Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I cannot believe after all this time Condolessa Rice has not come to terms with her own lies. She is still lying.

Maybe she believes she is lying just a little bit, so its not really a lie.


The woman is diluted by her own importance.  And talk about tone.  The tone of that administration was not only horrible, it still lingers today as if sincerely civilized.

The lie of WMD according to Rice was not a lie because they sincerely were led to believe Saddam was RE-arming his weapons of mass destruction accompanied by technology that would cause the USA warm.

Where the hell does that come from?

There was NO credible intelligence that said there was ANY capacity of the Saddam government hidden under the sands of Iraq that the United Nations inspectors COULD NOT FIND and that the seals on any stores of any type of weapons were distrubed.  If ANYTHING there was GROSS proof to JUST THE OPPOSITE.

On repeated occassion since Iraq was diarmed the United Nations Inspectors found NOTHING.  Not a trace of any proof of the Bush allogations.  The Bush White House had no credible proof other than their own 'imagineering.'  Who the hell is she fooling even today?

I can't and won't respect here.  There is no reason for me to respect a word she says.  I never respected a word she said before and that is not going to change now.

There were tests on going with companies contracted to the USA military that was proving left and right any exposure of biological and chemical would degrade extremely quickly when exposed to a 'carbon' SAND environment and yet they persisited the Hussein government was hiding something.

It is one thing to value human life and work to have Saddam and his government removed from power to insure the safety of others, such as the 50,000 Shi'ites that were killed.  But, to turn right around and kill the very people that once were at the mercy of Saddam for the sake of 'Nation Builiding' is more than simply hippocritical, it is a human rights violation that she and her peers have never been held responsible for.

The reason and the ONLY reason Bush ordered the invasion into Iraq is because THE TONE of the country allowed it while Americans huddled in their homes with Duct Tape.

Rice has a lot of soul searching to do, IF she still has one.

"Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US" (click here)

Senator Feinstein called Vice President Cheney when receiving the document to her desk after first sending two memos and stated, "Did you see the assessment?" 

Cheney stated, "Yes and we won't be able to address that for six more months."

Feinstein, "Dick, the document states three months."

The Bush Regime remains indictable for deaths both domestic and abroad.

After16 weeks, (click title to entry - thank you) inspectors turned up some evidence of undeclared activities, but not enough to convince a majority of the Security Council members that military force was necessary. Nonetheless, on March 19, 2003, U.S. and British forces attacked Iraq to forcibly eliminate its WMD. This report, which will be updated as events warrant, analyzes the inspections, their outcome, and possible future tasks....

The 'evidence of undeclared activity,' were the Iraqi scud missiles could reach targets JUST OVER THE BORDER of Iraq with an extended range of a few hundred meters beyond what they were supposed to be allowed with Iraq disarmed.  As a result the Scuds were dismantled and buried in the desert according to the demands of the USA.

The other activity was found when components to POTENTIAL centrifuges were found scattered around the country. 

None of the UN Seals were disturbed and IN FACT the so called inventory of WMD was stated to be gone and it was gone.

Even today, Rice does nothing but 'makes excuses' for a war that has killed countless of innocent people and thousands of USA soldiers that were given SUBSTANDARD equipment and vehicles to carry out an obscure mission. 

I do not believe she is capable of facing the facts and never will be.

...Cables sent (click here) by Condoleezza Rice also tell that Syria wasn’t willing to allow International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspection to assure everyone that its nuclear reactor meant no harm. It was United State’s support and advice which encouraged Israel to attack Syria; violating its boundaries and showing disrespect for its sovereignty.
Condoleezza Rice explicitly mentions in her cables that it was essential for the diplomats to know about the ongoing situation.
Reports issued by the experts in 2007 confirm the cables sent by Condoleezza Rice to quite an extent. It is said that the area attacked by Israel was immediately declared as a restricted zone; the government wanted to remove any proof confirming the presence of nuclear reactor at the location. It is also said that traces of uranium were found from the location....

Praying for guidance is a reasonable method for people in any walk of life.

