Wednesday, November 07, 2012

2012 above - 2008 below

The difference was North Carolina, Nebraska, Indiana and possibly Florida. President Obama held his ground. Some of the electoral college numbers are different, but, not enough to matter.

I understand Alan Grayson made a historic return to the US House.


Teacher Unions Rock!

...Bennett raised $1.3 million for the race, (click here) four times as much as his Democratic challenger, Glenda Ritz, a veteran teacher who relied mostly on union support. Bennett's donors included major education reform figures, such as Wal-Mart heir Alice Walton, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Los Angeles developer Eli Broad. He also had the advantage of running in a solidly red state, where Republicans up and down the ticket had strong showings.

Yet Ritz won 54 percent of the vote. She argued that Bennett had put too much emphasis on standardized test scores, which rose during his tenure, and vowed to give local schools more autonomy.

Bennett declined to comment.

The result "was definitely a surprise, no doubt about it," said Michael Petrilli, executive vice president at the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, which last year honored Indiana with the title of the "reformist" state in the nation because of Bennett's work.

"This was the most aggressive reform agenda in the country, and you might say that voters thought things were going too far, too fast," Petrilli said....

Speaker Boner does not have a mandate to oppose President Obama.

Boehner puts down cocktail to shake Koch's hand

Did I make that clear?

Let me write it again to be perfectly clear. Speaker Boner does not have a mandate to oppose President Obama.

Speaker Boner and his majority House is BOUGHT by the plutocrats. He needs to GET OVER It !!!!

What about this election does Boner not understand?

9:37 AM, November 7, 2012
Rep. Michele Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite (click here) who ran for the GOP presidential nomination, barely survived her toughest race yet, beating Democrat Jim Graves to earn her fourth term in the U.S. House....

Bachmann is out of there in two more years. Time to get started!

...A July 16 e-mail said she knew (click here) “our time was extremely valuable,” so she wanted “$25, $50, $100 or more” to defeat her opponent, wealthy businessman Jim Graves and “fight leftist Democrats like Nancy Pelosi.”
Two days later she e-mailed that she was “very concerned you haven’t responded” to that e-mail.
On Aug. 17 we got an e-mail noting a headline that morning raising a frightening possibility: “Could Bachmann lose?”
“The answer,” she said, “is without your immediate support, yes.” So she wanted another $25, $50, $100 or more.
On Sept. 25, we got a “Confidential Campaign Update,” since she said we were “one of my best supporters.”...
The Republican House is bought and paid for, if they think for one minute they are going to get away with their corrupt agenda they have another thing coming!

...In late May, KochPAC, (click here) as Koch Industries' PAC is known, donated $10,000 in one day to Bachmann-linked committees—$5,000 to her 2012 congressional re-election committee and $5,000 to her political action committee, MICHELE PAC, according to the most recent records available. (That's short for Many Individual Conservatives Helping Elect Leaders Everywhere PAC.) The two checks weren't KochPAC's first contributions to Bachmann. According to federal campaign records, the committee has given $25,000 to the Minnesota congresswoman since 2006, excluding the May donation....

The electorate REJECTED the Vulture Capitalist that bought his GOP nomination at the top of the ticket. Ryan is a FLUNKEY. Enough! The American electorate will not be held hostage anymore!

Michigan ends the dictatorship of the Emergency Manager Law.

Protesters speak out against Flint's emergency manager on the lawn of Flint City Hall in April.

There is no problem a community has that requires the dismantling of democracy!

The governor's agenda for Michigan has been rejected.

Posted: Nov 07, 2012 1:00 AM EST
Updated: Nov 07, 2012 11:29 AM EST
By Amy Akers

...All six proposals were voted down. (click here)
Proposal 1: Emergency Manager Law

Gov. Rick Snyder says a decision by Michigan voters to reject a proposal that would have retained an emergency manager law he championed will make it more difficult for financially troubled communities to succeed.

The Republican told WWJ-AM on Wednesday morning that everyone wants to see those communities succeed, but the best tool to help them now is off the table.

The law gave state-appointed managers sweeping authority to cancel union contracts and oust elected officials overseeing insolvent local governments.

Michigan voters also rejected five proposals to amend the state constitution to deal with issues ranging from collective bargaining to building a new bridge to Canada.

Snyder had urged voters to reject the proposals to amend the constitution. He says those could have been "devastating" to the state if approved....

This activity is not appropriate.

The storm, termed as the Nor’easter could impact New York City today through Thursday morning.

If the ocean is nothing but sea foam, human beings should not be anywhere near it. You won't find fish there, why would people think they were safe?


This is the reason I stated  it was far more prudent to wait to begin reconstruction of some projects. This is not the season, necessarily. When an ocean is this churned up there is a reason to wait. 

You know the North Atlantic is famous for its turbulence. As the fishermen / women who know these waters will state. There are just times when there is no sense to trying to accomplish 'dreams' against impossible odds.

Let me propose an initiative for the next administration, starting with Day One: Get the nation started on the surge barriers, flood walls and other big infrastructure projects that can protect our coastal cities from being ravaged by the next Hurricane Sandy....
Yes and no. There are plenty of models regarding manmade structures causing  more problems than not. Before construction of sea walls and the like, New Jersey is usually held as an example of where 'cement groins' are disastrous and cause beach erosion rather than maintaining them. 

