Monday, January 21, 2013

I did not see one Republican President there today. We didn't have First Lady Barbara or First Lady Laura there either. It was noticed.

I hope all are well and in good spirits.

I did notice President Carter, but, I didn't see First Lady Rosalynn. She may have been there, but, I didn't see her though.

Then of course President Clinton and Secretary Clinton was there.

It was a great day. I loved it. I loved the theme and the speeches were incredible.

Today was a pitch perfect day.

I was so proud to be an American. President Obama was inaugurated on Martin Luther King, Jr. It could not be better.

It was just a great day. There isn't anything else to say. It was a great day for all Americans if they cared to realize what truly, truly great country the USA actually is. 

It was an incredible day.