Tuesday, September 10, 2013


August 2l - It is a terrible reality the world has not effectively dealt with, but, it is not the burden of the USA alone.

Regime evidence, not chain of command evidence - which is worrisome. Assad is fairly secure. I would not be surprised if he is in Dubai on a regular basis and perhaps has his family there. So, considering these commanders are on the ground and threatened and losing soldiers, they become desperate and override the orders of Assad. It is a problem, but, that is civil war. I don't like being jerked around by rebels. There was a report earlier that the rebels were disappointed in their ability to launch surprise attacks on the heels of USA missiles. Really? That to me is more and more reason to worry about what is actually involved here. Why do we know what rebels are saying and not Assad until Charlie Rose asked him to give an interview.

There is also the issue of the rebels believing there will never be complete accountability of the chemical weapons. How do they know that? Either that is an opinion or what EXACTLY are the facts to that statement.

Violation of international law - No it is not. I just isn't. An abhorrence to the international community, but, it is not illegal. It is a human rights violation and it may very well be a war crime if these exposures were carried out without consent of President Assad. But, it is not illegal.

Assad regime will see no reason to stop using chemical weapons and it effects our national security because our soldiers could face them and they threaten allies. There are no facts in that statement.

"In the national security interests of the USA...for a targeted strike..."We will not tolerate their use"...demonstration to the world - The world doesn't need a demonstration. They had one in Iraq for a long time.

Important questions

"Would this put this on a slippery slope, ie: Iraq?" = No American boots on the ground in Syria, not Libya, not Kosovo "Targeted Strike" - There is NO guarantee this won't lead to a greater war. Every statement coming from the White House excludes the fact Russia is watching. China is watching. Europe is now looking for diplomatic options. The USA has no support and there is every reason to believe the USA will run into resistance and abandonment if the diplomatic arena is not exercised to it's maximum. There is NO LIMIT here for a diplomatic solution, until the international community states there is one.

"Is it worth acting if we don't take out Assad" - the USA doesn't do pin pricks. 


Retaliation - The Assad regime doesn't have the capacity to challenge our military. 


Assad's ally is Russia. 


Waiting for the diplomatic effort to be stated, so far there is no reason for me to agree.

"We should not be the world's policeman." 

So, why are we the world's policeman, President Obama has been in office over 4 years and we are still the world's police. I didn't hear an adequate answer.

Keep rallying, but, let's get back to the nation's business. And the USA does not need war mongering in it's State Department.

Attacks into Syria is not just. NO ONE KNOWS who released the GD weapons. Jezze. 

There are terrible things every place, including the USA. 

God bless you, too.  It wasn't the best speech, probably among the worst.

The USA is NOT an anchor, the legislative branch allowed banks to bankrupt the world, that is not a global anchor.  

Andrea Mitchell is a war monger. The meeting was cancelled because Russia wants reassurances the USA will not strike anyway. She won't say that though, will she. She has an hour of power once a day and I've yet to find useful dialogue. 

"How do you enforce it?" Don't worry Andrea it isn't your job.

Here we go, "...al Qaeda terrorists...the USA is best prepared in the whole world...." INTERPRETATION : "INVADE SYRIA JUST LIKE IRAQ." 

It is not easy to deal with the Russians. Oh. And it is easy to deal with the USA.INTERPRETATION: Russia can't be trusted. Well, guess what? The USA invades nations illegally and immorally. Hello?

"The Assad government is the legitimate government of Syria according to Russia." Ah, there is another one? Oh, wait, there are nations that don't recognize Assad as if Israel. NOT. That is not the case. Syria is a sovereign nation that is recognized by most map makers. Most of those same map makers put Israel in there, too. That is the question of recognition. Assad has been a LEGITIMATE leader of the nation for a long time preceded by his father. I reject that statement.

The American people need to say "NO" to it's military. 

We don't belong in Syria.

We never did. 

Holy Smokes. Never know what will happen in 12 hours. Wow.

September 10. 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite (click here for 12 hour loop - thank you)

The near shore hurricane developing near Florida started about 12 hours ago. I'll get the satellite.

September 10, 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite

There is another system developing east and southwest of the Yucatan Peninsula. The system off Africa is going to be a major center.

September 10, 2013
UNISYS Water Vapor GOES East Satellite 

It is a heat transfer system off the equator. It began a near shore circulation center east of Florida awhile ago and has progressed very quickly. Accuweather is calling for thunderstorms. They need to pay attention.

South Florida Weather is stating 16 mph winds out of the east. It is coming from offshore. 

South Florida Weather (click here)

It is at the very least a tropical depression. It is gaining velocity very quick. The center is huge and it is receiving aerosoled sea spray. It has a water vapor source.

NASA may have a problem with one of it's satellites.

There was the moon launch and the weather drone recently failed in it's mission. After ten minutes it had to return and never really got the mission started. I think this is more than coincidence.

Mr. Zimmerman needs to calm down. His life has turned into a nightmare since his acquital; no marriage can survive that.

