Saturday, February 02, 2013

I could watch FOX News 24/7 and have to rewrite every aspect of the news they enter in visual media.

Every aspect of the information FOX puts in the media is contorted to fit some kind of political agenda. They entangle the political system in the reporting as if there is something the government can do to jump to attention to meet their demands. Their potency is so incredible they literally have Right Wing politicians on puppet strings to the point where Senate Committees include unsubstantiated questions from Senators and fantasized statements from witnesses. 

Our judicial system, of which Committee Proceedings are a part of as a place where problems of the country are adjudicated in hearings to write legislation to become law, now includes a dreamscape to suit Rupert Murdoch's ideology.

When is that going to be dealt with in a way our democracy is no longer diluted by manipulation?

Turkey bomber vs Benghazi militia are separate events.

One attack is NOT a wave of attacks.

Why was the White House able to say the Turkey bomber was a terrorist attack differently than from Benghazi? 

You've got to be joking. That is intelligent commentary? Give me a break.

There is no comparison in the infrastructure between Libya and Turkey. So any analysis that involves comparison of these incidents and their reporting is idiocy. But. No one ever accused FOX News of being anything else.

There is no global war by Islamic Jihadist. They are all separate events. Each nation has to effectively deal with their own extremists. We didn't do squat about McVeigh before it was too late. But, Islamophobes at FOX see no comparison between McVeigh's anger with the USA and that of angry Muslim men. They blow up stuff as inspired by their own tainted morality. It is up to the sovereign nation involved to secure citizens from violence. End of discussion.

If the talking heads at FOX can't do better than that, they don't need to speak to the issue at all, because, it does more social damage than it ever does any good. It is all propaganda and the FCC needs to eliminate the dialogue that is abusing our freedom and diluting our democracy.
Barney, you will be missed. He lived a charmed life and brought joy to the nation's children.

Barney Home Page (click here)

(to left) Barney and Miss Beazley follow President George W. Bush along the West Wing Colonnade Wednesday, July 23, 2008, on the way back to the Oval Office at the White House. White House photo by Joyce Boghosian

(to right) First Lady Laura Bush with Barney, Miss Beazley and the family cat Willie, nicknamed “Kitty,” Friday, Dec. 1, 2006, next to the White House Christmas Tree in the Blue Room.

Gayle Trotter of the Independent Women's Forum is a fraud and endangers children's lives.

There is media bias on FOX regarding the Senate hearings regarding gun control. Of all of the talking heads is Judy Miller, the champion of freedom.

Gayle Trotter supplied fanciful scenarios to a Senate panel where she was giving testimony. Her imagineering is irrelevant to REALITY.

FOX News is using talking heads to elevate fantasy and manipulation in front of a USA Senate Panel into some kind of authority those viewing their show should respect. In doing so, the panels of the FOX talking heads bring themselves down to the level of endorsing lies and deconstruction of our democracy.

Testimony to a USA Senate Committee is suppose to be truthful to facilitate legislation that is meaningful to the country. FOX News talking head panels are uncommitted to promoting the truth and benevolence to the country. The FCC is not doing their job in protecting the American people from propaganda.

I also believe the families of the victims of Sandy Hook are above reproach in their opinions. No one should be attacking them for their points of view. 

The case for regulation and a return to the assault weapons ban is based in the fact current regulation does not work. It is what gives Congress their authority in legislating for more regulation.

The laws don't work for whatever reason they don't work, including the fact violence has outpaced the ability of law enforcement. So, the idea applying the same laws over and over again, is a false sense of understanding of the reach of government control to protect citizens.

I know all the arguments, including, by not enforcing the laws has precipitated in the need for more and tighter regulation so why isn't it enforced first. It even appears as though they were not enforced on purpose so there is a return to regulation. That is nonsense. States across this nation did not open an email account to establish a conspiracy against gun ownership. The gun industry and hunting is a part of the economy of the USA. There are many reasons to hope the industry is self-regulating to protect the public, but, it fails.

The fact there is widespread inability to enforce the current laws on the books embodies all the proof necessary to realize the laws are not working. There is no reason to continue down a failed path. Fifty states are unable to enforce the laws, that is PROOF. There is no conspiracy, there is no undermining of the gun industry and they have proven to be unable to self regulate. Gun shops will sell so long as they can get a background check and evidently they sell them without or with fraudulent background checks. If the gun shops were not failing in carrying out their responsibility there would not be the need for prosecution of fraud in the first place. I can easily see gun salespersons facilitating sales regardless of fraud knowing there will be no prosecution. Why not run the fraud out of control and negate the purpose of the law at will? End of discussion.

If the gun industry cannot or will not self regulate and cannot or will not enforce background checks and crimes of fraud are committed at the time of the guns sales, then the type of guns being sold in the USA have to be regulated. There is no other choice. They can't be sold here safely.

If FOX News can't be SELF REGULATING in their content to provide nothing but propaganda then the FCC needs to act to protect the public.

