Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The sanctions of North Korea is through the UN Security Council.

...As it is, authorities now have to remove 255,000 sacks of brown sugar by hand, Mulino said. (click here)...

The UN Security Council should ask member nations to send assistance to Panama. The closest members is the permanent member USA and non-permanent member Argentina.
The "Stand Your Ground" law legitimatizes murder through the choices made by the individual.

It provides a venue of killing through prejudice of those already biased by whatever means that bias exists.

The statistics involving "Stand Your Ground" laws will not show up in crime statistics at any level.

O'mara and West are corrupt in their understanding of the law that obstructed success for the prosecution.

O'Mara and West are basically saying, "We've got this civil rights thing, George. Don't worry about it."

They are incorrect.

If I may? 

The law is blind. However, the law was passed ignoring the reality of the populous of Florida. The act of Mr. Zimmerman hit on a very sensitive statistic. A statistic that is known both through fact and is palpable. Mr. Zimmerman acted without consider of the reality of his own status. 

When the descriptor of his actions hit on an African American young man there was a reality ignored by the Florida legislator that translated into a very real nightmare. The Stand Your Ground law allowed Zimmerman to fire at will without regard to whom he was shooting or why. He as a beneficiary of the law to protect his rights and did not act prudently in realizing the imposition of that law on other's rights. 

That is somewhat abstract, but, laws are sometimes lifted in the USA to provide for more liberal rights of citizens. More often than not when rights are lifted to enhance citizen rights there is also an understanding of the responsibility that accompanies those rights. In order to lift laws there has to be accompanying responsibility demonstrated to provide for the aspect of the law that protected others not benefiting from it. That is not a play on words, it is real.

That did not happen with Zimmerman. While the statistics of killings have increased in states with Stand Your Ground laws across the board, when the descriptor included African American it victimized a sensitive community that ALREADY experiences oppression due to gun violence. It is the responsibility of those receiving the benefits of freedom to act responsibility. "We don't need for you to do that." He unlawfully took the life of an African American man that was previously protected before the law passed. 

Can average citizens be expected to be 'mindful' of all the paradigms of more liberal laws? That is a question no one has answered yet. The African American community does not need more policing by oppressive standards. The Stand Your Ground Law is wrong, dangerous, proven to be dangerous and increases the incidence of the danger to the community. Why? Because the statistical increase is ABSOLUTE. The statistical increase is death. The statistical increase enhances the descriptor the community is still suffering under.

The Zimmerman Case is proof of the Stand Your Ground Law and the permission it gives to aggrieve a community in the USA. Was that the design of the law? Was that completely malpractice of the Florida legislature? Were the actions of the law allowed to turn lose protections to prejudice and hate? 

I apologize if any of my language causes bad feelings in anyway, but, it is my language and the way I use it in this context and other venues. My choice of words is not made to inflict pain or ill will.

ALEC affiliation of dangerous laws will enhance any legal actions.

ALEC (click here) is NOT about States Rights. 

ALEC is unconstitutional. 

ALEC homogenizes States Rights. 

ALEC creates a PARALLEL government of CORPORATE governance.

ALEC has to be challenged based on unconstitutional basis across the board. It definitely imposes a corporate profit driven basis and removes the rights of citizens. The outcomes with democracy is dominated by amounts of money spent on campaigns. It is all based in commercial capitalism statistics. It puts democracy and our USA Constitution up for sale.

The reason ALEC works is because Freedom of Speech allows vast freedoms to 'paid for advertising' to corrupt the thinking of consumers against their own best interests. It has nothing to do with democracy, it corrupts democracy and removes free will. 

ALEC is a challenge to the USA sovereignty. 

ALEC is subversive to democratic principles within the USA Constitution. 

This is no joke, this is life and death of innocent citizens.

Is OBESITY in the best interest of the citizen? Of course not. Everyone knows that. What has resulted in the USA? It is that Freedom of Speech paradigm that has turned citizens against their own best interests. The list is lengthy and impressive to the corporate governance of Freedom of Speech. There are direct relationships between corporate profits and citizens accepting assaults against their own best interests.

Every law in the USA has it's limits, including Freedom of Speech. Rights end where danger to citizens begin. No citizen is exempt from endangering lives when yelling fire in a theater that causes a stampede for exits when there is no fire at all. It is instinctual to realize the dangers of extremism. People in a democracy understand 'certain things' about living within that democracy. Those 'things' are abstract and live within the culture. 

Culture is vulnerable and that is recognized by magnificent institutions such as the United Nations. An assault against a culture that causes deaths leading to genocidal trends is litigable in the World Court. These trends are subversive to living.

The Culture of Corporate Governance of the USA is an assault against the Culture of Freedom as defined in the USA Constitution. While people speak with money is some aspects, THAT 'money speech' is corrupted by profit motives that use the best interests of citizens against themselves. 

Allowing MONEY to have the status of a citizen allows a corruptible entity in the rights of citizens. It has and continues to lead to dehumanizing the USA Constitution and provides cultural corruption that kills. Money does not have a thinking mind and does not have 'instincts' except what the citizen assigns it. The ultimate power of money within a democracy has to lie in the hands of those mindful of their instincts and THEIR appropriate PROPORATION of that power.

Why Florida?

