Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Gulf of Mexico Human Induced Oil Seep has been and continues to be grossly mismanged.

Indulging an industry that has no repsect for any other aspect of the marine environment except profits to stockholders is no way to protect the people or the USA or any other country from the catastrophe that continues to unfold in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is a darn shame this ever has resulted in this huge a disaster, but, that's the Red State South for you.  Wall Street first, children and their future 'dead last.' The 'here and now' business venturists, they don''t give a damn about anything except money.

In some ways, the priorities of the Gulf States and the lack of dedication to what is important in life, has put them in a position they somewhat deserve. 

I don't think the Federal Government has a role in this crisis except to ask the USA Navy to put an end to the charade that is continuing to threaten the East Coast fisheries as well.

I do believe the entire Gulf Coast is declared a Disaster Area?

What else are we suppose to do when people in the South are this stupid?

Their outcomes would have been very different if they only LISTENED to others than their corrupt political structure.

I'll be back later.