Sunday, October 13, 2013

The national media, except for a local non-profit radio station, never covered the most important discovery to man to date.

Two scientists (click here) have won the Nobel prize in physics for their work on the theory of the Higgs boson.
Peter Higgs, from the UK, and Francois Englert from Belgium, share the prize.
In the 1960s, they were among several physicists who proposed a mechanism to explain why the most basic building blocks of the Universe have mass.
The mechanism predicts a particle - the Higgs boson - which was finally discovered in 2012 at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern, in Switzerland.
"This year's prize is about something small that makes all the difference," said Staffan Normark, permanent secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences....

The United States needs to invest in it's people, NOT IT'S MILITARY, it's people. The Affordable Care Act is an excellent beginning. Investing in education, President Obama like Early Childhood Education, is absolutely important to the outcomes of the USA.

We don't need more bombs. The USA military is already ungainly. When the Air Force crashes cutting edge drone technology into foreign countries the USA has become too big for the needs of the country.

The Republicans ONLY want the military to receive federal monies and will jump at any chance to fund it.

It is completely immoral and unconscionable to ask this nation to support a huge military while American children go hungry, homeless and uneducated. It is the work of the demons in the Republican Party and it has to end.

All this money and absolutely nothing to show for it except two wars, a deprived and impoverished nation with an entire generation left out in the cold and a bankrupt treasury. Well, aren't we just proud. All this money and we were only now, under President Obama, finding a sustainable economy.

LOCAL ECONOMIES ROCK !!!!!!!!!!! And they don't cause wars.

This entire National Parks rant about the Republicans is outrageous.

The Republicans have no respect for public lands. That is evident throughout their exploitation of our natural resources. They simply believe public lands should be trampled and used as anyone pleases. They are law breakers. 

I can understand how veterans want to see memorials, but,  so does the rest of the nation. The Republicans want the nation to believe the monies spent on the National Park Service is a waste of money. 


The National Park Service are officers of the law. They put their lives on the line no different than any other officer. Remember, was it last year, when a Olympic Park Officers was killed? A woman. She died while visitors to the park were pinned down in a building. Everyone else was safe.

These officers protect our public lands. What is occurring while The National Park Service is on furlough is poaching. Law breaking. Damage to our public lands.

August 10, 2013
By David Zucchino
...These were the Hurley boys, (click here) notorious for rustling wild ginseng roots, a federal crime in the park. Inside the backpack were 805 wild ginseng roots, resembling dirty wrinkled fingers and weighing in at a hefty 11.22 pounds — worth $600 a pound in local markets at the time.
Billy Joe and Jeffrey Hurley were later convicted, and more than 650 of the roots they had illegally harvested were replanted by park botanists. But even with the replanting program and vigilant rangers, the park is losing its battle against poachers. High ginseng demand and soaring prices have sent thieves tramping through the vast park to strip the landscape.
"We're barely putting a dent in it," said District Ranger Joe Pond, an enforcement officer who has chased ginseng poachers through the forest. "For every one we catch, at least 10 more get away."
Demand is nearly insatiable in Asia, especially China, where wild ginseng is prized as a folk medicine, aphrodisiac, health tonic and all-around energy booster. The root is sold to China by licensed U.S. dealers, who also supply Chinatowns in cities such as New York and San Francisco with legal ginseng harvested by written permission on private land.
Asian users consider American wild ginseng (panax quinquefolius) far more potent than its cultivated alternative. Wild ginseng roots sell for $300 or $400 a dry pound in early summer, rising to $900 or more by fall. The price hit $1,200 a pound in 1998, triggering a poaching surge that continues today....

September 5, 2013 8:14 AM 
(CBS News) Millions of Americans take ginseng for its perceived health benefits. The harvest for wild American ginseng begins this month. It's also high-season for poaching. That's leading to a serious problem: the plant's popularity could lead to its demise.
Nine million people per year visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park along the Tennessee-North Carolina border. No national park is more popular, or more threatened by ginseng poachers.
Ranger Joe Pond showed CBS News the largest protected ginseng habitat in America. Taking it from a national park is illegal. Pond said, "It's the root that they're after. You see how dense the forest is, you could dig through here most of the day and it would be hard to detect you were even back in here."
Stolen roots were recovered by rangers two weeks ago from a pair of suspected thieves.
The roots don't look like much, but can sell for more than $800 per pound.

Some days the rangers win. In 2010, they arrested Billy Joe Hurley. He pled guilty to poaching 11 pounds of ginseng. But the park spreads across a half million acres and only 30 rangers patrol it. Pond said, "For every one we catch I'd probably say 10 get away. It's hard to say how many are actively out there."...

"...They are limiting training for later deploying units..."

