Friday, March 23, 2012

Murdoch and his media services are not members of the community.

They like to pretend they are, but, in reality when has Murdoch's media been anything but a parasite.

Today, his commentary puppets were attempting to water down the sincere tragedy happening in many states across the USA with laws such as The Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground.

There is no doubt the methodology of Murdoch's commentators are 'in a can.'  Literally.  One can listen to the mind speak coming out of his shows regarding racism and gun laws benefiting murder of unarmed and innocent people and the 'standardization' of speech surrounding these programs have been heard time and time again, disregard facts and are nothing but pure propaganda.

I could state particulars, but, that isn't what is important.  Lord knows, particulars are not important to Murdoch.  The FACT is simple.  Murdoch's ? experts ? are experts in only one thing and that is Right Wing Propaganda.  They are not part of the community of decency and morality.  It is that simple.  Murdoch's media is corrupt through and through at every turn, no different than the hacking in Great Britain and now the gun violence in the USA.

They are NOT interested in justice.  They are interested in control.  

MURDOCH'S media is NOT a part of the community!

Do the opponents to The Affordable Care Act actually know what they are talking about?

U.S. Constitution

Article I 

Section 8. 

To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization, and uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States; 

Bankruptcies are the interest of the USA and it is a part of the USA Constitution.  The minimalists of the Right Wing would like to estrange the idea that bankruptcies due to medical costs have nothing to do with the USA Constitution.  Even in applying the idea that the Commerce Clause is not interested in bankruptcies is promoting commerce not beneficial to the best interests of the USA.  

...According to their study, (click here) 46.2% of bankruptcies in 2001 were medically-related, while by 2007 the level had grown to 62.1%, even though bankruptcy laws had become more restrictive in the interim.... 

Directly related to the cost of health care in the USA is the fact our hospitals and physicians have to increase their prices to make up the difference between the income they receive and the income they don't due to the uninsured and/or bankruptcies. I am quite confident the medical society of the USA are not happy about being the focus of bankruptcies in the USA, but, the country is in a vicious cycle of high cost, bankruptcies and increasing costs due to that lost income.  The Affordable Care Act sincerely provides a way to reduce the losses of income to the medical community by having Americans be insured for their health care.  It is one way that will begin to stabilize the cost of health care and begin to bend the cost curve down.

‘Obama Apologists’ (click here)

“That’s the argument advanced by the Obama apologists,” Ed Muise, a lawyer representing Ceci, said in a telephone interview. “It’s utter nonsense to say we can trash the Constitution because there are some people who have had bankruptcies.”

Checking in: Health Reform across the country

The rhetoric in the media is unrealistic regarding Sgt. Bales. He isn't a scapegoat for some idea of Warlord Justice.

IF he is guilty of murder there doesn't have to be state of the art forensics.  There was a massacre and there are witnesses.

I am quite confident it was all documented according to any military standard based on the fact the USA is at war.  If we aren't then we need to deploy out of Afghanistan.

There are also aggravating circumstances.  This is not a soldier waking up in the middle of the night and simply deciding it was time to massacre 17 people because he wanted to and he thought he could get away with it.  

This soldier was in a war environment where American military were be assassinated.  It was over the fact PRISONERS in an Afghanistan prison were plotting against their jailers and their Qurans were removed to prevent organization of the prison population.  That was a legitimate thing to do.  Removing organizational materials to prevent violence is a legitimate method of oppressing a prison riot which are more common than not in Afghan prisons.

The method the PRISONERS used were to exchange Qurans.  They used their holy books to plan a prison riot and murders of American soldiers.  If they communicated on toilet paper there would be no uprise over the burning of toilet paper, but, THE PRISONERS choice was Qurans.  Let that be clearly understood.  The American soldiers that removed the Qurans did so because they had no other recourse.  The fact they were burned was to prevent the words of prisoners to reach the outside world to find empathy among Taliban sympathizers.

This is in the environment whereby American soldiers were gunned down by their own helicopter pilot before the bin Laden mission.  So, is there reason to believe the American soldiers were acting rationally in burning the Qurans?  Damn right they did.  The uprising with the people of Afghanistan is due to Taliban propaganda.  The events following the PRISONER PLOT to kill Americans took on a 'snowball' characteristic because the Taliban wanted the undermining of the Karzai government yet AGAIN.

So, now Bales finds himself on a fourth tour of duty he didn't anticipate and there are assassinations happening around him.  He comes from a controversial base that tends to be outlaws in their own military leadership.  He has the resolve to 'stay alive' so he decided for what reason he understands to kill Afghans.  I can pass judgement, but, it isn't necessary as the media is already ramping up the rhetoric so why fuel it?

There are a lot of motives exercised within the ranks of the American military surrounding this dynamic that is justified.  

To make a reference to reality I am sure many remember the My Lai Massacre.  The people dead in that war theater were between 347 and 504 because there was no official record of the dead in Vietnam.  The dead included the elderly, women and children, too.   I look forward to a fair trial for Sgt. Bales, whom I believe is STILL Sgt. Bales.  I look forward to a fair trial for him realizing the pressure on a man on his fourth tour while members of the military are being assassinated.  His act is nearly one of self defense more than anything else considering all that is going on in Afghanistan including corruption and a government that can't protect its own or stop the Taliban criminals.

Dr. Jim Kim by the people who know him best. (click title to entry - thank you)

...He’s a tough guy to poke fun at because he’s too busy having his own fun—whether he’s performing as Michael Jackson in “Dartmouth Idol” or saving the world.  He might be the freshest face on the Ivy Presidential scene (he took office in July 2009), but he may also prove to be one of the best…Insert MJ face joke here…too soon?...

The "Stand Your Ground" laws need to be repealed. In application, the law victimizes innocent citizens.

...NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, who pushed for the law, agreed [with Rep. Dennis Baxley's defense of the bill]. She said the call for action is premature, because the law allows an arrest to take place after an investigation. "So for law enforcement to rush to judgment just because they are being stampeded by emotionalism would be a violation of law," she said.
"This law is not about one incident. It's about protecting the right of law-abiding people to protect themselves when they are attacked. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the law. And if the governor wants to waste time looking at it he can knock himself out."...

The NRA will be determined to sustain the fight for the law.  The law has no merits.  I promotes aggression and violence.  The law clearly states police are not able to protect citizens.  It pits the expertise of citizen gunmen against that of police.  It is the worst law ever written.