Sunday, November 13, 2011

President Obama needs a PR Campaign instilling his accomplishments to the electorate.

I have been doing some canvasing in Wilmington, North Carolina this week and I have stumbled upon an outrageous reality; the Republican obstructionism and their propaganda campaign have instilled understanding that President Obama has not delivered on any (NOT A ONE) of his campaign promises.

These are people that voted for President Obama in 2008.  I gently remind them of all the promises he did keep and they state, "Oh, that's right." 

The President's accomplishments in office are not fresh in the memories of the electorate and they are seeking an alternative, even Herman (Mc)Cain.

The President's campaign needs to remind everyone of the incredible successes he has had both on his campaign promises and otherwise.  The frustration the RNC has been pumping through the electorate is having an effect.  I believe the President's Approval Rating is a strong reflection of that.

Until tomorrow.