The government shutdown is adversely effecting our nation. When the GOP defaults on the USA debt, the effects on the nation will be incredible and last for a very long time. It is one thing to furlough people within government jobs. 

I mean, it is really lousy to do that. The furlough tells our federal employees, "You ain't so important."

But, the debt of our nation is called "Sovereign Debt." It is powerful, isn't it? It was powerful when the USA spent the monies and it will be powerful when it ends.

As the USA deteriorates when the GOP bankrupts the Sovereign Federal Government, people will suffer. There will be increased homeless within the month following the bankruptcy. There will be hunger nearly immediately.

The Red Cross (click here) is to start collecting food for families in the UK who are struggling to feed themselves.
The charity said the campaign was a first step in considering whether it should be doing more to tackle the current "food poverty challenge".
British Red Cross will send volunteers to supermarkets to ask shoppers to donate items to be given to food banks through the charity Fareshare.
It said there was strong evidence of families in need through food poverty....

Winter is coming and in some areas of the country that means many people will be exposed to the elements. Over a fairly short period of time the USA will look more and more Third World. Just to clarify, Third World countries have two classes of economics, the wealthy and the poor. The USA will look more and more like China.

See, the Sovereign Debt of the USA and the monies the countries puts in economies around the world is important. It is powerful. It effects other nations.  When the USA's rating takes a dive again, that means the interest on the Sovereign Debt increases. That means the tax monies going into the US Treasury will be the same, although it will dwindle in time. It will exponentially dwindle as the economy continues to fail.

But, the percentage of monies available for government spending will become less and less as the interest on the debt grows. 

In testimony, Secretary Jack Lew stated, "...the US Treasury does not prioritize the dispersements of monies..." (click here)

The statement by the Senator from North Carolina is stupid. Senator Burr stated, "The USA would easily be able to pay the interest on the national debt. He stated, "It would be debt service..." that could be paid for by the lack of payment of salaries to employees. Senator Burr is an ignorant idiot that has no clue as to how the US Treasury works while believing it operates as if it were his personal budget. Now, if we are going to try and tell Americans the National Debt and Debt Ceiling is not like a personal budget, shouldn't the Republicans in the legislature be educated as well? I mean it is cruel to leave people floundering in ignorance.

I listened to some of the most incredible speeches today in the US Senate. This is not one of them.

Jeff Sessions states the Affordable Care Act will bankrupt the USA.


But, of course what the Republicans are doing to the USA right now, won't.

"One in six Americans are receiving food stamps....this is not a booming economy." So that means ending food stamps will cause a booming economy, right?

"...(If) Schools are failing send more money....Too many Americans unemployed and bring in more foreign workers (bigot) what definition can we call it success? (the US economy) has not produced solid growth (Well, you sure as hell didn't do anything to help it.)...this has been the slowest growth since the depression....well the government will just borrow money and subsidize...that is not compassion...the government needs to be leaner and the private sector will grow...(mocking Democrats). (And he continued to mock Democrats) Well, we have a problem in Washington, we don't have enough money...the problem is you, the American people haven't sent enough money....We have done such a great job in handling the money we should have more money..."

That is one angry Senator. Make no doubt about it, he is self-righteous and rigid and believes he is the most perfect answer to any and all problems in the USA.

Jeff Sessions is from Alabama. 

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012
New Census Bureau Estimates Show Poverty Dropped in 31 Alabama Counties (click here)
According to the Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates (SAIPE) data earlier this month released by the US Census Bureau, poverty in Alabama only increased .2 percent from 18.9 percent in 2010 to 19.1 percent in 2011. Nationwide poverty was up .6 percent from 15.3 percent in 2010 to 15.9 percent in 2011.

Alabama and Kentucky tied as the sixth poorest states in the country. Mississippi was the nation’s poorest state in 2011, followed by New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas and Georgia. The poverty threshold for a family of four was $22,811.

Child poverty in Alabama also increased by .2 percent, from 27.4 percent in 2010 to 27.6 percent in 2011. Nationally child poverty grew by .9 percent, from 21.6 percent in 2010 to 22.5 percent in 2011.

“While we can take solace that poverty didn’t increase significantly, we still have to face the facts that nearly 1 in 5 of our neighbors – and more than 1 in 4 of our children – live in poverty,” said Kristina Scott, executive director of the Alabama Poverty Project....

Does anyone actually believe Jeff Sessions has answers for anyone in the USA? He should not be lecturing, he should be taking example from Senators coming from states that have far higher rates of success with their populous and seek to improve the well being of those in Alabama.

This graph was produced by the Alabama Department of Public Health. (click here) It is the infant mortality rate of the USA and Alabama. Where does Jeff Sessions find the gall to lecture to this nation about anything, especially health care?

Jeff Sessions should be taking lessons from New Jersey.

The USA will fail and become entrenched in debt if the Congress doesn't pass legislation.

