Thursday, June 20, 2013

Call me crazy, but, isn't that a natural gas pipeline running right through the area of Flagstaff Lake?

I might have that wrong, but, I was trying to think what was more valuable to Wall Street than tourism and a hydroelectric dam. I'll show you why I think I am correct.

Sorry, Flagstaff Lake is the other side of the state.

But, there is this anyway and I find it interesting a pipeline in Maine goes all the way to Canada.

When one works parallel to the petroleum industry as long as I have, the stench begins to permeate life itself.

Media Contact: Greg Glynn
Nancy Marshall Communications - 207-620-9076

AUGUSTA, Maine - Summit Natural Gas of Maine (click here) announced today that the Augusta-based company has reached an agreement with UPM Madison to supply the paper manufacturing facility with natural gas service by this fall. The paper mill has been working with Summit Natural Gas of Maine to secure a fuel source that will allow them to reduce their energy costs....

And the evil Portland Press Herald wrote this:

Amid the state's rush (click here) to convert from oil to natural gas, however, it's possible that some issues important to Mainers are not being fully examined.

By Tux Turkel
Staff Writer 

Maine may be on the verge of a rapid, historic shift from oil to natural gas as a source of energy for generating electricity and heating homes and businesses....

I think the governor has an ax to grind with a paper that has served the people of Maine and their affection for the natural world.

...But in Maine's rush to gas, it's possible that some important issues aren't being fully examined.

Is it wise for Maine to trade dependency on one fuel for another?

Is it a good idea to be so reliant on natural gas for electricity?

Will cheap gas kill more-costly renewable power, namely electricity from wind, which has the potential to become a major industry in the state?...

You see, it would be too obvious to pick a fight with PPH over natural gas, to displace the hatred of alternative energy is a far better political strategy.

PPH actually asks the people questions. I'll be darn. 

Flagstaff Lake needs to be monitored for water volume to insure good quality tourism. You see, there other states that serve that purpose, too.

It isn't as though Maine lacks for wind power parallel to the pipeline.

About the 50-Meter Maine Wind Resource Map(click here)

This resource map shows estimates of wind power density at 50 m above the ground and depicts the resource that could be used for community-scale wind development using wind turbines at 50-60-m hub heights....

And then there us eighty meter map.

This map (click here) is a key piece of understanding the state's wind resource potential from a development, policy, and a jobs and economic development impact perspective....

The natural gas pipeline (click here) and local distribution companies serving the Northeast have access to supplies from several major domestic natural gas producing areas and from Canada. Domestic natural gas flows into the region from the Southeast into Virginia and West Virginia, and from the Midwest into West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Canadian imports come into the region principally through New York, Maine, and New Hampshire. 

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies also enter the region through import terminals located in Massachusetts, Maryland, and New Brunswick, Canada. 

If I were the people of Maine, I would not be pinning reliable natural gas sources from Canada.There is a controversy. And then there is that mess from Alberta, too. At one point Canada wanted to run the pipeline eastward.

This is exactly the problem with the petroleum industry. Citizens basically don't want it. They'll take the jobs and the governors will swallow the bitter pill, but, the petroleum could not care less about what people want for their own land.

 The government (click here) (Canadian government) has identified natural gas exploration and related industrial development as potentially having significant economic benefits for the future of New Brunswick.

48% say industry important to provincial economy, 44% say not important, CRA finds (click here)

Posted: Jun 19, 2013 1:17 PM AT

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2013 7:21 PM AT


...The Alward government fully supports shale gas development, but has faced mounting opposition to the industry over the past two years, including several protests in recent weeks in Kent County, where SWN Resources Canada is preparing for seismic testing.


“Given the high concerns over the safety of shale gas and the mixed opinions regarding the importance of shale gas to the economic future of New Brunswick, it is clear that there will be significant and continuing challenges to government and industry in the development of shale gas resources in the province of New Brunswick," said Don Mills, the chief executive officer of CRA, said in a statement.