She stayed with him and saw him though a very difficult time in his life, he needs to respect her.

George Zimmerman has a lot to deal with in a civil suit and potential federal charges. He needs to let go and stop trying to control every aspect of his life.
Divorce is never easy, but, add to that all the other pressure on him including scrutiny of his activities and life becomes unbearable.
He and the American people have a long road to travel. He needs to get a job, seek other company and concentrate on living his life. Marriages fail, it happens everyday.
MIAMI Sept. 10, 2013
George Zimmerman's lawyer (click here) said today he will no longer represent the man acquitted of murder in the death of teenager Trayvon Martin, even as police say that Zimmerman or his wife could face charges over Monday's domestic dispute.
Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, made the announcement one day after Shellie Zimmerman called police to say that George had assaulted her father and threatened her, leaving her "very, very scared."
Police said today they are still investigating the incident and that either George or his wife Shellie Zimmerman could eventually face charges.
Investigators are trying to watch video of the conflict captured on Shellie Zimmerman's iPad, which was broken into pieces. The iPad is being looked at by forensic examiners who hope to see what happened during the conflict, police said at a news conference today....

This is incredible. The world is capable of peace. Oh yes, we can.

Absolutely there will not be a strike on Syria when the chemical weapons are removed. Absolutely. The United Nations draft resolution should reflect an end to this conflict between the USA and Syria when they join the Chemical Weapons Convention. This ends it. The United Nations needs to make this completely clear. There will be no more escalation of tensions or intentions.

Syrian FM: Syria will sign chemical ban, open storage sites (click here) 

Russian President Vladimir Putin ties a deal on Syria's chemical weapons to U.S. calling off any military strike. 

Syria's foreign minister said Tuesday his country is ready to sign an international agreement banning chemical weapons and pledged to open its storage sites and provide full disclosure immediately. 

"We fully support Russia's initiative concerning chemical weapons in Syria, and we are ready to cooperate. As a part of the plan, we intend to join the Chemical Weapons Convention," Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said in an interview with Lebanon-based Al-Maydeen TV.

He said Syria was "ready to fulfill our obligations" under the terms of the treaty, including providing information about Syria's chemical weapons. 
"We will open our storage sites, and cease production. We are ready to open these facilities to Russia, other countries and the United Nations," Muallem said in the interview....

Given a very clear doubt in regard to the release of these chemicals there is no reason for any more foot stamping by the USA.

Senator Joe Manchin 'takes a knee' once again next to President Obama.

Senator Manchin (click here) believes coming to Congress was the best idea President Obama had and wants to propose that President Assad join the Chemical Weapons Convention. 


That is a noble idea and one that is long overdue. Senator Manchin needs to extend that invitation to all nations currently outside the convention. 


However, I would not expect Syria to have the ability to join the convention at this point, it is after all involved with a civil war. I don't know if President Assad has the support of his Parliament. But, it should be pursued. The best of this proposal is the strength of the United Nations as a 'ball carrier' to bring about this change.


Syria has accepted Russia's proposal to disarm from chemical weapons and that should NOT wait for ratification of the convention. President Assad is suppose to secure his nation from any threats. He can act autonomously for his nation's security. He can allow the removal of the chemical weapons and end that danger. I am hopeful the removal of chemical weapons from Syria begins as soon as possible. Perhaps the real truth as to whom released the weapons will become known during this process if there is resistance to allow it to happen by any Syrian forces or that of any rebel.


President Assad needs to lead his people and his government to end this threat and do it with cooperation of the United Nations and ratifying the Chemical Weapons Convention.


Sep 03 2013 

Manchin Seeks West Virginians Opinions on Syria (click here) 

My statement on Syria: http://1.usa.gov/15z682q 

I want to hear from West Virginians on what, if any, military action should be taken. Your feedback is invaluable as Congress debates this critical national security issue. 

Please email me at Syriaopinions@manchin.senate.gov; 

Tweet me @Sen_JoeManchin and use #Syria; or Send me a Facebook message on Facebook.com/JoeManchinIII

The American people trust as any other nation of people would trust. But, it brings about their victimization and that needs to stop.

I remind, Germany validated what Russia has already stated. Why is it that Germany's intelligence carries more clout than that of Russia?

Yet, when it came to reporting Atta and his plans that was swept under the carpet by Richard Cheney.

The world is too small for propaganda, lies and victimization. The American people need to get over the fact they are chronically lied to and there are other voices that deserve as much respect when they decent on matters of life and death.

I might point out The Miami Herald ain't FOX.

The American Media has to claim it's stake in politicking war; September 11th is tomorrow.

This has been over a decade now. They don't have the expertise to discern a real threat to the USA and what is not. While chemical weapons are heinous weapons they exist in the world in countries that do not belong to international conventions. The media has a huge share in exploiting these issues by playing politics with opposing leaders in the USA.

