Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Greed and Power

I have never witnessed hatred of a President the way Republicans hate President Obama for absolutely no reason at all. President Obama bends over backward to bring about bipartisanship, they simply slap it away. They have proven to be untrustworthy of confidence by the American people.

This is abuse of power to play to the lucrative interests of the Republican war machines. If ever there were a group of people more misguided to the best interests of the nation, it the Senate Republicans.

Hagel Becomes First Filibustered Defense Nominee (click here)
February 13, 2013 7:09 PM

...Then on Wednesday afternoon, Reid announced he was filing a cloture motion, Senate-speak for an attempt to end a filibuster. He couldn't reach agreement with Sen. James Inhofe, the Oklahoman who is the top Republican on the Armed Services panel, to end debate.

Among Inhofe's stated concerns about Hagel, he has said, is that the Iranian Foreign Ministry supports his nomination. Sen. Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who is the committee's chairman, has suggested that perhaps the Iranians are being bomb throwers and trying to cause mischief in American policy circles.

In any event, Reid has scheduled the vote to end the debate for Friday unless an agreement is reached beforehand....

They always think it is politics most important, even when a teacher from his home state sees it differently.

...“Tonight we heard President Obama (click here) emphasize the importance of building and supporting a strong American middle class, one that gives opportunity for all to achieve the American dream. Tonight, Ms. Susan Bumgarner, an exceptional teacher from my state of Oklahoma, from Norman, Oklahoma, sat in a seat of honor with the First Lady. As a teacher, Susan plays one of the most important roles in helping young Americans someday achieve this dream. As for the President, his four-year record on quenching these opportunities speaks louder than his rhetoric tonight....

Republicans are scared down to their skivvies. They are losing their grip on their crony's money and they don't know which way to point the gun, so every direction is better than a possible losing direction.

...James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma said (click here) his panel would focus on the military’s response to the assault. But, he said, “as bad as everything that I’ve stated is, what I think is worse is the cover-up.”...

It is easy to cry cover up when there is nothing there is nothing to cover up. It is like building a bridge to nowhere. While the bridge is being built it seems like the correct path to take, but, to realize it has accomplished nothing in the end is the real proof of the putting.

...Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe,(click here) the incoming Ranking Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, expressed outrage over the leak that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s will lift the ban on women in combat Wednesday....

Inhofe has major control issues. I heard he wets his pants everything a dime is cut from the military budget. Not because it is necessary to bring down the national debt, but, because he is afraid of the country being invaded.

...While the Oklahoma senator expressed frustration at the leak, he spoke highly of women’s abilities in the military and noted that he served on the House Armed Services Committee with Les Aspin, a former Wisconsin congressman and secretary of sefense under President Bill Clinton....

Now, dear God, what is the USA going to do when a woman needs to power her nose before capture? Secretary Panetta should have worked out all these details before releasing this to the press!

Why Republicans Can No Longer Be Trusted on National Security (click here)

Because their leaders have become shallow, ignorant, and totally unserious on the issue that matters most.

I would suggest the LA Police Department continue with their inquiry to the decision to discharge Mr. Dornan.

I don't believe his death should be questioned. He killed people. He killed cops and innocent family members. It is not a racial issue. It is a hate problem within the culture in Los Angeles. The Ghost of scandals past.

By Silvereen Bai and Nick Edmonds
Monday, February 11, 2013 | 3:45 p.m. PST
UPDATE | 3:45 p.m. PST: 33-year-old Christopher Jordan Dorner (click here) was charged with capital murder Monday as well as special circumstances that could lead to the death penalty, according to Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach.
 Dorner, the suspect behind the 6-day manhunt spurred by the LAPD, was charged by Riverside County prosecutors today for the shooting death of Riverside police officer Michael Crain, as well as three counts of attempted murder for the alleged shooting of Crain's partner and two LAPD officers in Corona....

Mr. Dornor was not murdered, he murdered other people. He brought the manhunt on himself. Every action of the LAPD was justified. Every action was correct.

Mr. Dorner is old news, except, for those that hate police. I hope he is dead. I don't care if he killed himself or were killed by police or burned to death. It doesn't matter to me. I know he was guilty. He knew he could have given himself over to authorities. He didn't want to. He went down a path of no return. It is over now. It is no one's fault. I am quite sure the police involved conducted very good police work to try to stop him and when he continued to kill, he left police very little choice. I am happy he was stopped. His death was his own choice no matter what killed him.

People cannot go on killing sprees and expect to live long. All we hear today from many people are how it is necessary to 'Stand their Ground' and have weapons in their home and how they have to have their own way in obtaining and owning weapons. Well, then when they turn themselves loose on innocent people, this is the result.

The police are innocent and they have suffered enough.

Marco Rubio plagiarized Romney's speeches?

Amazing. He really has a rudderless career. Does he pay attention to anything the people need? Does he or is he being harassed by the GOP to play a role that will sell to Hispanics?

By L.V. Anderson
Posted Monday, Oct. 15, 2012, at 4:34 PM ET

The creator of the television show Friday Night Lights, (click here) Peter Berg, accused Mitt Romney of plagiarizing the slogan, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” in a letter obtained by Hollywood Reporter. Coach Taylor and his team, the Dillon Panthers, utter the phrase frequently on the Texas football drama. Romney has used it in speeches and on his Facebook page. Can you really plagiarize a catchphrase?
Sure. Plagiarism is an ethical transgression, not a legal one, and there’s nothing inherently unplagiarizable about slogans and catchphrases. Plagiarism is usually defined as passing off someone else’s words or ideas as your own. If Romney had claimed to be the author of the phrase “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” he would certainly have been guilty of plagiarism. As it stands, the Republican nominee is in a bit of a gray area....

