Monday, August 22, 2011

NATO's Victory and the victory to the Arab Nations. Now, the real work must begin and only the Libyan people can conduct it.

The good news is that there IS a Rebel Commander.  That is a good thing.

August 22, 2011 6:58 pm

Rebel commander’s prediction comes true (click title to entry - thank you)

"Stand Up for Israel"

I need to explain this and was going to wait until the weekend, but, this is a billboard along Interstate Route 75 that actually witnessed.  

I took offense to it and not because we are allies to Israel, but, because 'the intent' is to negate the Presidency of President Obama.  This has little to nothing to do with the USA's commitment to Israel.  It is political speech intended to rob President Obama of his accomplishments.

This is also very unfortunate as it wasn't really paid for by the Tea Party.  It was paid for by a private citizen that can't afford it according to her own testimony on the Limbaugh Radio Channel.

This 'statement' is irrelevant.  Expensive and irrelevant.  It was placed on Interstate 75 (I noticed it while traveling to Northern Michigan.  I have a cousin that was married on Drummond Island recently.)  to make a fool of the Obama Administration and his international accomplishments.  See, the entire movement affiliated with this 'propaganda' is to INFER an understanding that Israel is in dire needs of friends they cannot find in the Obama Administration.  

That 'tone' of placing negative comment on accomplishments of the Obama Administration has become a hallmark of the Right Wing Extremist Movement.  They believe they can take any accomplishment by this administration by marching through some period of history or philosophy, turn it into propaganda and make President Obama look as if a fool.  See, only the Right Wing Extremists know THE REAL TRUTH about President Obama.  No one else does.

What is more disturbing is that the Tea Party is joined at the hip by extremist media propagandists that reward self-destructive behavior.  It was self-destructive of this woman to place the billboard along Route 75 because she sincerely could not afford it.  Then when she boasted about it on Beck's Radio program on the Rush Limbaugh radio channel she was rewarded with a free membership to GB-TV.  So much for the infamous ability of the Right Wing to be financially responsible even to themselves.  This self-destructive behavior by the listening audience to Rush Limbaugh's Channel clearly illustrates the inability of their audience to discern their best interests because they are moved on a 'Religiously Spiritual' level to justify foolish decision making.  This woman felt compelled to carry this expression of loyalty out because she lived in a Condo with no front yard, etc.  So in order to prove to herself, her religious friends and political affiliates and to the Limbaugh Radio Network that she is a loyal fan and devoted political hack she did what she claims was her only way of providing a 'participatory sign' of 'good faith.'

This is not the first time powerful right wing media has been able to instill self-destructive behavior in the way of financial loss with their viewership.  Repeatedly over the years there have been profound sacrifice by people unable to provide it without financial harm to themselves to deliver messages to the public.  There have been bus tours and all kinds of dynamics that play out without sponsorship to carry the message.  These folks don't realize if there isn't sponsorship for what they claim as 'Good Works' then it is not a concept the 'majority' of Americans can identify with and that is why sponsors are not flocking to their side.  There political message gets lost not because they didn't try, but, because 'the market share' of their 'product - political idea' is NOT THERE !

This billboard is offensive for one reason and one reason only and that is because it takes A TRUTH and makes it into a lie. 

The USA has always been a strong ally to Israel.  The USA has always stood by Israel, during its most difficult times and even when the decision making of Israeli leadership could be questioned.  Israel is important to the USA, has never been abandoned and never will be.  Israel's people have suffered atrocities of humanity that no people and few have.  Rwanda is another country.  Darfur is another.  Where atrocities have forced new nations to grow in order to protect a populous of people from genocide and cultural destruction.  

There is NOTHING new about this billboard.  NOTHING.  Yet the Right Wing Extremists would have everyone believe they have a holy war with President Obama over the USA loyalty to Israel.  

This form of propaganda is an abomination to the First Amendment, not a compliment to it.  The First Amendment can be an enemy to itself and this is one of those instances.

The woman that displayed this billboard was rejected by the first company she asked to display her ad because 'they don't do' political speech.  There is wisdom in that.  There is suppose to be separation of church and state in the USA.  Obviously this extremist political group 'doesn't get it' and seeks to hate President Obama rather than applaud him.