Friday, December 28, 2012

The Farmers in Europe have a different approach.

To the left is a picture of farmers spraying the legislature with milk. Below on the right is a blockade of the square where the Milk Hosing took place.

Think about it.

20 December 2012
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Dozens of dairy farmers blockaded a factory in Worcestershire as part of a campaign for a better deal on the price they are paid for milk.

...Escalating costs (click here)
Muller, which owns Robert Wiseman dairies, agreed to increase the price to 29p per litre in September.
In July, farmers and the processing firms they supply agreed on the broad principles of a deal in their dispute over milk prices.
The draft agreement related to a voluntary code of practice designed to give farmers more bargaining power.
Mr Handley said: "Negotiations have broken down and we have every intention of protesting again before Christmas.
"Farmers are not receiving the money to cover the bills and costs are escalating."
He said the group had staged protests in Manchester, Derbyshire and Leicestershire in the last fortnight.

Tim Brooks, a farmer from Leominster in Herefordshire who took part in the protest, said: "We haven't got the price we want, we are fighting for a fairer price."

There are alternatives to the milk crisis brought to the USA by the USA House.

Miniature Jersey Cow 

To the left is a picture of a Miniature Jersey Cow Bull. A Miniature Jersey cold live comfortably in the backyards of most suburban homes. They need grain to produce a decent amount of milk. Cleanliness is paramount to manual milking. And a fence. The cow won't stay in the yard. The manure can be used in the garden and/or packaged daily for disposal or sale. Selling the manure could be an uptick to the cost of grain.

Understanding The 'Milk Cliff' (click here)


Balagtas says there is another outcome here that could be equally bad — passing the 2012 farm bill in its current form.
Balagtas is concerned about a specific part of the 2012 farm bill that deals with dairy — theDairy Market Stabilization Program. The program is designed to keep milk prices high by taxing farmers for producing more milk than the government wants them to.
Balagtas says the program would be bad for successful dairy farmers because it "would explicitly penalize growth" — essentially punish them for being more efficient and producing more milk. Large, profitable dairy farmers share his concern about the program.
Discouraging farmers from producing more milk means less milk on shelves for sale, which once again, means higher prices for the rest of us.

Miniature Nubian Goats

For the apartment or condominium dweller there is an option. Miniature Nubian Goats.

These Minis are probably capable of being walked and house broken. So, the disposal of waste can be handled no different than a household pet.

I am quite sure there are a few in NYC already. They have some odd folks that perform all kinds of rituals and keep livestock around.

Now, if these are not an option for you for whatever reason, such as, allergies or hay fever, there are local farmers to be encouraged to open their own store front with a pasteurizing process and willingness to add Vitamin D.

New Year's Resolution Number Two

I will dispel poor governance at every turn regardless of political correctness and/or prudency. The USA will return to good governance in every state in the union in the face of corruption facilitated by political fodder.

Christmas tornadoes. Two F2 tornadoes reaching maximum winds of 110 mph.

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (click here) says officials aren't sure whether the state will qualify for federal aid to help with recovery from the Christmas Day tornado outbreak. (Dec. 27)

Non-political reporting sees it a little different. It isn't as though the Governor misspoke or something like that, he just didn't care to wait to hear from SCIENTISTS about the evidence on the ground before he spoke.

Yes, indeed, the Governor wanted to 'get out there' to minimize political damage regardless of the actual facts. That is good government? Can't prove it by me.

NWS increases confirmed Ala. tornado count to 14 (click here)

Posted: Dec 27, 2012 5:51 PM ESTUpdated: Dec 27, 2012 10:58 PM EST

The sheen in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon is an unknown substance at this point. What joy. unidentified substance inconsistent with oil was seen emitting from several areas of the rig wreckage...(click here)

Would all parties involved kindly submit a complete list of materials from the Deepwater Horizon to the USA EPA and Woodshole Oceanographic Institute.

Thank you.

Of course, the State of Louisiana should already have a list of all materials that an offshore rig could contribute to the marine environment, but, doesn't.

If the State of Louisiana had such a list they should have come forward with it as soon as the incident occurred. 


For the health and safety of the people of the Coast Guard, any surviving employees, and the public. 

That's why.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement(BOEMRE) needs to place a regulation stating all ocean rigs operating on lease permits from the USA have to provide a MATERIALS LIST of any and all materials that have gone into the construction and/or operation of such rigs. They need to do that ASAP. The lists have to be a matter of public record as should or are their applications for same lease.