Sunday, May 07, 2017

The country has a lot of problems, the least of them racism.

The country has to solve the problems of the people. There is already talk of protests and more to bring attention to the PROBLEMS of the people and racism. These are problems that won't be solved in DC, although it should. These problems are going to be solved by communities, their leaders and local legislation that changes the paradigm of hate.

It has to happen. Issues such as Flint need to be held in example of the dire circumstances of the people due to racism. Political leaders have to have answers, not imagery or hubris. Answers to the country's problems. Real answers, not based in ideology.

Real answers build consensus and the answers for the poor are not going to be the same as the answers for the wealthy. The poor have every right to good quality health care as the wealthiest 0.10 percent. 

April 25, 2017
By Michael Gerstein

Lansing — A commission with Civil Rights (click here) to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a challenge against the state’s emergency manager law that Snyder signed into law in 2012.

The state’s Civil Rights Commission voted Tuesday with one member abstaining Tuesday in Detroit to ask the state Department of Civil Rights to file an amicus brief for a case that the nation’s highest court has not yet taken up – Bellant v. Snyder.

The commission argues that the state’s emergency manager law – which allows the governor to appoint a leader that usurps control from locally elected leaders in financially distressed areas – should be subject to review under the U.S. Voting Rights Act.

The commission has directed the department to submit the amicus brief and any motions or supporting documents in the commission’s name. Civil Rights Department spokeswoman Vicki Levengood said the brief is due May 8.

Levengood said the commission is urging a review of Snyder’s emergency manager law “for the reasons outlined” in a February report that said racism played a role in the Flint water contamination crisis and called for changes to the state’s emergency manager law....