California has strict gun laws. 

Texas has less population density.

Why not Georgia? Exactly the reason average folks would believe it should have happened in Georgia. The higher the percentage of African Americans in a community the stronger the understanding of their reality and the less likelihood the act of violence in unpredictable killing.

It all bears out.

I don't want to hear how legislators cannot act to protect it's citizens. Don't want to hear the arguments propagated by greed.

This is a chart illustrating where the African American populations in the USA are highest. The third state on the list is Florida. 

Knowing the prejudice and fear the African American community feels about their young men and matching it with population density the statistic of wrongful death is completely clear.

 SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau 2012 Estimate.(click here) 

I don't want to hear how the community's FEELINGS does not enter in to the understanding of the brevity of this reality.

I don't want to hear how the minority populations in the USA hold long held fears that no longer exist.

Why don't I want to hear it?

Because the law that cut down an innocent young black man is based on THE FEELING OF THE THREAT OF DEATH as a right to firing a gun and killing.

If such laws can exist to facilitate killing, then the feeling of THE THREAT of guns and prejudice to the living is just as valid.

All these guns laws are based in crony politics and donations to win elections. They and other draconian and wrongful legislation never used sound reasoning to pass them. We as a nation are faced with a deadly dangerous POPULOUS political movement of self-righteousness without regard to RESPONSIBLE public policy.

Gun Control Laws Work

The northeast USA consistently has the lowest gun deaths in the country, CONSISTENTLY across the region.

When there are articles that homogenize the nation's statistics to illustrate there is a drop in the murder rate, it is to hide THE TRUTH.

An drop in the NATIONAL rates takes advantage of the SUCCESS of gun control laws in high populous states. 

To understand why gun control laws work the answer is to examine the population density of the state and even cities. Alaska and Louisiana are among the most deregulated states in the nation and it shows. 

When average citizens handle guns they do not discern the brevity of the circumstances of the human killing, they take a self-righteous defensive understanding and they kill. Police are trained to walk among citizens while being armed and have demands on their job descriptions for a margin of safety for the citizen. It isn't easy being a police officer. Often that margin of safety plays into the wounding and death of the officer. But, when one considers how often an officer is faced with confrontation of citizens on a daily basis the ratio of THAT ERROR is small. The problem is THAT ERROR is final.

Anderson Cooper conducted an interview yesterday evening. I didn't watch it because I already knew what occurred. I know that sounds self-righteous, but, I am confident others already knew the outcome as well. It is the laws. The one segment I saw and heard this morning stated, "The law was very confusing." The "Stand Your Ground" law goes too far. It creates a self-righteous bubble around gun owners. It is open season on human beings in states where this law exists.

The statistics bear out the truth. Where there are guns and liberal and draconian gun laws, people die in higher numbers. All the hubris and demands of the NRA is about money, not important rights for citizens. The NRA panders to murder and exoneration of preforming it. This is completely ludicrous. As Tracy Martin stated immediately upon finding his son was dead, "He went to the store." 

Now, the self-righteous attorneys making plenty of money in this cases and getting COSTS of litigation for their clients, want to blame the victim. O'Mara and West have been doing nothing but blaming the victim since the verdict. That is oppression of the innocent. When death of an innocent person is justified it creates a culture of caution that INSTITUTIONALIZES oppression.

The laws are the problem and the institutionalization of the hubris is the ONLY problem. Trayvon Martin should be alive today and Zimmerman in prison wondering how all this happened. "Stand Your Ground" turns justice on it's head. "Stand Your Ground" will demand people previously unwilling to shoot a gun for self-protection or otherwise to seek it to attempt to master the oppression they all realize now exists. And those same people will be convinced gun control doesn't work because of the cultural lies that exist.

In the statistics on that gun map it is absolutely amazing to realize how high populous states actually have less deaths per 100,000 people. The map is from 2007. The laws were not as stringent in 2007 in those same states as today. The death rate in those states will fall that much more now. Countering that success with gun laws in the USA will be the increase in deaths in states with liberal AND ABSENT gun laws. The NRA and gun lobby will tout the fall in gun deaths in the nation as if their gun sales are actually the reason, when it is nothing but homogenizing the statistics and promoting gun sales at the same time.

Gun Control Laws are correct and NECESSARY. Citizen safety is to overwhelm the Wall Street profits. 

If we are to honor the unjustified death of a dearly loved son in Florida the 'micro-arguments' justifying far reaching liberal laws has to be viewed for the deeply damaging results that occur.

The map above charts (click here) firearm deaths for the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Note that these figures include accidental shootings, suicides, even acts of self-defense, as well as crimes. As of 2007, 10.2 out of every 100,000 people were killed by firearms across the United States, but that rate varies dramatically from state to state. In Hawaii, at the low end, it was 2.6 per 100,000; in New York and New Jersey it was 5.0 and 5.2 respectively. At the high end, 21.7 out of every 100,000 residents of the District of Columbia were killed by guns, 20.2 in Louisiana, 18.5 in Mississippi, and 17.8 in Alaska. Arizona ranked eighth nationally, with 15.1 deaths per 100,000.

Statistically this murder was going to happen and it did. Are we, as a nation, not obligated to protect all of us in the face of realizing profits for the few.