Nearly half of the 400 New Brunswick adults polled, 48 per cent, believe shale gas is critically important or important but not critical to the province's economic future, while 44 per cent say it is not very important or not at all important to the economy....


Shale gas and Canadian Tar Sands sludge is a serpent in the garden. It just is. There is a lot of seismic problems with shale gas and well tar sands are an abomination.


Frederick Brook Shale Spurs Canadian Exploration (click here)


I have a very strong feeling no one is letting on there is the possibility Fredrick Brook Shale can be found in Maine, too. Is there a state in the union that doesn't have some kind of lousy shale deposit. It is like the creeping crud. The petroleum industry never shows it's final fig leaf until the public is helpless to do anything about it. They are building momentum across the USA to have every citizen believe this is the future of American energy. It better not be because this planet can handle anymore greenhouse gases.


Frederick Brook Shale formation (currently).

The known (click here) and potential shale gas resources occur within Carboniferous sedimentary subbasins (in white) throughout the subsurface of central and southern New Brunswick.

Amazing. Magically the formation ends at the Maine border.


I doubt that sincerely. There is a reason why the Maine governor does not provide his calender to the press.


End of discussion. 


The Portland Press Herald has a lot of work to do and a lot of networking to provide with the people of Maine. The people of Maine are going to need their dedicated journalists and editors more than ever. They are about to be invaded.


There is just nothing as corrupt as the petroleum industry. The creeping crud.

I am happy for the "Portland Press Herald;" it has discovered the people.

There is a lot of news in the world and most does not come from government. There are more people than there is people in government. Covering government is coveting 'a power structure' as if it is a threat and more important than the experience of the people.

June 20, 2013
By Jessica Hall
Sales of existing single-family homes in Maine (click here) rose more than 17 percent in May, outpacing the national rate of 12.7 percent....

I am saying it is good for people to be blind to their government's activity, but, there are methods to find out information, including the Freedom of Information Act, but, sometimes it means rather than sitting in their easy chair, citizens actually have to attend meetings of their government. Take my word of it, while it is very dry humor and boring the majority of the time, it is an interesting experience. 

But, in relation to the Portland Press Herald. The paper now has to cover the people. The people at work, at play and with the realization they do not have journalists covering their 'of by and for' the people elected state government. The Portland Press Herald has an opportunity to stop looking at the government through the eyes of power and look at the 'condition' of the people neglected by their government. It is sincerely real news the people want to read. Promise. The people reading the Portland Herald Press will also be able to measure their circumstances with that of others when the paper starts to report comparisons to other states with governments unafraid of the people.

In relation to Scottsdale Lake, this is a matter of incompetent government. The Environmental employee openly admitted the loss of the lake volume was due to incompetency. The legal case is made.

...Gov. Paul LePage (click here) has pledged to make the state more business-friendly and to reduce red tape. But in many cases, the Department of Environmental Protection has been scuttling laws in ways that benefit Aho's old clients or those of past and present clients of another lobbyist embedded in his office: Ann Robinson, a top lobbyist at the Preti Flaherty law firm, who moonlights as the governor's regulatory reform adviser and has drafted and promoted policies that would benefit her clients.

Internal documents and interviews with about two dozen current and former DEP employees reveal how the administration has systematically sedated some of Maine's environmental laws....

 ...Gov. Paul LePage  has pledged to make the state more business-friendly... is a lie. He has not made the state more business friendly, he is paying off cronies. How much money did his campaign or him personally receive from these folks? I'd start there to look for corruption. But, let's just admit the LePage administration is incompetent. Let's look at that as the reason for the lawsuit to all parties including the power company.

Does he own stock in the power company, because I am quite confident his Environmental jerk does.

That said, the Maine economy relies on tourism. In this region, the electric company exists because there is tourism. The electric company is causing their own failure to exist. If there is no reason for the tourists to come, there is no reason to keep the lights on.

