Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Thank you, Mr. Prouty. (click here) He knows he is right. No one has to tell him he was right to bring the tape to the public.

It isn't easy being a real patriot, is it? It is hard to do. A person has to put himself in the breach and then act against your own best interest. That is corruption Mr. Pouty was facing.

The SPEECH, of course, has a dual meaning. On one hand Mr. Romney states it was unfortunately worded. Convenient verbiage. A Harvard man can't find the correct words. 

You know what is more scary than any other reality about that tape? He was among friends. Disarmed. At his leisure. Friends. I don't think those words were 'unfortunate' at all. I think those words were spoken to some of those people more than one time before that fund raiser dinner.

Let's grant Romney the apology of 'unfortunate words.' They were unfortunate to us, not the people the room. If he found those words to be unfortunate he should have apologized and returned the money. That didn't happen, did it? 

No, Mr. Prouty, those words if unfortunate were spoken to benefit the people writing a very important check. That says a lot about Mr. Romney and how far he will go to make sure those checks are not written in vain and it says a lot about the people in the room longing to hear those words. No one objected. No one stated, "Aren't you making your case a little offensively?" Those words unfortunately were not spoken.

Mr. Prouty is from Massachusetts. He knew the Governor as a governor. I can understand why he would want to tape him. There was a familiarity he felt, a kinship even. Right?

Then, the betrayal. The Governor changed colors right before Mr. Pouty's eyes. Mr. Romney changed from red, white and blue to the devil wears Prada. This was not the man he thought he knew.  That is my take.

It is really stunning to realize a wealthy man could be so very, very ruthless. Romney lives in denial of his ruthlessness. He masks it by stating he is doing the best 'thing' for everyone. No one really knows what that 'thing' is because what he is doing is lining his own pockets.

I listened to an interview with Mr. and Mrs. Romney. She stated she is almost over it. She has no clue how she is in profound denial of her own reality. I would prefer my reputation over her's any day of the week. The money ain't worth it. I couldn't be married to the guy. No lie.

At any rate, you are not alone, Mr. Prouty. There are many distinguished persons that walk this country that will never know what a six figure salary looks like, yet alone a double digit million US $ income PER YEAR.

You are among the people that put morality ahead of self when faced with a stark reality they never expected. Whistleblowers. You are welcome to be among the rest of us. We love this country. We love it more than most people we meet. 

I wish Mr. Prouty well and hope his future is as rich as his past.

"Save the Children" calls for ending the Syrian Civil War.

12 March 2013 
Last updated at 21:45 ET

Increasing numbers of children in Syria are being recruited by armed groups on both sides of the conflict, Save the Children says in a report.

Children are being used as porters, guards, informers and fighters and, in some cases, as human shields, the charity said in Childhood Under Fire.

Some two million children are in need of assistance in Syria, Save the Children estimates. It says the two-year conflict has affected all aspect of their lives....

...Risk of disease
Researchers from Turkey found that three in every four Syrian children they interviewed had lost a loved one because of the fighting, the report says....

We know that GENERATIONAL WARS are some of the most entrenched reasons for centuries of violence. This is a reason for the children of Syria to go up hating others. It is the task of the global economy to stop this hideous wars, nearly before they start and to bring about peace and well being to children as soon as possible. Otherwise, the danger of a population entering into generational wars is very high.

...Lost generation
The report said it had found a growing pattern of children under the age of 18 being used by armed groups on both sides in the conflict.
For many children and their families, it is seen as a source of pride, the report says, but some children are being forcibly recruited into military activities.

Source of pride is the beginnings of generational warfare. Pride of war and violence is not a reason for living in the year 2013.

In some cases, children as young as eight have been used as human shields, the report says.

One group affiliated to the opposition has documented the deaths of at least 17 children associated with armed groups since the start of the conflict; many others have been severely injured and in some cases permanently disabled, the report also says....

Save the Children is an authority. They are in Iraq doing the hard work and have monitored their circumstances. If they state the children in Syria are at high risk, then they are.

Challenges for Children (click here)

Although the violence that followed the invasion of Iraq by multi-national forces in 2003 has ebbed and flowed, Iraq remains within the top five humanitarian emergencies in the world. Children continue to suffer from the psychological trauma of war and conflict, and access to education and development opportunities has been severely constrained....
Ya, think? Oh, what the hell, let's do this again!

This is the "Save the Children" report on Afghanistan's Children from a special session of September 19th thru 21st, 2001. The session occurred immediately after September 11, 2001. It occurred quite by chance at the same time of the attacks. It is a baseline understanding of the children of Afghanistan before the USA launched their war against al Qaeda. 

"Afghanistan's Children Speak to the UN Special Session 19th - 21st, 2001" (click here)

The reason this special session was called is because the Afghan children were already faced with huge problems extending back 30 years. The Taliban came into control of Afghanistan after Russia pulled out in 1989. The reason the Taliban were ever viewed as a form of government in Afghanistan is because they provided structure. The Taliban are not ethnically based, it is a group of warlords, basically. But, having control by the Taliban provided some degree of predictability in Afghanistan after 1.5 million deaths during the decade long occupation by the Soviet Union and refugees into Iran and Pakistan. The problems before the USA invasion in 2001 were profound. The Taliban were some kind of an answer, but, they weren't a benevolent answer. 

Can a peoples as shattered as the nation of Afghanistan ever achieve a peaceful sovereign state? 

Buoy. That is a really difficult question. We are looking at a culture of uncertain stability today and for the next generation. Will that shattered peoples actually have the ability to return to their historical cultural origins? Not if the Taliban continue to deny them their heritage.