Opening a House session with prayer with at least an occassional absence of it in respect for diversity is a reaonsable method for practice from any walk of life.


Expecting divine intervention, as if "God is On My Side" is nothing but arrogance to believe a human being of any religious practice could SUMMON God as if a servant to their will.

It used to be called barbaric and uncivilized as if a Witch Doctor were summoning the spirits.

It is grossly unrealistic for any Congressperson to actually conduct their practice in the House as if they are not responsible for acting morally for all citizens in respect to them all and simply discharge their responsibilities 'to God' and not act according to their Oath of Office.

I suppose it could be called "Voo-doo Politics" when Repuglicans are so arrogant they don't abide by their own religious leaders in proper behavior and conduct in leading a nation of diverse beliefs and practices in the best interest of the American people and using 'spiritual' rhetoric to pander to their cronies, the Plutocracy.

Bush convinced God wants him to engage the forces of evil

Bush puts God on his side  (click title to entry - thank you)
By Tom Carver
BBC Washington corresponde
Last Updated:  Sunday, 6 April, 2003, 00:30 GMT 01:30 UK
...'Angels' country'
"We are in a conflict between good and evil. And America will call evil by its name," Mr Bush told West Point graduates in a speech last year.
In this battle, he placed his country firmly on the side of the angels.
"There is wonder-working power in the goodness and idealism of the American people," he said in this year's State of the Union address.
This concept of placing America in God's camp sticks in the throat of a lot of American clergy.
"It is by no means certain that we are as pure as the driven snow or that our international policy is so pure," says Fritz Ritsch, Presbyterian minister in Bethesda, Maryland....

House Representative Trent Franks politicizes the Arizona shooting with Religous Dogma while seeking divine intervention instead of gun laws. (Click title to entry - thakn you)

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduces bill limiting extended magazines (click here)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
New York Rep. Carolyn McCarthy plans to introduce legislation in the House aimed at limiting access to extended magazines, similar to those used in the attempted assassination of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.
Ms. McCarthy, whose husband was killed as a result of gun violence, will represent the first litmus test concerning the nation’s tolerance for gun reforms. Among those sponsoring the bill, none were Republicans, an indication that the bill will be largely partisan....

The website of House Representative Trent Franks and his misguided, religiously based rhetoric (click here)

The 'attitude' of the House Repbuglicans is based in self-righteous rhetoric rather than 'self-directed' answers for the people of the USA.  They are completely incompetent to formulate real ideas and answers for the people and hence are unable to govern.

End of discussion.

With the somber reality of the attempted assassination of US Congresswoman Giffords the Democrats and their constituents have a mission.

That mission is to end the 'corrupt politics' of the Right Wing and their Plutocratic victors.  That mission is to have the House Republicans 'own the problems of the nation,' rather than do nothing but play politics as corrupted by the Plutocracy of the country.

We know that money rules our political system and that money has come in immoral amounts to corrupted candidates.  Make to doubt the corruption of the past Republican candidates LINGERS in the newly elected Republicans.

For decades now the Democrats have taken on the challenge to bring 'The Good Fight' to the government.  It sincerely is a moral campaign to end all other campaigns.  The problem with 'having it heard' by moral constituents is the over riding 'tone' purchased by the Plutocracy of the Republican Party.  The most dramatic example of these past elections played out in the Senate seats whereby Senate Majority Leader Reid and House Minority Leader Pelosi were demonized to create a faux wedge issue to divide the constituency across the country.  The Reid Campaign met up with some of the most corrupted political dialogue among the new Republican candidates, although Delaware was amazing.  If there is one place where it played out across all governmental bodies it was California, but, the moral people of California saw the corruption and acted on it.  We should all be grateful for their commitment to good government.

The problem is this, the 'plans' the RNC has to win in 2012 is to carry out the political rhetoric on the floor of the House and Senate as they normally do.  The reason they do that is because it gives legitimacy to use the government's actual setting to drum home their politics.  The rhetoric entered into the record of the House and Seante is significant and can be traced back to more than just this Congress.