It is not just an ethical issue when it is used in a campaign that seeks funds for a successful campaign.
Did anyone notice Vice President Biden sitting right behind the President? I bet President Obama didn't know this Veep was taking notes during his speech. He was. Early on in the speech, VP Biden reached into his left jacket pocket to pull out a pen and then he reached for a small tablet. He started to write down things  President Obama was saying. I thought that was interesting. They don't check in with each other about their jobs.

The Republicans have no ideas. They have rhetoric and that is all they have. They have chronic campaigns to benefit cronies that fund their campaigns. The American people are not on the agenda of the GOP. If Rubio's speech didn't convey that, especially now that he is plagiarizing, I don't know what is. The GOP isn't about the people anymore. They get paid for their loyalty to their sponsors of their elections.


President Obama is watching the progress the nation is making on it's national debit dissipate.

The costs of Nemo aren't even in yet and the damage to infrastructure and lost revenue to businesses is significant. There are huge questions as to what occurs next with infrastructure that actually promotes the survival of citizens when a storm removes electricity and heat in the coldest times of winter.

The Climate Crisis is real whether it is called Global Warming or any other verbiage. It is costing the USA extraordinary amounts of money. We have witnessed in less than four months two historically damaging storms. Storms that create a new venue of infrastructure for the USA. The President gave the Climate Crisis recognition in his State of the Union speech for very, very real reasons.

President Obama was not speaking to his base and playing politics regardless of Right Wing pundents that always states ' is political rhetoric.' The man was re-elected, he has many current members of Congress looking for re-election in 2014, some in marginal districts; does anyone actually believe President Obama is intentionally attempting to make their elections more difficult?

He was addressing a joint session of Congress. Both the House and Senate were under the same dome and the pressing reality of the Climate Crisis is being felt in the Oval Office. That is why he was compelled to bring the topic to the national forum.

U.S. Northeast Counts Cost of Deadly Storm Nemo (click here)

The northeast of the United States crawled out from under a mammoth blizzard Sunday that caused at least nine deaths and paralyzed the region with high winds and heaps of snow.
More than 300,000 customers were still without power in the wake of the storm that struck a slew of states and dumped as much as three feet of snow across New England before battering three Canadian provinces....

I am tired of addressing this issue over and over again as well. Since 2004 this blog has attempted to bring attention to this dynamic coming at the global community like a railroad train. I can only reflect on the lost lives, the destroyed biotic content over that period of time and realize how the level of denial is still remarkable. It was time the President of the United States began to address this very real threat. It was President Obama that finally decided this was enough of a threat to make it real to Congress and to the nation. I am grateful for that, but, it should be the nation and the international community that is grateful to him as well.

'Unprecedented' weather hampers emergency responders in Connecticut (click here)
Published: Saturday, February 09, 2013

Rick Fontana, deputy director of emergency management operations for New Haven, said the weekend’s historic blizzard wrought havoc on the city’s emergency response apparatus — a story repeated in towns and cities across Connecticut.

“This is something we’ve never seen,” Fontana said. “This is an unprecedented storm for us.”

Fontana said that during the morning hours at the height of the storm, New Haven endured 55 mph winds and a snowfall rate of 5 inches per hour. During this time, emergency vehicles and ambulances became stuck in the snow, sometimes with patients en route to the hospital....

The fact the emergency infrastructure fell apart is not a concern if you weren't the people in need at the other end of the arriving ambulance. Okay? This is a national emergency. People died. 

The Republicans can talk about the National Debt and throw around numbers all they want, but, with the Climate Crisis demanding huge spending to recover citizen's lives, rebuild infrastructure, RETURN ECONOMIC FUNCTIONING and attempt to bend the curve on Greenhouse Gases, this is only the beginning and all the 'hot air' wasted on the Debt Fuss is becoming all too obvious.

To talk PLAIN LANGUAGE on a household BUDGET; when attempting to rein in wayward spending and bloated past spending, there has to be a realization the 'out of bounds' spending is going to stop. Right? Anyone knows that if the their debt is going to be addressed, which in some circles in the USA is a national past time, the hideous spending has to stop. Well. Here we are with the USA addressing it's national debt, it's credit rating and there is no end to the spending in sight. Not that the debt should not be addressed, but, as I have said before "Addressing the entitlements is child's play compared to the burgeoning dynamics of the Climate Crisis." 


President Obama did not attempt to make the elections of 2014 any more difficult for members of his party. He wants the support of both sides of the aisle because the nation demands it. He absolutely looks to the Democratic Party to work with his Executive Branch responsibilities to the nation. He spoke to Global Warming, the Climate Crisis and the burden of high greenhouse gas content of Earth for very real reasons. The American people need to take the problems this dynamic is causing seriously. We are facing chronic and devastating drought, destroyed biotic content of Earth, reduced crop yields and loss of water resources in the USA and globally. President Obama has addressed this twice, in his Inauguration speech and now again in the State of the Union speech. He means it. We all need to take his words seriously.