War of Pre-emption is not a possibility in a world seeking a stable peace. It causes more problems on a generational level than not. If Americans want to have peace for their children and grandchildren it has to stop warring throughout the world.

The air attacks and the no fly zones of former President Clinton was a way of protecting USA National Security with minimal damage to the peoples of a country. ie: The Kurds of northern Iraq flourished under the no fly zone. That is a fact. Minimalist wars with superior air capability works.

The learned ability by terrorist networks 'can be handled' with early detection of problems and countries able to stop the growth of the presence of these networks. ie: Mali and Algeria

There is a path to peace for the global community and it is not pre-emptive war by any nation or nuclear proliferation for some stupid balance of power.

The balance of power mess was 'created' along with 'the domino effect.' Nations just need to stop and disarm. They need to stop the generational fear of each other based in differences in governmental identity. If Communist nations are not as capitalistic in the year 2013 than the USA ever was, then I don't understand reality. If capitalism is the basis of global commerce and the Evil USA Money Empire is viewed as a reason for economic growth, then what the hell goes on?

"The Young Guns" circle the wagons with tag team wresting standards.

The Affordable Care Act destroyed high risk pools because it has gotten hideous in the USA. Being a woman put a person in a high risk pool. Ryan is making a point about politics, not effective law.

To believe for one minute that Paul Ryan can actually 'engineer' in favor of Wall Street while leveraging against the populous of the USA is nothing but word soup.

The fact of the matter is that Wall Street kills people when it serves their best bottom line. The big beverages after the research is known is a prime example. We are suppose to believe that Paul Ryan has the answer for protecting the lives of Americans. I don't think so.

When an American needs a physician, surgeon or emergency room it is available regardless of their ability to carry a 'high risk' pool designation. This is ridiculous. A person in poor health will remain there with quality of life trashed if they cannot access health care in an effective way. To play Wall Street's game is out of the question. We want a healthy nation and not just one of the wealthy.

We know for a fact. A FACT. That when health care is left in the hands of Wall Street they consciously and willfully kill people to benefit their profits. Paul Ryan is willing to buy into the death watch of Wall Street and call it necessary to make health care real for the nation. 

That is word soup. 

NO. Plain and simple. It is out of the question.

I congratulate President Obama for limiting the Republican attack on his positions and policies. He is correct to provide a focus for the country.

Kevin McCarthy was attempting to make a greater circus of the nation's problems and concerns. 

Paul Ryan ran for Vice President, he maintained his seat in Congress and continues to be Budget Chairman in the House and he isn't qualified ENOUGH to speak to "The Party's" focus? Who is, McCarthy? Or a Tea Party group? 

Is McCarthy saying Paul Ryan is not a leader capable of representing the House Republicans on the Budget? Why not, Kevin? Why did you solicit President Obama at a public social event to state hearing from Paul Ryan was not enough to prove the flexibility of the Republican House? What was the purpose? A free meal with a popular President? Well, that is more than half the nation, what give Kevin McCarthy the right to be treated to a special status over the rest of us?

Kevin McCarthy is playing politics and not seeking influence to bring about a resolve to the problems of the nation. The nation is tired of the politics over problem solving that Kevin McCarthy practices. If the nation wants a circus they can go to "Cirque to Soleil," where real artists perform to delight and satisfy. For the most part, even Republicans when they vote don't do so to provide entertainment on USA Treasury monies.

Her killer knew where she was all the time.

Whether or not it is motive is another question. Calling a girlfriend while she lunches with another is not a crime, but, murder is. Did he commit murder? He didn't know she was or was not in the same bed with him as he put on his prostheses?

7:24 AM Wednesday Mar 13, 2013
A BBC documentary claims (click here) Oscar Pistorius' murdered girlfriend met her former long-term boyfriend in the days before her death.
A BBC Three documentary titled Oscar Pistorius ... What Really Happened? to screen in Britain today accuses the Olympian of twice calling to interrupt an "innocent" conversation between Reeva Steenkamp and her ex-boyfriend Warren Lahoud....

While taxes are a constitutional way of moving against exploitative marketing, it won't work.

Published: March 12, 2013
...But there are better ways (click here) for Mr. Bloomberg to use his time and resources to combat obesity. One is to push Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the State Legislature to impose a penny-per-ounce tax on sugary drinks. Just as taxes helped cut the use of cigarettes, taxes could help cut the public’s indulgence in high-calorie, giant drinks....

The cost of these drinks are already more than others. Adding another twenty cents won't make them less attractive. Before New York State legislates something like that, they need to test market to know with market research it is worth the paper it is printed on.

New York City is not unhappy with the mayor. He needs to continue to speak out for the better health for New Yorkers.

February 15, 2013 by Marist Poll
Half of registered voters in New York City (click here) — 50% — approve of the job Mayor Bloomberg is doing in office.  Included here are 13% who believe Mayor Mike is doing an excellent job and 37% who say he is doing a good one.  32% give Bloomberg fair grades while 16% rate his performance as poor.  Two percent are unsure....

Seeking a tax is admitting defeat. This action by the Mayor and Council in New York City is not a minor issue. It is backed by solid research.

Going the way of a tax is like saying the USA is not capable of legislating for the health of Americans. Do we want arsenic in our water? Because that was a real life scenario as the first stroke of the pen of George W. Bush. So, this is larger than soda. Seriously. The people of this country have a right to be protected when their government discovers a reason to be concerned.