...John Maynard Keynes verified the concept of the “multiplier effect” in his economic studies in the 1930s. The concept has perhaps the greatest applicability in the tourism industry.
Tourists spend money on travel, lodging, food and beverage and in retail stores thus creating direct income, government revenue (taxes) and employment. There are more effects such as money spent on supplies, inventory replacement, and all the other products and services that supply the place where the tourist spends. All of these subsequent places are classified as indirect or multipliers of the original dollars spent.
Numerous studies have been conducted that reveal for every dollar a tourist spends anywhere from $3 to $10-plus additional dollars of expenditures are generated into the economy....

Things haven't changed that much in three years and the housing increases in Maine will go away too, if the people that work in the tourism industry don't have jobs and/or income anymore.

So, the state's governor is not only incompetent, he is corrupt beyond imagination. His environmental person already stated she was to incompetent to realize the need for the protections of Scottsdale Lake. Please don't tell me that woman didn't know this was an issue. That would be a lie. She is protecting her own interests by being incompetent and the interests of her friends. 

So that brings me back to the Portland Press Herald and it's burgeoning relationship with the people. As they suffer together (the paper and the people), they will now know they are not alone when others in the area suffer, too, at the hand of an incompetent and potentially corrupt state government.

The PPH and the people will be partners to build a consensus to what defines excellent government of, by and for the people. I do mean excellent. Every person in Maine deserves the government their taxes pay for and this may be the first time an opportunity has manifested to empower some of the most aggrieved in Maine. 

I am excited for them and the other political parties have a real role here to bring about their opinions to what the people are suffering through. There is even a role for unions and public employee unions. Empowerment is their speciality. 

It is time the people of Maine come to understand how this huge mistake on election day happened, take responsibility for it and move beyond that horrible event to the government they deserve. I wish them all success.

They are having fits. Too bad.

The Fed has provided a huge pillow for Wall Street to fall into, they need to do exactly that. I would not have been that generous.

The S&P 500 (click here) recorded its biggest daily decline since November 11, 2011, on the year's heaviest day of trading. All 10 S&P sectors were sharply lower, with 94 percent of stocks traded on the New York Stock Exchange down for the day and more than four-fifths of Nasdaq-listed shares ending lower.

The Dow Jones industrial average dived 353.87 points, or 2.34 percent, at 14,758.32. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index was down 40.74 points, or 2.50 percent, at 1,588.19. The Nasdaq Composite Index dropped 78.57 points, or 2.28 percent, at 3,364.64....

The USA small business sector is losing income. They do a percentage of their business over the net. International currency is unstable and falling. The value of the dollar.

On the first banking day of 2013, January 2nd, one USA dollar could be exchanged for 8.4918 South African Rand. 

Today, one USA dollar can be exchanged for 10.0233 South African Rand. That is a fall in value of 18% or if one is favoring the US Dollar that is an 18% gain. 

The Euro today is slightly down against the USA Dollar, however, it has been a roller coaster ride and there were times since January 2, 2013 there were significant loses in the value of the Euro. All those ups and downs are rough on the small business sector of the USA.

The dynamic for the Euro is the same for the Canadian and Australian dollar. The New Zealand dollar was marginally worse. 

The point is while Wall Street has been having a "Hey Day" they have been doing so at the expense of both small business in the USA and the USA treasury. The Glory Days of Wall Street from QE1 to QE2 had slowed the job growth while robbing income to the USA Treasury. The more people employed the more taxes paid, the more the USA Treasury recovers from a decade of raids. 

I think there is solid evidence QE3 finally helped the job market in the USA. I am pleased it is this version that still reigns until Wall Street has been successfully weaned from an abundance of cash flow. 

The next year will prove insight to inflation, monetary stability and global security of their financial status. It is best to apply these dynamics in portions that are reasonable and measured, BUT, it has to forward. There is not going to be an implosion and it is time normalization occurred.

This will shock the soxes off folks, but, I would not expect the DOW to fall below 11,000. It has been there before and before QE3. QE3 occurred in September 2012.

