Saturday, June 06, 2015

I thank MSNBC (click here for "Washington Post" article) for televising the entire service for Former State of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

There wasn't a dry eye in the entire church. There was a full compliment of church officials.

I thought it was especially important the Meritorious Service award was given to him and his memory to the family. It was important.

I wish everyone peace.

Sorry to hear about a very serious injury at Fenway Park.

June 5, 2015
A baseball fan (click here) sitting in the stands at Boston's Fenway Park was seriously injured when she was hit by a broken bat on Friday night.

The woman was bleeding from the head as she was carried out on a stretcher, and police said her injuries were life threatening, the Associated Press reports.

She was hit in the second inning by a bat that broke after a swing by Brett Lawrie of the Oakland A's, whose team was playing against the Boston Red Sox....

I am quite sure everyone is upset by the accident. The initial reaction is to increase the shielding to the fans and it is a good idea. I have another suggestion. Can the baseball leagues invest some funds to test bats for flaws. My understanding is they are sincerely made of wood. Try some imaging of the bats to find flaws. 

When jet engines are assembled the turbines are put under imaging to find any flaws in their manufacturer before becoming part of a jet. I think bats should have the same scrutiny. Cat Scans or possibly MRI imaging because the wood is a natural compound. 

I know it sounds extravagant but saving a life from tragedy is important. I am sure the baseball player that hit the ball is as traumatized as anyone involved. 

Think about it. Research for a 100 percent safe bat will be appreciated.