The Plutocratic Agenda is one of deception because they wouldn't win otherwise.  They have no real ideas but simply rhetoric as is demonstrated in today's House vote.  During the Health Care Debate when the current law was passed we heard nothing but how the people don't want the bill and yet today where only 18% of the people want complete repeal they are going forward with the vote anyway.  That is a double standard and it is done for political gain.

Or so they believe it is politcal gain.

The Republicans 'tend' to be in the minority unless elections are corrupted.  The corruption occurs with vast pools of money gotten from the Plutocracy.  The corruption lies at the base of the juvenile approach of the GOP.  They never 'take on the challenge' of govern, but, simply pander to millionaires and billionaires.  We saw that clearly with the Senate vote for allowing the Plutocratic Vote for the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy last year.

The Hosue Democrats have a mission to be sure the current majority is not corrupt IN THEIR VALUES as to what is best for the people of the nation and to OWN the same problems they face every day in their governance of the USA.  That mission is more important to expose the corruption of the House Republican value system and have them openly own the 'The Good Fight' along side their Bipartisan Colleagues.

The highest priorities for the House Democrats at this juncture is to right and achieve passage of gun control that is effective to keep the people of the country safe from current irresponsible GAPS in the laws.  They also have to bring brevity to the discussion of the nation's budget and not allow it to used as a political toy that interrupts a delicate economic recovery and destroys important American infrastructure.  That budget is what will be used to justify the raising of the debt ceiling for the current Republican majority.  The Democrats cannot morally vote to raise the debt ceiling with an immoral federal budget going forward.  The two are intricately linked. 

The truth is the current reason to raise the debt ceiling is because of the irresponsible Bush/Cheney spending which inclued a "W"rongful war while abandoning their 'War on Terror' in Afghanistan.  The House Republicans have to own the 'debt ceiling' and vote according to their conscience, so I suggest the Hosue Democrats vote theirs and force the Republicans to take their majority seriously rather than treating it as a poltical toy to achieve greater corruption and endangerment for the people of the USA.

American Business to China, "We love the money, we simply hate the rules."

No clue.

JANUARY 19, 2011

U.S. Firms Decry China's Heavy Hand (click title to entry - thank you)

Alleged Bias by Regulators Is Likely to Be Contentious Issue Between Two Countries

SHANGHAI—Almost one half of U.S. businesses surveyed in Shanghai complained of discrimination by domestic regulators, contradicting an assertion by Chinese President Hu Jintao that the playing field is level.
The issue of alleged bias against U.S. companies is likely to be a major point of contention during Mr. Hu's visit to the U.S., which began Tuesday.
The U.S. is expected to push for greater market access to help narrow a huge trade imbalance in China's favor.
An annual survey by the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China's main commercial hub, found that 47.7% of 346 respondents said they face regulators who show a preference for domestic companies. The survey, of chamber members, found that 31.3% said treatment is balanced....

China give me every reason to believe they actually care about the American people and don't want our jobs outsourced to their country.

It might be that China knows exactly what it has to do to re-establish a good consumer base in the USA and is actively pursuing that path.

Communist governments are not big fans of instability in political systems.  I am fairly confident as China gains a good financial foothold in the world, it will act in conscience to insure there is LESS, far less influence in global political systems by private, business enterprises than there is today.  China was not happy about the global economic collapse of 2008. 

I sincerely believe the 'so called discrimination' in China isn't discrimination at all; so much as the government directing the course of business to maintain a stable and controlling force among the billion + people within its borders. 

American businesses and CEO's are spoiled.  They think every place they put down a cornerstone to their 'market share' should bend to their demands and so called 'prowess.'  That most certainly is not the case once a USA based company leaves the 'homeland' for foreign soil and nor should it be.

China is not going to capitulate its power to any other entity, especially not American investors that do nothing be crash markets, show incredible poor management and chronically seek corporate bailouts at the cost of the governments where they practice their craft.