May 21, 2012
Expect to see Dow 11,000 before Dow 14,000 (click here - lots of charts to give everyone that feel good feeling)

I mean you guys have got to be joking. 15,000 in a year? Get over yourselves.

Japan cannot tolerate this current currency roller coaster. Nor should anyone expect them to.

Japan is an ally to the USA, but, I am quite confident and for many reasons it sure doesn't feel that way. But, this is a big insult to the Japanese economy. When the USA has weak allies, the USA is weak. Enough. 

June 20, 2013

During the local session (click here) the Yen shed much of its recent gains against the US Dollar, falling by over 1 per cent to a low of 98.28 Yen per Dollar.
The Japanese Yen exchange rate was in the region of 97.9500 Yen to one US Dollar as of 11:15 am GMT

The Asian currency dropped against a bullish US Dollar after the latter currency broadly strengthened in response to the highly-anticipated outcome of the Federal Reserve’s two-day policy meeting.

After extensive discussion with the Federal Open Market Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke asserted that if the economic situation in the US should continue to improve US quantitative easing could be phased out by the end of next year....

The jury is chosen. I thought it would go on for at least another week.

July 20, 2013
By David Ovalle and Audra D.S. Burch

SANFORD -- Sixteen months (click here) after George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin during a brawl that drew worldwide attention and sparked racial tension, an all-female jury — all but one of whom are white — will decide if the neighborhood watchman is guilty of murder.

Lawyers will present their opening statements Monday morning. The six jurors plus four alternates were sworn in Thursday afternoon.

Each of the jurors, during the nine-day selection process, promised to be fair and impartial. The panel was chosen despite prosecutors’ unsuccessful attempts to remove two of the women. Legal experts, who believe people of color might side with prosecutors in this case, were surprised at the lack of racial diversity and split on the effects of the all-female jury. The jurors were chosen from a pool of 40 potential jurors — 24 were women, at least five were African American and at least two were Hispanic....

Let's all hope this will be an unremarkable trial steeped in the truth. All involved deserve that much from our justice system.

Read more here:
FCC’s short application window (click here) for new stations will run from October 15 to October 29. "This is a one-shot opportunity," Rousset says. "The work that we do over the next four months will really help shape the course of this country’s media landscape for the next 40 years.

If the sincere non-profits don't use this opportunity it will go to Wall Street.

Do this thing. Labor Unions need to have a way to contact the public to promote information about their rights and benevolent intentions. This is a good thing. 

LPFM Filing Window Period Dates (CLICK HERE)

The next LPFM filing window is projected to be about October 15, 2013.   Exact dates for the filing period will be announced via Public Notice before the start of the filing period.  See the December 4, 2012 Order at Paragraph 211.  Notice will also be posted on the FCC's website.  (Sorry, we cannot provide personal notice of filing dates or procedures.)  

A few things caught my attention about this article. The obvious is the new Super-PAC.

Jebbie says we got it! Jebbie says we got it!

"It was just the three of us guys handing the phone back and forth--me with the numbers, one of them a governor, the other the president-elect. Now that was cool." ---John Ellis, Bush cousin, working the Fox News Channel election desk on November 7, 2000, as the network unilaterally proclaimed a Bush win at 2:16 am.

Yeah, they got it alright. Right after they purged the voter rolls and now in 2016 they are pushing Voter ID.
New Super-PAC to help Central Valley GOP congressmen(click here)

Former Republican Congressman Richard Pombo is heading up a newly formed Super PAC, which will focus on electing — or keeping in office — Central Valley-based Republican and conservative congressmen.
The federal political action committee will be known as Empower Central Valley. Pombo is the chairman — and its public face. As with so many other such independent organizations, everyone else — including donors — will remain anonymous....

Then I paid attention to the fact California is used as a donor state to the rest of the GOP interests. The money raised in California helps them out a great deal. Well, Issa is a California Representative. Mr. No-Credibility himself.

