Saturday, January 11, 2014

How can anyone vote for these people? They only care about money. They have no regard for human life.

This bill, passed the same day as the West Virginia drinking water contamination, would remove the federal oversight authority of the EPA. That is outrageous. Without oversight States could place lives in danger.

...The bill (click here) also would require EPA to report to the Congress any financial responsibility requirements it intends to establish under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act. Finally, H.R. 2279 would require certain facilities holding flammable or explosive materials to report on those holdings to state and local officials....

US House passed bill ravaging toxic-waste law - on same day as W. Virginia chemical spill (click here)

Published time: January 11, 2014 02:50
As West Virginians were learning Thursday of a devastating chemical spill in the Elk River that has rendered water undrinkable for 300,000 people, the US House of Representatives was busy gutting federal hazardous-waste cleanup law.
The House passed the Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act that would ultimately eliminate requirements for the Environmental Protection Agency to review and update hazardous-waste disposal regulations in a timely manner, and make it more difficult for the government to compel companies that deal with toxic substances to carry proper insurance for cleanups, pushing the cost on to taxpayers.
In addition, the bill would result in slower response time in the case of a disaster, requiring increased consultation with states before the federal government calls for cleanup of Superfund sites - where hazardous waste could affect people and the environment.
The bill amends both the Solid Waste Disposal Act and the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act - often referred to as Superfund, which was created in 1980 to hold polluter industries accountable for funding the cleanup of hazardous-waste sites.
There are over 1,300 priority Superfund sites in the US...
This is the propaganda Right Wing pumps out as if they actually care about people and then they are indulged by media.
10 January 2014
By Gant team
WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson, PA-5, (click here) has voted to support H.R. 2279, the Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act, which passed the House by a vote of 225 to 188....
...“Passage of H.R. 2279 will protect businesses and local municipalities from expensive and duplicative federal hazardous substance cleanup requirements, which stands to help the 17 Superfund sites in Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District,” stated Thompson.
“Additionally, these reforms will prevent EPA regulations, which the agency admits are overly burdensome and costly, from preempting state requirements pertaining to hazardous substances.”...
This is the Fifth District of Pennsylvania. It has the largest square miles foot print in the state.

There is plenty of petroleum money to re-elect Thompson, but, there would be more residents interested in clear water if a Democrat would carry out a door to door campaign.

Pennsylvania alone confirmed 106 instances of pollution out of 5,000 new wells drilled since 2005. (click here)

...Norma Fiorentino’s drink­ing water well was a time bomb. (click here) For weeks, work­ers in her small north­east­ern Penn­syl­va­nia town had been plumb­ing nat­ural gas deposits from a drilling rig a few hun­dred yards away. They cracked the earth and pumped in flu­ids to force the gas out. Some­how, stray gas worked into tiny crevasses in the rock, leak­ing upward into the aquifer and slip­ping qui­etly into Fiorentino’s well. Then, accord­ing to the state’s work­ing the­ory, a motor­ized pump turned on in her well house, flicked a spark and caused a New Year’s morn­ing blast that tossed aside a con­crete slab weigh­ing sev­eral thou­sand pounds.
Fiorentino wasn’t home at the time, so it’s dif­fi­cult to know exactly what hap­pened. But after­ward, state offi­cials found methane, the largest com­po­nent of nat­ural gas, in her drink­ing water. If the fumes that built up in her well house had col­lected in her base­ment, the explo­sion could have killed her....
Not far from Pennsylvania's Fifth District is Youngstown, Ohio.
Youngstown, Ohio, January 8, 2014 (click here) - The Youngstown, Ohio area is a community that experienced what residents and scientists now know was at least 109 earthquakes in a place where there had been no previously recorded quakes.The multiple Youngstown earthquakes included the now-famous 4.0 magnitude 2011 fracking waste injection well – related quake.
Concerned citizens of Frackfree America National Coalition, based in Youngstown, and Frackfree Mahoning Valley have been following events in earthquake-rocked Azle, Texas and earthquake swarms in Oklahoma, where some reputable scientists suspect that the largest quake, a 5.6 magnitude in Prague, Oklahoma, is linked to injection well operations....
There are Congressmen and Governors across the USA that wants to eliminate the federal authority to protect citizens. If the 5th District of Pennsylvania is a clear example of the type of person elected, it should far easier than one realizes to place Democrats into those offices. The larger land area gives it away. Where would petroleum political donations reap the most profit? 

Israel and the world has lost a great hero.

His son Gilad said: "He has gone. He went when he decided to go."

Shlomo Noy, of the medical centre, told reporters that Sharon had "struggled with surprising strength and determination" against multiple medical complications since his stroke. "Today he departed peacefully with his family by his side."...
He had enormous influence on Israel's path. He shaped it's security and it's future. He was a peace maker and rather under appreciated by those that should be most grateful to him.