Friday, September 16, 2011

The crisis in the Loan Guarantee area of the Recover Act is due to depressed markets.

The USA House is in its own orbit and Speaker Boner is captain of the ship.

The Commission (click here) concluded that this crisis was avoidable—the result of human actions, inactions, and misjudgments. Warnings were ignored. “The greatest tragedy would be to accept the refrain that no one could have seen this coming and thus nothing could have been done. If we accept this notion, it will happen again.”

There is a study about "The Financial Crisis" by according to the USA media no one would know it.

The business sector is NOT suffering from overtaxation.  As a matter of fact, and I would think the GOP would have learned same from Bush's Tax Cuts, taxes are not the driving force to creating jobs.  Jobs are created becuase a product in the market place sells and hopefully sells to its market share and makes a profit.  Taxes has nothing to do with creating jobs.  As a matter of fact, taxes are at an all time low since the 1930s. 

I am not going to discuss Speaker Boner's 'talk' yesterday at The Economic Club because it was completely rhetorical while stating there are places that we can agree. 

Regulations is not the problem either.  It is better to apply regulations now while businesses are re-establishing their production plans and seeking markets.  It will streamline their process in decision making to have regulations in place rather than postponing regulations to a later date.  The regualtions the USA applies is based in protecting the consumer and the air they breath and the water they drink.  Why would any company want to be in violation of those provisions?  Harm to human health, citizen property and lifestyle only leads to lawsuits.  It's completely silly to believe any regulation should be shelved. 
...Boehner (click title to entry - thank you) urged the new bipartisan committee to focus on cuts in federal spending and entitlement programs as a way of slowing the growth of government. He said tax increases should be "off the table" as the committee works toward a late-November deadline....

Overhauling the tax code is a great idea.  It is actually raising taxes although the tax rates would be lower.  It raises taxes because loopholes would be eliminated.  None of these changes are going to go over well, however, there is a concern.  The concern is how long with the Republicans leave the NEW tax code alone?  A month, two maybe?  Then what will have occurred is an increase in taxes certainly to be removed by Republicans panicking over crony preferences.  The USA will then be left if a tax code that will most certainly bankrupt the county with lower rates and returned loopholes.  It will be a peril the USA does not want to seek as an alternative to underhanded backing of a GOP "lower tax rates."  The GOP has to know revising the tax code will raise tax rates and not lower them, hence a violation of their PLEDGE.  So what then is to follow?  A return of the loophole, that is what will follow.

The changes to the tax code which eliminates loopholes and lower rates to increase revenues has to be guaranteed for at least twenty years and the national debt has been reduced or there is no sense to taking the chance.

HR 2587 is a clear indication of the incompetency of the US House of Representatives.

The bill. which passed the House with a party line vote, truncates the
"Due Process" provision of our USA Constitution.  The bill itself could have unintentional consequences.  Both Nancy Pelosi and Steni Hoyer were on the floor of the House yesterday warning this was a bad bill.  It definately is.  Boeing is a long standing and beloved USA compnay. It also enjoys the expertise of American labor.  That cannot be ignored. 

Gov. Chris Gregoire (click title to entry - thank you) pumped up the state's aerospace industry Thursday, promising to tailor worker training to its needs and asking for its help to maintain Washington as the "center of aerospace" in the world.

There are plenty of aerospace companies, states and even whole countries that would like to strip Washington of that title, she said.

One prize for which the state is competing is the location of a new plant to build the 737 MAX, a variant of the world's best-selling airplane that's built in Renton. Boeing is expected to make that decision in about six months.

The Renton plant is in the running, but as Gregoire said, "We take nothing for granted." Boeing got the contract to build new refueling planes for the U.S. Air Force in part because of a strong community partnership that lobbied for a Washington-built plane, she said....

The Aerospace industry belongs in the USA, whether that means a South Carolina plant for Boeing is a question for administrative courts, the NLRB, to decide.  The idea that Boeing could literally rob well trained, seasonsed and senior employees of their jobs for a better bottom line is not only bad business, but, it is bad for the country in a global market place.

The USA relies on a competent aerospace industry for its national defense and space related programs.  To believe that can be substituted for profit driven reasons is hideous.  I am quite confident part of the mission of the NLRB is to maintain the competency of the employee in such a sensitive industry as well as their rights under collective bargaining laws.  As a rule, unions add to the competency of their employees through peer support on the job and educational opportunities off the job. 

That said, the real problem with HR 2587 is that it truncates Due Process.  The law itself is unconstitutional and even if the President were to sign such a hideous legislative attempt by four freshman House members the first stop for it would be the courts.  It would be defeated in the lower courts and upheld throughout.  Due Process is what makes this democracy possible and to realize this bill seeks to remove that process and the fullest extent of that process is ridiculous.   

The bill was composed by self-righteous freshman which is the plague of the USA House, but, it was co-signed by more senior members of the House that share the desire to disarm the USA Constitution.