Realizing how California is going to be raising a lot of funds for the 2016 Presidential Races, I noticed the name of the author to this article. Now, it could be coincidence, but, it reminded me of a Bush victory of 2000.

Remember John Prescott Ellis?

John Prescott Ellis was the man at FOX that stated Florida was going for Bush. Remember that? 

He is venture capitalist now. He runs a firm called "Sand Hill Partners." (click here)

The website for this Silicon Valley venture capital firm, Sand Hill Partners, is very sparse in information. Very sparse. According to Linkin this is the description of it's mission. And it is an LLC, too.

Sand Hill Partners LLC in Silicon Valley provides seed capital, mentoring, and experienced, hands-on help for early stage technology startups in Silicon Valley.
We show entrepreneurs how to quickly nail the product that will sell and build a repeatable, scalable business model. We create smart, fun startups that are great places to work and will forever ruin you for working in a big company again.


determining the minimum product feature set needed to sell, testing the problem you are solving to see if its truly monetizable, maximizing learning about customers with minimal expense and time, building ideas into fundable startups 

I find it more than interesting that a lot of the funding for the GOP comes out of California and there sits John Ellis with his venture capital firm. I thought it was interesting.


This is nothing but a bankruptcy shuffle. They aren't sorry for anything. They are continuing their work under different names, that is all this is.

An organization that closes it's doors can't pay any claims filed against them in court if it doesn't have an income.

June 20, 2013
By Daniel Trotta

...Exodus International (click here) billed itself as the oldest and largest Christian ministry dealing with faith and homosexuality, operating since 1976. It announced it would cease operations in a statement on its website on Wednesday.

The Irvine, California-based group's board unanimously voted to close Exodus International and begin a separate ministry, the statement said....

Exodus is an umbrella organization which grew to include over 120 local ministries in the United States and Canada and over 150 ministries in 17 other countries.  

The Exodus Global Alliance (click here) was formed out of Exodus International in 2004.

"Love in Action" was the founding organization to all this mess. It boils down to one man.

Love In Action International (click here) was started in 1973 by Frank Worthen. At 43, Frank rededicated his life to Jesus Christ after spending 20 years pursuing homosexual behavior. With a testimony tape and a newspaper ad, Frank gave a message seldom heard before, “There is a way out of homosexuality!”

How much government monies have these organizations receive?

Excellant and there is nothing the legislature can do about it.

The Bush administration never honored the separation of church and state. One of the first things he did when he was inaugurated was to attack women's health clinics overseas. This was later a part of the same corrupt values that administration demonstrated.

By Robert Barnes
Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday (click here) that the federal government may not force groups that receive funding for overseas anti-HIV/AIDS programs to adopt its views against prostitution and sex trafficking.

The justices ruled 6 to 2 that a requirement in a multibillion-dollar anti-AIDS program that withholds funds from organizations that do not have a policy “explicitly opposing prostitution and sex trafficking” violates an organization's free-speech rights....

...The disputed provision is part of a 2003 law under which the United States is spending $60 billion to combat infectious diseases around the world. It forbade any of the money being used to “promote or advocate the legalization or practice of prostitution or sex trafficking,” which it said are ways the diseases are sometimes spread....

This decision is in reaction to legislation by the extremists in the legislature and White House during the Bush administration. The Congress can waste it's time and taxpayer monies by attempting to 'play' with the electorate to state they can do anything they want in the USA, including leap tall buildings in a single bound, but, they would be lying. There is absolutely nothing anyone in the legislature or the White House can do about the ruling.

NGOs that perform work on behalf of a USA policy are not allowed to discriminate between who dies and who lives due to religious, ethnic or gender basis. 

If a prostitute or sex trafficker presents with HIV and/or AIDS they are as much a public health concern as the most devout Christian Fundamentalist. They receive treatment. To insure they receive treatment, there is privacy to their identity and their profession otherwise they won't seek treatment. They will die at some point in time, but, they will also be spreading HIV all along the way.