The Republicans have created a crisis for their own purpose. They do that a lot. They change the meaning of words, lie and create crisis.

Should we reward this?


We can't. Not if we love our country. We are allowing self-serving phonies to dictate the outcomes of nation.

That is unconscionable.

Some longtime Republican donors are unnerved by the GOP’s shutdown strategy (click here)

By Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold
October 05, 2013
...The growing unhappiness among longtime GOP check-writers and party elders underscores the deepening divisions over the ascendant tea party wing, which fueled this past week’s shutdown and is demanding Democratic concessions in exchange for reopening the government and raising the nation’s debt limit....
The reason the Democrats want a debt ceiling for the next year is because the House writes the budget and the GOP has concentrated it's power within that legislative instrument. The President can't address other issues, important issues, such as Immigration Reform is every six weeks the nation is facing another financial crisis.
The Republicans are unwilling to consider the what is important to the nation. They are seeking to end the forward movement of the people. I mean that with the depth of my soul. The Republicans want to end the forward movement of our nation. 

This is what happened to our law. The law of the land of the USA didn't work for the Republcans, so they change it and it's meaning.

By Sam Baker

The Constitution doesn't guarantee "rights" to many of the controversial issues the Supreme Court faces, conservative Justice Antonin Scalia said Monday, criticizing judges who act like "moral philosophers."

"Did any provision in the Constitution guarantee a right to abortion? No one thought so for almost two centuries after the founding, when abortion was a felony in all the states," Scalia said during a lecture at Georgetown University's law school Monday, reports The Hill. (click here)

"Did any provision in the Constitution guarantee a right to homosexual sodomy? Same answer. Did any provision in the Constitution guarantee a right to assisted suicide? Same answer. Did any provision in the Constitution prohibit the death penalty? Same answer."

It's not a judge's job to decide what is morally right or wrong when it comes to decisions like abortion or gay rights, Scalia insisted — and he says he doesn't agonize over such decisions. 

The conservative judge said his philosophy of "originalism" is best when it comes to making legal decisions.

"Non-originalist judges say, ‘We agonize a lot.’ I don’t agonize a lot. Should there be a right to this or that? That’s not my job," Scalia said. 

Instead, judges who use originalism when determining cases consider that the Constitution should be applied to decisions according to what the words meant when they were written....


There is no word in the English language. 

There is original sin, but, NOT originalist. 

Now, if Justices in the Robert's Court finds pleasure in activism, then the least they can do is use real words. 

What is conscience?

Morality? If conscience is morality how do we codify it?

In a democracy, the law is the conscience of the nation.

The law is the translated morality of the nation.

Is the conscience of the nation measurable?

It better be measurable. Law is suppose to balance the interests and importance of those seeking justice.

What is law in a democracy?

It is the written word to recognize controlling authority. 

What is a word?


Of course they are letters, but, what is a word?

A word is speech. Human speech. Any Bonobo knows that.

Can words have multiple understandings when they compose law? No. They cannot have multiple meanings and they need to have authority that reflects THE HUMAN CONDITION that they effect. That is why there are judges and appeals processes, but, most importantly that is why there are legislators.

What has happened to the law in the USA?

What is governing?

Governing is the balance to achieve all that is important to the nation.

In the case of a democracy, can a people elect to be punished? Can they elect governance that is adverse to their importance?


Are the democratic governing bodies of a nation required to be benevolent, regardless, of the election of those adverse to it's outcome?

Does there have to be conscience in governing? In a democratic government, does there have to be conscience in governing? Can the scales of sovereignty tip in the direction of adversity to the nation?

What is conscience?

What is sovereignty?

Sovereignty is a controlling influence, free of external control.

These are the understood sovereign spheres of the USA. There is also local sovereignty. But, there is citizen sovereignty and why 'the home' is a person's alone; for the most part.

There is a relationship between sovereignty and a nation. I think of it as scales. If the scales tip too much in the direction of the authority of the sovereign, the people suffer. If the scales tip too much in the direction of the nation, there is anarchy and the people suffer.

It is not a matter of what type of suffering a nation wants, so much as what level of balance can be achieved. It is a process of seeking importance. What is important to the nation? 

Health care. Immigration. Justice. Prosperity that provides jobs. Those are only some of the issues facing the USA. They are general categories, but, when exposed for their content there are multiple layers of what is important to the nation. Within health care is medical research. Solving the nation's problems when it comes to longevity. Longevity isn't just living long although many Americans genetic content allows that, but, it means being healthy and preventing disease.

What is important is complex. Sovereignty is complex. In order to achieve the balance between types of suffering of the nation there has to be a governing authority with a conscience.

What is governing?

What is a sovereign?

A sovereign is power.

No, not a governing authority. Power.

