Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I have to thank MSBNC for their coverage of the truth.

Chris Matthews left no stone unturned all the way to the culture of country music. I can't thank him enough. It was good to hear the words, but, it was more than words today, wasn't it? It was the passion for the truth and the a country above reproach. That is what Bush and Cheney never understood and the Republicans still don't understand. They gave themselves the right to disregard reputation over power. It was good to hear the reputation of the USA vindicated today.

Then Michael Eric Dyson brought the words of Senator Byrd alive again. It was wonderful. And Maddow's Hubris.

The Iraq War was painful for so many in the USA. It was wrong. When one lives with the truth and knows the difference; that time of our nation was like acrid air to breath. It was such a betrayal and to realize so many of our neighbors, friends and family were caught up in it, it hurt all the more.

I just needed to let MSNBC know they are appreciated for the truth telling they do. It may not be the most popular venue of news reporting and editorial comment, but, it sure is the most important. There were many in the USA that suffered through that war in mourning for the country they knew and trusted. Today was nice. It was really nice. Thanks.

I don't know what nation building is, but, wars don't accomplish it.

This is a former Iraqi citizen. He was in Jordan finishing an education to return to Iraq to improve the lives of family and country.

"We’ve Lost Our Country": An Iraqi American Looks Back on a Decade of War That’s Devastated a Nation (click here)

There is no reason for this man to speak out now. He has moved on and his family is spread across the globe. The only reason he volunteers his insight is to bring about the end of the immorality that caused the Iraq invasion by the USA.

His entire family lived within blocks of each other in Iraq and today he no longer lives in Iraq and his family is dispersed throughout the world. Those that could; left. The Iraq people that were educated with some degree of financial means didn't stay in Iraq. The country's brain trust was destroyed along with the war.

Iraq did nothing to the USA. Does everyone stop to realize what a complete and utter crime the USA committed against Iraq? Crimes. The USA engaged in global crimes when there was complete evidence by the United Nations there was nothing to support an invasion of innocent people.

The United States committed crimes. International crimes. When Bush states he was more sickened by the fact there was no evidence of WMD after the invasion, that is not an excuse. Crimes that destroy countries and kill their populous when there is evidence to prove the immorality of the military acts have no excuses. 

Why have a United Nations with the capacity to protect all nations from illegal acts of others? If we didn't need such an organization then all we need is a war crimes court for 'after the fact.' 

There were countries in the region of Iraq that were at the heart of the Iraq Resolutions that disarmed the potential of Saddam Hussein and set up No Fly Zones. If they brought their concerns, their intelligence before the United Nations as a reason for war, it would have been more the place of the USA to stand with them. That is not what occurred. What occurred in Iraq was pure exploitation of the military prowess of the USA with complete disregard for human life on both sides of the equation.

The Iraq War was minimally human rights abuse for the profits of Wall Street.
The Democratic Candidate for the USA House will have to tap into the Jenny Sanford value system. I am sure that won't be difficult for her. 

Conventional political wisdom says Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, a Charlestonian, Democrat, and sister of TV comedian Stephen Colbert, is more likely to ice skate in Charleston Harbor than win a seat in the House. Yet stranger things have happened in South Carolina.

Charleston, S.C., (click here) may have witnessed the beginning of the Civil War with the shots at Fort Sumter, but today's Charlestonians are among the most progressive residents in a state that has come to embody modern Republicanism.
Patrik Jonsson/Staff

Jenny should have run. The glass ceiling worked for Nikki Haley. That campaign has to be met with ability though. Palin tried to be the Hillary wannabee and fell on her face. Once a redneck always a redneck and rednecks aren't electable, especially women.

6/22/10 4:35 AM EDT

CONWAY, S.C. — Nikki Haley, (click here) the 38-year-old Indian-American political phenom who might be South Carolina’s next governor, downplays the two attributes that would make her different from her 115 predecessors.
When asked whether someone of her profile, the daughter of immigrants, could have been elected to statewide office when she was growing up here, she has a ready and artful answer.
“I think the timing is right, where people realize this is about issues,” Haley said in an interview. “It’s not about gender; it’s not about race.”
Yet the pink T-shirts some of her supporters wore Monday morning, a day before the Republican gubernatorial runoff, to a rally at a Main Street cafe here, tell a different story....

The very words Democrats use are threatening to the Right Wing. Get over it.

Secretary Clinton to UN: 'Gay Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Gay Rights.' (click here)

By Igor Volsky and Zack Ford on Dec 6, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Recognizing that America’s own record on LGBT equality is “far from perfect,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called on nations around the world to recognize that “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” during a speech in Geneva, Switzerland this afternoon. Clinton’s address builds on a memorandum President Obama issued earlier today directing all agencies to “promote and protect the human rights of LGBT persons.”...
None of this is new for the former Secretary of State. She has been promoting the language and acceptance of diversity everywhere she went.

It was all illegal.

Ewen MacAskill and Julian Borger in Washington
The Guardian
Wednesday 15 September 2004 21.29 EDT

The United Nations secretary general, Kofi Annan, (click here) declared explicitly for the first time last night that the US-led war on Iraq was illegal.
Mr Annan said that the invasion was not sanctioned by the UN security council or in accordance with the UN's founding charter. In an interview with the BBC World Service broadcast last night, he was asked outright if the war was illegal. He replied: "Yes, if you wish."...

...His remarks come amid a marked deterioration of the situation on the ground, an upsurge of violence that has claimed 200 lives in four days and raised questions over the ability of the interim Iraqi government and the US-led coalition to maintain control over the country....