....Roberts said government can restrict the ways funds are spent, but cannot require them to “pledge allegiance to the government’s policy of eradicating prostitution.”

He was joined by Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen G. Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor and Samuel A. Alito Jr. Justice Elena Kagan recused herself from the case, presumably because she had worked on it while President Obama’s solicitor general.
Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented....

There are the immorals that actually carried out this level of discrimination. They caused deaths and a greater danger to the populations their organization, "Alliance for Open Society International," a subsidiary of "Open Society International." The title of the organization is obviously a lie. But, that isn't the worst part of this travesty.
Robert Kushen, Chair and President of the Board of Directors, is a former Human Rights Watch reporter, a former Executive Directorof Médecins du Monde, a member of the New York Bar Association and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Kushen also worked in the Office of the Legal Adviser of the United States Department of State where he focused on international criminal justicecounterterrorismintelligence, and international scientific cooperation.
Ricardo Castro, President and General Council for the AOSI, has experience in the area of Latin American corporate finance. Treasurer Steve Gutmann audits AOSI financial operations in New York City and Budapest. Maria Santos Valentin, Secretary and Deputy General Counsel for the AOSI, has financial experience in several areas, especially Latin America and Eastern Europe.

This hideous policy was a PLEDGE by Bush. It was an anti-prostitution pledge. The kind of pledge that effects the outcome of primaries. Every organization had to commit to the pledge. Sort of like Skull and Crossbones.
"I ask the Congress to commit $15 billion over the next five years, to turn the tide against AIDS in the most afflicted nations of Africa and the Caribbean" President George W. Bush
In May 2003, (click here) the US Congress approved a five-year, $15 billion programme that launched the 'US Global AIDS initiative'.3 However, the initiative soon became known by the name of its five-year strategy presented to Congress in 2004, 'the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief' or PEPFAR. Although the act incorporates funding for other diseases, its main focus is HIV/AIDS and it has often been referred to as the "largest commitment by any nation to a single disease in history".
$15 billion is a lot of money and this PROVES beyond a shadow of a doubt, the GOP leadership wants to change the face of the USA and USA programs to effect other nations. $15 billion is PROOF that corrupt power corrupts absolutely. The organization involved in this travesty didn't care if they had to sign their pledge is a blood pact they were going to do it, ethnics and morality be damned.
This $15 billion program proved beyond a shadow of a doubt covert agendas exist and covert agendas are corruption.

This was the lousiest of public health policies, but, $15 billion US buys a lot of allies.

It is the very bad habit of the USA legislature to play politics with USA Treasury monies. This is among the most egregious because it caused the death of human beings in other nations. 

Legislation is suppose to support the BEST PRACTICES of any of the USA Brain Trust and not alter those practices by corrupt values for the purpose of paying off cronies and buying votes. Morality, the integrity of USA policy and ethics aren't suppose to be a bargaining chip. EVER!

This is the worst question I have ever heard. The MIss USA pagent is poorly managed.

The content of the question is silly.

This was a question about current events. The controversy was fairly new. I am not saying she was 'set up' to fail, I am saying the timeliness of the question was wrong. I don't have any interest in any way in this pageant, but, I don't like the controversy that states, "Women are dumb people." This lady is not dumb. She is a very smart girl without a reference point to the topic. She did her best.

The Miss USA Pageant has to put a limit on the 'current events' questions to no sooner than the arrival of the first participant. It is correct to expect a pageant winner to have read newspapers. That is a given. These gals are smart ladies and they have impact on our society and eventually Miss USA will go on to compete with a global audience. It is correct to have expectations of their prowess on all fronts of the American experience and where it is in global content.

What is unfair about this question is in order to have Miss Utah answer this well, she would have to be chasing the topic down in daily news articles either online or some media source. That is not realistic because participants are busy people. They have rehearsals to attend. They want to be perfect in every way, but, there are only 24 hours in the day. They will run themselves ragged to satisfy the 'perfect' component. There have to be reasonable limits to the questions asked. 