The potency of the power of the FOX News propaganda was evident in the Senate hearing on Benghazi when Secretary Clinton was asked questions TRACEABLE back to FOX and BECK. Now, what is it going to take to have the FCC realize how bizarre the propaganda has become to dictate, THROUGH POLITICAL power in the electorate, completely irrelevant questions as is reflected in Senate hearings? That is corruption and abuse of our freedom and dilution of our democracy. The FCC has a responsibility to the people of this nation. It is not suppose to be a free for all in the media. We aren't Cold War Russia being forced to live with mind speak and lies!

What else is new?

..."Murderer America! (click here) You will not run away from people's rage," the statement on "The People's Cry" website said, next to a picture of Sanli wearing a black beret and military-style clothes and with an explosives belt around his waist....

It sounds like some friends in the USA actually. Thank you, military. We have such an unnoticeable presence in the world.

The DHKP/C (click here) (Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front) is a Marxist, anti-Western splinter group of the Turkish terrorist group Devrimci Sol (Dev Sol). Dev Sol originated as a splinter group of Devrimci Yol (Dev Yol) which was itself a splinter group of the Turkish People's Liberation Party-Front (THKP/C). The THKP/C was an offshoot of the broader Revolutionary Youth movement (Dev Genc) within Turkey. 
If someone like Bobby Jindal were ever elected president of the USA, women won't be complaining about the lack of abortion clinics, they would be complaining about the lack of medical clinics. 

Just that simple. 

No social conscience. The relationship between voter and legislator is strictly based in church and business. There is no social conscience. And the citizens of these states don't realize that three quarter of what occurs as benevolence comes from the rest of the nation.

Jindal's Louisiana has the highest oil production after Texas along with the highest levels of poverty lacking health insurance.

There is no social moral conscience in Louisiana. There is no other way to say it.

The Governor has some of the most intricate bureaucracy when it comes to supporting the petroleum industry, but, could not care less if that bureaucracy translates into income to the people of the state.

Many of the WORKING poor in Louisiana work for the petroleum industry as 'small business owners' called independent contractors so the oil companies don't have to offer salary and benefits. The petroleum industry have run their game on Louisiana and people are so desperate for a way of life they have dedicated their state government to support the industry itself.

The latest bureaucracy uptick by Jindal and his legislature is noted in the article below.

By most measures, (click here) the state and the waters off its coast rank first or second, behind Texas, in the amount of oil and gas produced and transported around the nation for use as gasoline, heating oil and other vital products.

Bobby Jindal as President? Ain't no way, the USA will be a wasteland to the petroleum industry. If Jindal were to become President of the USA, the people of Louisiana would no longer have Medicaid, hence no health care.

If it weren't for the people of the USA, Louisiana would have no conscience at all when it comes to the well being of their citizens, a majority are minorities. Now, I ask you, when is Louisiana going to start to tax oil companies taking oil out of the land that belongs to the people to pay their OWN Medicaid bills? Never? The petroleum industry in the USA are making record setting profits and they will never pay taxes to pay the bills of the citizens whom the land belongs? Louisiana should be swimming in wealth and well being and they are among the most impoverished state in the nation.

The article above illustrates a new category of bureaucracy concerning itself with returning the same level of oil production as before the Deepwater Horizon disaster. The people of Louisiana are more scared of the petroleum industry leaving and losing drilling holes than they are about their own clean beaches and the return of shrimp beds. 

That is a sick society. They can't see the forest for the trees. They sold their very souls to the petroleum industry and it shows. 

Why does anyone believe the failure of the economics along the Gulf Coast after the Deepwater Horizon was immediately transferred to President Obama? Because people did not see in the disaster, including increased levels of cancer, destruction of their fishing industry and loss of tourism, as their own conscience. They saw the only money they have coming into the house disappearing? They had to blame someone, so they blamed Obama as a 'wet behind the ears, President.' They couldn't blame the petroleum industry, they are their saviors.

Louisiana has become emotionally removed from dirty water. They have oil spills there all the time, especially in their ports. So the idea there are increased cancer rates among them is a given, buy hey, "It's a livin'."

The people working in the areas of oil contamination have become immune to the presence of it in their water. After all it is even perrty lookin'.

There is absolutely no reason for Louisiana to need so much federal support if they would tax the industry causing all the disease and destruction in their state and with their people. They don't tax because they are scared they will lose the industry. Just that simple. The petroleum industry walks all over the people of Louisiana and the legislature and governor have no social conscience regarding it, they welcome it.

When I saw Governor Christi and his compassion for the people of New Jersey along side of President Obama I knew I was witnessing a man sincerely in government for the people. He had 'no mercy' when getting the help the state needed and it wasn't because of an oil spill. Governor Christi is a new way of walking and talking for the Republican Party. They should pay attention. I like him. I like him a lot.

I didn't know Ted Cruz was a Hispanic.

I suppose it is obvious to some, but, I was looking at what he was saying about issues and problems. He is still an Islamophobe. He doesn't and shouldn't get a pass on that. I am not proud of him for being so bigoted. He needs to get real. Seriously.

I would think he, especially, would be more sensitive to it. What did he do take a victory lap around the Saddam statue?