There needs to be some modern day assessments of the tides and beaches to determine what is best for 'The Jersey Shore.' There also exists zoning problems for beach communities in New Jersey. There are well established communities that cannot simply be allowed to be wiped off the map and to that understanding permanent structures have to be established. These areas have to be known ZONED areas where the community takes precedent over the recreation beaches. People have a right to property rights.

The thing with the cement groins in New Jersey is this; they can cause large bathtubs of redundant tides during these storms. The washing back and forth of the storm between these cement groins might be a huge factor in the destruction that resulted. So before any reconstruction takes place New Jersey needs to be defensively assessed to find the best 'tide model' that will actually dissipate powerful tides rather than increase their energy in redundancy of movement between concrete structures.

The local communities will want what is best and will appreciate an approach that actually provides for a good defense of their shoreline. It might be the concrete groins have to be demolished if indeed they have caused tidal damage. That dynamic might be what occurred to make the damage appear to be from a higher category storm, too. 

Much has to be done, but, "The Jersey Shore" is too important to simply reconstruct a disaster in the making. The people of New Jersey have to get it right this time.

NC is looking for a miracle. Ain't going to happen. The only difference is the new Governor won't need to worry about veto overrides.

1:13AM EST November 7. 2012 - RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina voters (click here) put a Republican in the Executive Mansion for the first time in 20 years on Tuesday, extended the party's advantage in the General Assembly and kept control of the Supreme Court in a big day for the GOP....

The State of North Carolina is corrupt from one end of its political system to the other. They are entrenched in old world ideology and the state's economy shows it.

At one time North Carolina had dignity and pride in their land and values; all it has now is groveling politicians to corrupt cronies. It is a prime example of what happens to economies when Romneyites have their way with domestic economies. Its citizens are impoverished and cannot find their way out of their own devastated local economies.

If the USA wants to see what an extremist Republican value system results in when it comes to an economy North Carolina is it. There is no ethical standards in their legal system. They define their morality by church values only. North Carolina lawyers are among the lowest income in the nation. Their teachers among the lowest paid in the nation. 

The economy in North Carolina is completely demoralized in trying to build a better "Boom Machine" out of nothing but pity on their sorry ideas of ? quality of life ?.

The 'deregulated' society has resulted in a destroyed economic infrastructure cutting corners at every turn and exploiting every aspect of life for a buck. The citizens of North Carolina have a chronic battle to maintain any kind of life style including having their homes built of substandard materials. North Carolina is the epitome of Republican deregulation and citizens are left to worry about their ability to survive even in Emergency Rooms.

North Carolina doesn't deserve an economy, they don't even give dignity to the definition.

The new governor might have a chance to having an economy if he gets rid of the North Carolina Foreign Trade Zone (click here).

Neutral, secured areas legally outside of the U.S. customs territory, that offer economic advantages for businesses involved in international trade.

There are six Foreign or Free Trade Zones (FTZ) in North Carolina. Several subzones are also approved for use by individual manufacturers....

They are better named, "Have Pity on Us Zones."

North Carolinians run for office because it pays better than their day jobs.

The state government should actually pay enough to have their own graduates from The Cameron School of Business rather than having them move to major Wall Street firms. They might actually know how to turn the state around. North Carolina is so demoralized they can't even compete for their own graduates.

From Michael Moore's Facebook Page. Thank you, Mr. Moore. We have never had a President that have embraced us so entirely.

No one is going to harass Governor Chris Christie. He is a hero.

Governor Christie is the epitome of good governance. It is up to Democrats to uphold the dignity of bipartisanship that works.

Governor Christie is going to be just fine. 

He is more of a Governor than Jeb Bush could ever hope to be. I witnessed Jeb Bush lie openly under oath to a federal panel about the Great Recession. His brother did do that! That cast the dye for Jeb Bush's political future. He will say and do anything to achieve his priority for this country. I could go on and on, but, I am sure the opportunity will present itself in the not too distant future. When I heard him say, "They want to blame everything on my brother. It sounded like the war chant of "W" about Saddam. No lie, that is the first thing that came to my mind. I thought, "Oh, good, another Bush zealot."

Governor Christie is a hero. At a time when his party's priorities was to destroy the reputation and honor of President Obama he rose above the fray and carried out his responsibilities with determined outcomes for the people of New Jersey. No one can take away his obvious dedication to his state.

McConnell needs to resign as minority leader of anything. There is no ethical content to his leadership. Leadership? I don't know what ya call it.

The political cartoon is from The Washington Post.

No more Bush Tax Cuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandy? Latinos? You have got to be joking!

They are horrible men !

They had nothing to offer this country except exploitation of wealth and destruction of the Middle Class.

Dear God, Romney has dedicated his life to destroying the working class of this country.


Romney was Wall Street when Wall Street was still at $1000. They are horrible people. Every one of them! His pacifier was emblazoned with Commodity Platinum. He isn't even close to his father's legacy. Not even close.

There must be drugs in the Janesville, Wisconsin water. The EPA needs to send a field staff to test the air, too. 

According to the Billings Gazette, Jon Tester is winning his Senate bid.

U.S. Senate from Montana (click here)

According to the Gazette Tester carries 54 percent of the vote while Rehberg has 40 percent. The Libertarian candidate has made an impressive appearance of nearly 6 percent.

I like Senator Tester. He deserves to be re-elected.

Senator Tester is not alone, the Montana Governor is turning out to be a Democrat, Steve Bullock. 

Congratulations to both.