I would also like to entertain the level of controversy to the Miss USA questions and the tone of the pageant. Miss USA is a reflection of our society globally. While it is a good idea to remain steadfast in our American values, some are very controversial on a global scale. I would expect the Miss USA pageant to ask questions regarding worldly content as well as American content. Miss USA should not be so focused on her homeland that nothing else matters. I would think the questions of the Miss USA Pageant would reflect the type of questions asked in the Miss Universe Pageant. I would actually expect less cutting edge questions and more stalwart questions. 

Just a suggestion. The pageants in the USA are a strong suit for women. Many find their public demeanor while participating. They find success and that is an important component to a woman's idea of herself. That success transcends the understanding of a society we can all value. They are important ladies. I doubt with a woman's beauty that will ever end. I wish them all well. 

Just a personal note about violence.

If my home was a microcosm of the 'growth of violence' in our society, then know this. My two sons are at opposite ends of the spectrum of guns. One is a gun advocate and defines himself as Libertarian. The other abhors guns and violence and defines himself as an Independent. Both are successful in their career choices.

But, the son that is gun advocate watched "The Sopranos" religiously. He didn't do that in my home. He would have been twenty years old in 1999. He hung out with his college buddies on UNCW campus of Cameron Hall back then. Oddly, he does not have children. A beautiful wife and wonderful life, but, no children. They don't want children.

The son that wants absolutely nothing to do guns, never watched the lousy show. He would have been 18 and graduating high school in 1999. He would then attend the same university as his brother but a different cultural dynamic in studying marine biology. He owns his own business now, for about six years now. He has children and many of them.

Are guns a cultural issue and instilled by media? You betcha.

Violence is definitely a 'learned culture.' It is not innate.

I never sought to control their choices. Never. I did set the tone for our home. 

The track left on the Moon by Lunokhod 2 in 1973. (on right) On the left (arrow) is the mark made by the rover’s ninth wheel, which measured how far the vehicle had travelled.

Russian Academy of Sciences & Roskosmos 

Revised data show Soviet Union’s 1970s lunar vehicle outdistanced NASA’s Opportunity — for now. (click here) 

Alexandra Witze

Now it seems that the second rover, Luno­khod 2, went even farther than many back then had thought. New calculations, using images from orbit that trace the rover’s 40-year-old tracks far below, show that Lunokhod 2 travelled some 42 kilo­metres in its lifetime — 5 kilo­metres more than the distance recorded in the official mission logs. And that means that NASA’s Opportunity rover, inching up to the 37-kilometre mark after nearly a decade on Mars, has a long way to go to break the record for the distance driven by a wheeled vehicle on another world (see ‘Space race’)....

The new studies of Sol (our sun) will provide information to levels of radiation into space. There is no way human beings can venture into deep space without understanding the radiation of the sun. Hopefully, the 'cycles' of the sun will provide a 'glide path' to PREDICT the storms that produce the radiation.

Understanding Sol means understanding Sol. It does not mean every sun in every solar system or universe has the same patterns or radiation, so there is a lot to understand about what we know about Sol and what we don't understand about other suns. They are similar, but, not 'genetically' identical. 

IRIS mission aims to scrutinize the layer between the star’s surface and its flickering corona. (click here) 

Alexandra Witze
...But between these two charismatic regions lies a swathe some 1,700 kilometres thick — the chromosphere — that has largely been overlooked.
This region is about to have its day. On 26 June, NASA plans to launch the US$181-million Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS). The instrument’s ‘eyes’, working in the ultraviolet spectrum and designed to follow the flow of matter and energy in the chromosphere, will help astronomers to work out how the photosphere and corona are linked — including how temperatures soar from some 6,000 °C at the solar surface to more than 1 million degrees in the corona. The chromosphere is “a missing piece of the puzzle”, says Bart de Pontieu, the IRIS science lead at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in Palo Alto, California....