trends / gimmicks / faux economic values, etc. Call it what you want but Romney's Wall Street values is not about quality of life, it is about putting 'some money' into the hands of those that can provide profits to companies. 

The United States of America is demoralized of its Middle Class values. The destruction of the American Dream was the last frontier. The Bubble and Bust economy of the Republicans is the problem.

The future is about rebuilding sustainable jobs through new technology and returning benevolent values to the outcomes of our economy. Part of a sustainable economy is about returning 'moral content' to the goals of the people and not simply 'an income.' Moral content means people are hired into or builds an enterprise that will sustain the values of the society. 

The younger generations are correct in their values for what they want for their country. They have the most invested in the longevity of the economic outcome of the USA. They were born into the imploding economic strategies, witnessed its disastrous outcomes and knows, almost through instinct, what is best and what is not. The impoverishment of the youngest employable generation in the USA knows what happened to them and why. In the majority, their values are trustworthy to their own outcomes.