When Graham and McCain state President Obama is negligent of the nation's security because Assad has used chemical weapons, then the President is forced by media sources into responding. Unfortunately, President Obama rolled the ideological dice rather than setting the media and the political ranting of the Right Wing straight. If President Obama stated what we all know in that any attack within another country is war and it carries a great deal of brevity than simply drawing a line in the sand or in this case "A Red Line."

Germany would have examined all it's intelligence eventually and found there was no basis for holding Assad responsible for the chemical weapons release. Germany, given the history of the USA's attack into Iraq, would be compelled to bring the truth before the international community if the American media was unwilling to carry the truth rather than propaganda. Luckily, The Miami Herald found the moral fiber to print the truth. But, regardless, the USA media would have justified it's own mistake of rushing to judgement and opening the political Pandora's Box.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of September 11, 2001. Not since the discovery of the USA media's responsibility in promoting an illegal and immoral war into Iraq that lasted over ten years and cost the deaths of thousands of American soldiers has there been an accounting by them for the actions. The USA media is responsible for promoting war and violence and they maintain their image as the 'angel' of all angels by informing the American people. NOT!

The USA media took the American people for a ride and we all know it, yet today they maintain "innocence" in being pure and ethical. NOT! 

Here we are again as a nation with political leaders nothing but puppets to populous political votes and a media out of their element by leading anyway.

Very "Un-Friendly" social media. It is all about money, not friends.

It calls into question, who gets the royalties?

8:00 AM Tuesday Sep 10, 2013

Facebook (click here) has started feeding select news outlets real-time social network chatter about hot topics to weave into story coverage, wading deeper into Twitter territory.

A pair of software tools, Public Feed and Keyword Insights, lets Facebook's media partners tap into comments posted on the service.

"Selected news organisations can begin to integrate Facebook conversations into their broadcasts or coverage by displaying public posts of real-time activity about any given topic," Facebook's online operations vice president, Justin Osofsky, said in a blog post.

"From favourite television shows to sporting events to the latest news; the conversations are happening on Facebook."

Facebook listed its media partners as Buzzfeed, CNN, NBC's Today Show, BSkyB, Slate and Mass Relevance....

The Pope gets personal and the Vatican denies Assad received a phone call.

September 10, 2013 - 2:32PM

Rome: Pope Francis (click here) already has distinguished himself from his predecessor with a more down-to-earth style. Now he is both unnerving the Vatican and delighting the faithful by picking up the telephone and spontaneously calling people, earning the nickname "the Cold Call Pope."

Earlier this month, he called to comfort a pregnant Italian woman whose married boyfriend had unsuccessfully pressured her to have an abortion. The woman, who is divorced and will be a single mother, wrote to the Pope, fearing she had fallen afoul of the church. Not knowing the correct address, she marked the envelope "Holy Father Pope Francis, Vatican City, Rome." The Pope offered to personally baptise the baby when it is born next year, according to an account in La Stampa, a Turin-based daily....

...Reports of the call were greeted by some on Twitter and elsewhere on the internet as a welcome change in the doctrinal rigidity of the church on the issue of homosexuality. But the Vatican's denial of the reports fanned speculation that the call had been a hoax, while also prompting some to question whether the Vatican was dissembling to distance itself from a sensitive topic.

There goes the coalition of the willing.

I just love the way diplomats and the media grab at every opportunity to make Obama the hero to save face. If Russia didn't come forward they would still be carry out bombing and lead The West into WWIII. Russia is the hero, it is good of Obama to bring up the impossible and claim victory. 

According to Germany's findings, there is no chance of charging Assad with the chemical weapon's exposure. So, The West doesn't even know who they are dealing with, but, hey want's another war? The bad guy is among the ruins somewhere.


France backs Russia proposal for disarming Syria (click here) 

France has added its support for a Russia proposal to put Syrian chemical weapons beyond use as diplomats work to avert a military intervention led by America. 

By Damien McElroy 
10:02AM BST 10 Sep 2013 

Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister, claimed the Russian initiative demonstrated that the Western threat of action was beginning to show results as Syria's allies lined up to support the idea of dismantling Syria's arsenal.

Mr Fabius said Western allies would approach the Russia effort with "interest and caution" but was open to Syria's stockpile being placed under international control and destroyed. 

Russia had "changed, very good" in response to Western pressure and "overwhelming evidence" of a chemical weapons attack in Syria. 

But Mr Fabius also warned that finding and destroying "more than 1,000 tons of chemical weapons" would be very difficult and require international verification amid Syria's civil war....

Obama needs to fall in line with diplomatic efforts to remove Syria's chemical weapons. He is looking like a media puppet and not the leader of the free world.

I just can't wait until tonight and the President's speech that decides life or death for the bad guy, can you?

Where will the smoking gun be?

BEIJING — Reuters
China said on Tuesday (click here) it backed a Russian proposal for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons for destruction, a plan that could avert planned U.S. military strikes in response to the country’s suspected use of its arsenal on civilians.
U.S. President Barack Obama has argued that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, fighting to continue his family’s four-decade rule, must be punished for what Washington says was a poison gas attack on rebel areas that killed more than 1,400 people on Aug. 21.