China has a great deal of pride in itself and its journey into capitalism up to now.  2008 was a reality China did not expect and had absolutely no control to stop.  The 'example' American businesses are showing China in the 'recent past' is not going to increase Chinese confidence in Western Capitalism.  Quite the contrary, I  would estimate.

It is interesting.  Paulson spent most of his time as Treasury Secretary in China for one reason or another, but, was not as influential as he wanted to be.  I remember one completely hideous picture of him in a Chinese newspaper where he was actually trying to make his eyes looks oriental by smiling as hard as he could.  Talk about desperate.  What a jackass.  Paulson, not the Chinese. 

I mean wouldn't he know that was as insulting as it comes?  I guess not.

January 17, 2011, 12:23 pm
Goldman Limits Facebook Investment to Foreign Clients  (click here)

8:55 p.m. | Updated
Just more than a week after Goldman Sachs offered its most prized clients a chance to invest in Facebook, the firm on Monday withdrew the opportunity from clients in the United States because of worries that the deal could run afoul of securities regulations.
The decision is a considered a serious embarrassment for Goldman, which had marketed the investment to its wealthiest clients, including corporate magnates and directors of the nation’s largest companies....

See, Goldman likes to play the power broker in its purest sense, not just the stockbroker.  Goldman continues to principle that the more powerful the company is the more they can be anarchists and over power governments so they can have their way.  Believe 2008 was nothing and everything went as planned.  Goldman is looking forward to the NEXT 2008 collapse, only bigger next time.  I am sure they regret having a Democratic President elected that actually decided to lead investigations and legislate regulations.  Next time, they have to make their plans differently, like maybe have it occur in the middle of a term rather than the end.

Goldnan won't care the currency or the place where the most financial influence will be housed, it is just part of the challenge to 'have it all.'

President Hu Jintao is in a very interesting position.  He has managed to expand the global fiscal influence of China at a time when it is stable, yet still learning.  He is developing his own expertise and no longer views the USA 'expertise' as a necessary aspect to his own understanding of financial marketplaces and how best to have them serve his people.  It is as it should be and I congratulate him for that.

Realizing he is working on his own capial base within the quality of life of his own people brings an greater understanding as to why he is here and seeking the 'Clean Energy Technologies' that President Obama has nurtured since the beginning of his first day in office.  The Chinese people are very power hungry, but, not the kind Wall Street has to dole out.  They are seeking electricity and cleaner methods of producing the electricity the people need.  The Three Gorges Dam is testiment to that goal all by its own imposing reality. 

China has been forced to use coal for energy and the pollution in some of its finest cities is very, very poor at times.  Perhaps President Hu Jintao needs to visit with Lisa Jackson while he is here.  She is brilliant and would be able to advise him on how to best set up his own "Chinese Environmental Protection Agency."

It is gratefying to see President Hu Jintao as a huge player in the concerns regarding Greenhouse Gases and the plight of safe energy while balancing those interests with Earth's delicate balance.  He stated he would move China toward safer, cleaner energy and it would seem he is keeping his word.  Let's hope the reality of his hopes actually play out once the contracts are signed and the people of China actually begin to enjoy better quality air and safer, cleaner energy.  Corruption can be an incidious thing in a  huge bureacracy that is the communist government of China.

I welcome the good President and wish the best and that for his people as well and I thank him for taking the global environment so seriously.  I am most grateful.

Factbox: Business deals announced around Hu's U.S. visit  (click here)


Tue Jan 18, 2011

6:02pm EST

Alcoa Inc and China Power Investment Corp announced a collaboration on aluminum and clean-energy projects on Tuesday that could lead to as much as $7.5 billion in investments, the U.S. Department of Energy said.
Duke Energy Corp, AES China, a subsidiary of Virginia-based AES Corp, and Florida's UPC Management also entered into clean- or renewable-energy projects with Chinese companies.
UPC's Brian Caffyn said the company signed a deal for a joint venture with China Guodian Corp to develop and operate one gigawatt of wind projects in China, an estimated $1 billion investment that will take about three years to complete....