A sovereign is best viewed in nature. The natural world has a sovereign purpose. There are rules and there are rulers. It is why nature continues. 

In most instances human organization is social. Humans have been social for a long time. You might say from the beginning of time. The social character of human nature is a matter of survival. It is better to be a member of an order and survive than to not survive at all.

Humans perfected social order and there was a sovereign understanding to that order. As sovereigns sustained, they became sovereign authorities as populations grew. The Romans and the Greeks in relationship with the Italian peninsula, the Byzantines (Rome II) and Turkey which is Italy turned on it's side, the Egyptians and their relationship to Nile River are all examples of social order that grew into great civilizations. Magnificent people and their ability to master learning in very primitive circumstances. It shows the sustained ability of humans to seek knowledge and better understand the world we live in.

What is sovereignty?

What is a nation?

A nation is people.

This picture is a newspaper in Kenya. It was after President Obama was elected. They people of Kenya rejoiced in his victory. They have a right to love an American president. We should be pleased they love him as much as we do. Closer to who we are and who they are. Common ground.

Can there be more than one nation in a country?


As a matter of fact, using the USA as an example, there are many nations in the USA. Politics will call them constituencies, but, they are people not simply a cast ballot. They are people with interests. Some live simple lives, some live complex lives. 

Do nations in a country share the same values?

No. In most cases a country will have many conflicting value systems. Perhaps the most conflicted continent is Africa. Most of the nations of Africa were colonial and if it weren't for tribes such as the beautiful Masai we would never know exactly the differences of the people in Africa.  

What is a sovereign?

What is a country?

A country is land. 

It is land with political borders.

But, a country is land. 

Land. A country is land.

What helps define a country is land use and often that relies on geography and/or natural resources.

Land use.

This is farmland. There is city-land, suburban-land, office land, parkland, wild land, and the most dangerous land is industrial land.

A country is land.

What is a nation?
It's Sunday Night 

The rendition of "Safe and Sound" in the video is to portray irony. 

It is a sad truth that nuclear capacity of a military does not provide security for the people that own it. If anything it escalates tensions and reasons for nuclear proliferation. All it takes is one sour leader, such as George W. Bush, and the entire world is off to the races. The weapons race. A race that removes fiscal assets from the people within the borders of a country to it's military. People starve and die and suffer within the borders of a country when someone like George W. Bush leads the USA and  makes speeches to increase tensions rather than relieve them.

This video of "Safe and Sound" should be very sad to most people. It is not entertainment. Language takes all forms. Some people use talking as the only valid message of people. That is the furthest from the truth. The majority of people recognize a deeper understanding of their world that is expressed in music and art. The abstract and art of all kinds is non-threatening.  Art allows people to examine their world and build competencies about it. Often the deepest understandings of our world comes through expression rather than from words.

Capital Cities portrays a generational message in "Safe and Sound." A message that needs to have a resolve into the future, beginning with the deceptive "Duck and Cover" to this modern day plea for peace from the plague that rests in the borders of the USA. Peace is paramount and the fear of annihilation has to end.

What is going on in Washington, DC is not about the budget. It is not about the deficit. It is not about the national debt. It is, however, about the future of the USA. That is why the man in the White House is unyielding. The misdirection of our great nation cannot be tolerated anymore. To surrender is to embrace the past and return to fear. The way money is spent will determine the outcome of peace for the USA.

We elected Barack Hussein Obama in 2012. The message from the people is clear.

"We want a peaceful and prosperous country where our children find a way of life that is pleasing and full of happiness in a world of reliability to all nations that enjoy the same peace we crave."

 "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities (click here)

I could lift you up  
I could show you what you want to see and take you where you want to be You could be my luck
Even if the sky is falling down  
I know that we'll be safe and sound

We're safe and sound
I could fill your cup  
You know my river won't evaporate this world we still appreciate  
You could be my luck 
Even in a hurricane of frowns I know that we'll be safe and sound  

Safe and sound (We're safe and sound)
Safe and sound (We're safe and sound)

Hold your ground (We're safe and sound)
Safe and sound 
I could show you love 
In a tidal wave of mystery You'll still be standing next to me  
You could be my luck
Even if we're six feet underground I know that we'll be safe and sound  

We're safe and sound

Safe and sound
Safe and sound
Hold your ground
Safe and sound 
I could lift you up 
I could show you what you want to see and take you where you want to be You could be my luck 
Even if the sky is falling down I know that we'll be safe and sound

I could lift you up 
I could show you what you want to see and take you where you want to be You could be my luck 
Even if the sky is falling down I know that we'll be safe and sound

We're safe and sound
We're safe and sound 
We're safe and sound
We're safe and sound

Safe and sound  
We're safe and sound (Safe and sound)
We're safe and sound (Hold your ground)
Hold your ground (Safe and sound)
We're safe and sound