Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May Day in New York

On the screen is the New York Taxi Cab Alliance. (click here) (You Stream Mobile Live)

"Occupy Oakland Real Coverage" (click here)

"An entire generation unemployed."

The USA military men and women are members of the 99%, too.

The American military has always been considered with esteem, but, they were never as well paid, compensated or honored until this war and due to the voice of the Peace Movement. It was due to the protesting, the voice of injustice in how the poor and Middle Class serve this country with blood and treasure; that the previous Executive Branch had to change the way our military found compensation on every venue of life to maintain their own increment of dignity to war in Iraq. The Peace Movement did that. If we failed to take a stand our children would still be used instead of valued.

It would seem everything strategic in Afghanistan happens in the dark.

KABUL (Reuters) – U.S. President Barack Obama (click here) and Afghan President Karzai  on Wednesday signed a strategic partnership accord that charts the future of U.S.-Afghan relations beyond the end of the NATO combat mission in the country.

Obama, on an unannounced visit to Kabul, acknowledged that there will be difficult days ahead for Afghanistan, but said the Afghan people were taking control of their own future.
“The wages of war have been great for both our nations,” Obama said, adding that he looked forward to a future of peace….

A very strategic meeting where signatures were exchanged on the future of Afghan - USA relations took place today on the anniversary of the death of al Qaeda's leader.  I congratulate both President Karzai and President Obama. Great danger surrounds such bravery and to realize President Karzai is leading the government the USA supports and makes this country his home is testament to the dedication he has to the outcome of peace. Very serious event, indeed.

Occupy May Day

Around 50 activists (click here) have occupied parts of the London Stock Exchange and Paternoster square as part of May Day protests in London.
Members of the Occupy movement and Anonymous – better known for its online hacking activities – have also erected a number of tents inside the square which is privately owned and the subject of a previous court injunction banning occupation protests.
The central monument in the square was turned into a Maypole and a tent was foisted on top of it. Also hung fromthe LSE entrance was bannerreading: "A line of tents guards our futures."...

By Kristen Leigh Painter
The Denver Post
Posted:   05/01/2012 12:06:09 PM MDT
Updated:   05/01/2012 12:14:33 PM MDT

Spring is beckoning the Occupy Wall Street movement (click here) — including Occupy Denver — out of its winter hibernation, and is marking its May Day awakening with a nationwide, solidarity march designed as a "general protest."
While May Day's history is a mixture of disparate world events and traditions, today's Occupy marches are playing off of May 1st role as International Workers' Day. A coalition of Occupiers, labor rights groups, and immigrant groups has formed to highlight their common goals and reignite enthusiasm for the Occupy Wall Street movement.
Occupy Denver's organizers have come out of the woodwork to plan today's march, teach-ins, live performances, and trading stations. They will begin at Civic Center Park and weave their way through the downtown business district before returning to the park. According to the website, they hope to peacefully "occupy until dusk."...

Wisconsin State Journal
Posted: Tuesday, May 1, 2012 8:45 am

Members of the Occupy Madison encampment have until noon Tuesday (click here) to leave the site on East Washington Avenue they have called home for months after a judge on Monday denied a temporary restraining order that would have prevented city officials from removing them.
Dane County Circuit Judge Amy Smith said Occupy Madison and three of its members who filed a lawsuit Friday against city officials had not met their burden of proof to show that their constitutional rights of expression and assembly would be violated and they would suffer significant harm by having to vacate the city-owned vacant parking lot in the 800 block of East Washington Avenue.
"It's a blow," Daniel Callahan, one of the Occupy members who filed the suit, said after the ruling.
City officials said they expect an orderly turnover at the site, where Occupy members will have until noon Tuesday to remove the hoop-house structures that have served as temporary shelters....

Occupy Oakland activists kick off May Day general strike and protests (click here)

...Around 9 this morning Occupiers began gathering at three main sites around Oakland—Snow Park, Frank Ogawa Plaza and in front of Child Protective Services at 4th and Broadway—but many soon dispersed to participate in a number of marches planned for the day. According to a bulletin released by the City Administrator’s Office this morning, some of the rallies and marches planned for today include the March for Dignity and Resistance/ Decolonize Oakland that will begin at 3 pm at Fruitvale Plaza and march to San Antonio Park, a demonstration by the California Nurses Association at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center on Hawthorne Avenue, and several marches that will use Frank Ogawa Plaza as their endpoint throughout the day. As of 10:45 am, several small marches are also ongoing in the downtown area....

Congratulations to the City of New York.

But, also. The man that coveted the destruction of the World Trade Towers is dead. Bin Laden masterminded the attacks on the World Trade Towers and he is no longer able to do that. He cannot find more and inventive ways to facilitate attacks on innocent citizens beyond what has already been conceived. Don't tell me his death is meaningless, that would be a lie, a huge lie.  Bin Laden's death is no more an iconic death than was Hilter's.  We are not engaged in a psychological thriller, there are thousands of people dead and bin Laden was its leader. His death means a lot more than simply a psychological victory for political purposes. 

I congratulate President Obama for never losing focus on what sincerely mattered in this war for protecting the civilized world. All of us need to be grateful.