Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am running late.

I really want to discuss the problems facing the current global economy in relation to Earth's activities, primarily the Pacific.  I am toying with doing this tomorrow as I would like to line up the presentation in a more complete format.

I thnik tomorrow would be better.

I am pleased to see the President taking the initiative in regard to the deficit and debt.  The Republicans have not got a clue.  I don't mean that to be mean, but, they sincerely don't.  They are so removed from reality, both 'the human condition' and their politics they simply are not the party they used to be.  I mean Ryan's idea of perfect, just ain't.  Not even in touch with reality. 

My opinion is based on what I have been reading.  It seems to me the national debt is not the dire an issue.  There is no emergency here.  It has to be addressed through a 'process.'  I know Republicans don't find that helpful for their politics, but, the debt and deficit requries 'citizen response and comment.'  If this is done 'well' it can be extremely helpful for the citizen and their legislators. 

The tax rates for the wealthy are completely out of sync with reality or morality of any kind. 

Oh, the article in the New York Times today about the banking 'lobby' and how Chris Dodd really wasn't the man for the job.  Why did anyone believe Dodd, with resignation apparent, would put together a 'strong' oversight bill?  Now he is going to be involved with the film industry and is out to work over documentaries.  Poor Michael.  But, if that bill is going to work the "Consumer Protection Agency' is vital, its audits have to frequent of 'the internal process' the banks are suppose to have constructed to 'self-regulate' according to government standards.  If there isn't a strong oversight from the Consumer Protection Agency and / or Regulators, the process Dodd set up will never work.  It will simply be another 'figure head' position in every bank that no one will regard seriously.

Oh, well.

Until tomorrow...