Ya think? Then they called them insurgents, closed their newspapers and attempted to kill their holy men.

Mr. President,
Since I reported to the Security Council on 27 January, UNMOVIC has had two further weeks of operational and analytical work in New York and active inspections in Iraq. This brings the total period of inspections so far to 11 weeks. Since then, we have also listened on 5 February to the presentation to the Council by the US Secretary of State and the discussion that followed. Lastly, Dr. ElBaradei and I have held another round of talks in Baghdad with our counterparts and with Vice President Ramadan on 8 and 9 February.
Let me begin today's briefing with a short account of the work being performed by UNMOVIC in Iraq.
We have continued to build up our capabilities. The regional office in Mosul is now fully operational at its temporary headquarters. Plans for a regional office at Basra are being developed. Our Hercules L-100 aircraft continues to operate routine flights between Baghdad and Larnaca. The eight helicopters are fully operational. With the resolution of the problems raised by Iraq for the transportation of minders into the no-fly zones, our mobility in these zones has improved. We expect to increase utilization of the helicopters. The number of Iraqi minders during inspections had often reached a ratio as high as five per inspector. During the talks in January in Baghdad, the Iraqi side agreed to keep the ratio to about one to one. The situation has improved....

The United Nations was doing back flips to prove to the USA there was no danger from Iraq. Iraq was disarmed. The ONLY violation notable to any country in the world were Scud Missiles that went 8% long in flight. That violation would allow Iraq missiles to pass over it's sovereign borders. The missiles were confiscated and remain buried in the Iraq desert.

...The inspections have taken place throughout Iraq at industrial sites, ammunition depots, research centres, universities, presidential sites, mobile laboratories, private houses, missile production facilities, military camps and agricultural sites. At all sites which had been inspected before 1998, re-baselining activities were performed. This included the identification of the function and contents of each building, new or old, at a site. It also included verification of previously tagged equipment, application of seals and tags, taking samples and discussions with the site personnel regarding past and present activities. At certain sites, ground-penetrating radar was used to look for underground structures or buried equipment....

This is the family picture Bush wanted to hang on his wall in his Oval Office. He wanted revenge for threats against his father. 

And Cheney? Oh, yeah, Cheney. Well, he cooked the books at Halliburton, you know? Halliburton was heading into the Wall Street toilet when Dick assigned himself as the quintessential Vice President on the GOP ticket of 2000.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

By Dana Milbank and Justin Blum
Washington Post Staff Writers 

Testifying at a Senate hearing last week were, from left, Lee R. Raymond of Exxon Mobil, David J. O'Reilly of Chevron, James J. Mulva of ConocoPhillips, Ross Pillari of BP America and John Hofmeister of Shell Oil. (By Chip Somodevilla -- Getty Images)

A White House document shows that executives from big oil companies met with Vice President Cheney's energy task force in 2001 -- something long suspected by environmentalists but denied as recently as last week by industry officials testifying before Congress.
The document, obtained this week by The Washington Post, shows that officials from Exxon Mobil Corp., Conoco (before its merger with Phillips), Shell Oil Co. and BP America Inc. met in the White House complex with the Cheney aides who were developing a national energy policy, parts of which became law and parts of which are still being debated....

The Saddam statue was placed at Fort Hood. Fort Hood everyone knows is the place where the American military would later be assassinated by one of their own at the prompting of a treasoned cleric.

Don't tell me for one minute the national media didn't suspect the same impetus to the Iraq War that many of us already knew. There was collusion between the White House, the Cheney Energy Committee and the petroleum industry. In that report to the nation, the entire Middle East was coveted as a source to the USA's fuel needs. 

These testimonies were dominated by corruption beginning with the fact the petroleum companies' executives never had to swear an oath before their answers to Congress.

Don't even try it. The second day the USA illegally invaded Iraq there were already USA deaths and deaths of Iraqi citizens and the petroleum industry was on the oil fields.

Halliburton has never had a problem in the market since that invasion and Cheney was never prosecuted for his violations of stockholder losses during the time he was CEO. As long as he could turn the corner for the company, SOME HOW, ANY WAY, JUST FIND A WAY, his hinny would be safe; not to mention increasing his personal wealth.

The Iraq statue pulled down in the Firdaus Square, Baghdad was melted down, sculpted by an Iraq artist, paid for by USA monies, into a memorial at Fort Hood of the soldiers that died in the oil war. This is where the Saddam stutate lies. That is nothing short of demented.


About that doctrine of overwhelming force. The military power the USA has in the world is oppressing peace and endangering the national security it claims to protect. 

Today, the USA has more problems with nuclear proliferation in the world, more fear of a nuclear war and seeks to park aggressively it's Star War missiles all over the world. 

The interceptor missiles, in order for them to be effective in achieving peace, has to be deployed everywhere including with the USA's arch enemies; as if there really are any.

That's right. That is the legacy of the Republican Party. They created the USA industrial complex. Promoted Atoms for Peace. Endangered the entire world, including their own people, with the threat of nuclear war, Cheney programmed the USA post Iraq invasion for a so called "Limited Nuclear War;" (Hey, there were a lot of Japanese that survived and had only superficial wounds.) and then Reagan deployed Star Wars to defeat nuclear weapons thinking it would nullify any nuclear threat. What Star Wars actually did is escalate the threat of nuclear proliferation and war.

When will power and money, including the death of American soldiers, stop being THE TOY of the GOP?


Iraq wasn't enough?

We don't belong in Iraq.

We never did.