Friday, April 29, 2016

The 2014 elections in the USA was a complete embarrassment to the Democrats. Why? Because they played the woman card called, "The War on Women."
I would advise Puerto Rico to file their status with the United Nations. The humanitarian crisis should have been avoided at all costs to the USA. 

This can be viewed though ethnic cleansing outcomes. It sounds harsh but who ever thought Puerto Rico would be suffering to this degree. 

When the earthquake struck Haiti, there was significant relief sent by the USA. Why is Puerto Rico different unless it is based in racial issues known to the USA Congress with a majority of Republicans.

There is no excuse for this. 

Any ethnicity on Earth has the right to seek attention from the United Nations. It needs to start now and should have begun a decade ago.

Besides the obvious deterioration of Puerto Rico's economy, there are issues with Zika. That health emergency has resulted in travel warnings. Puerto Rico would be suffering from economic downturn anyway at this point in it's history as a USA possession. The legislature needed from the USA should include much needed humanitarian supplies. This issue is no longer simply some kind of mismanagement, but, is a sincere and what seems like permanent health emergency. 

When the Haiti 7.0 earthquake hit on January 12, 2010; the Congress was a Democratic majority in both legislative houses and there was no hesitation to the response. The USA military was even dispatched because of the turmoil. The USA's moral content is horrible under this Congress and getting worse with the awareness of these people.

Pence is establishment. It is the exhausted effort to stop Donald Trump.

Pence has always been Republican establishment even when he was in Congress. Establishment Republicans sell out to their funding cronies.

It should be predictable by now.

March 23, 2016
By Shane Goldmacher
The political arm of the Club for Growth, (click here) which has invested millions in ads to stop Donald Trump, is going one step further and endorsing Ted Cruz.
“Ted Cruz is the best free-market, pro-growth, limited-government candidate in the presidential race,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh said in a statement.
The Club for Growth PAC has never previously endorsed in a presidential race.
“This year is different,” McIntosh said, "because there is a vast gulf between the two leading Republican candidates on matters of economic liberty. Their records make clear that Ted Cruz is a consistent conservative who will fight to shrink the federal footprint, while Donald Trump would seek to remake government in his desired image."....

I've never seen so many people willing to end their political career in this election.

Cruz can go back to being a lawyer, but, for Kasich this is it. I don't know what he'll do besides politics. He'd probably be looking for a job on the assembly line.

April 29, 2016
By Jesse Byrne

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump(click here) is ahead by 9 points in Indiana ahead of the state's Tuesday primary, according to a poll released Friday.
Trump has 41 percent support among likely GOP primary voters, the American Research Group poll found, followed by Ted Cruz, at 32 percent, and John Kasich, at 21 percent....

While Kasich is in Oregon:

"My wife told me to go for it." (click here)

The USA is the only NATO hold out in Afghanistan and needs to conclude their mission.

The USA military has been in Afghanistan since 2001 and is still learning lessons. Isn't it just a little to late for that?

A full investigation needs to be conducted, INCLUDING THE TECHNOLOGY! There are former CIA, FBI and military intelligence in the USA completely capable of conducting an independent investigation. It is the very least we can do to Doctors Without Borders. This group facilitated the end of Eboli in Africa, the very least we can do is carry the requests of their leadership!

April 29, 2016
By Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne

...Doctors Without Borders (click here) says that more than 100 patients were admitted to the hospital when it was struck.
Pablo Marco, operations manager for Doctors Without Borders in the Middle East, told CNN Thursday that his group would continue to push for an independent external investigation into the strike.
"We just need to remember that since the beginning, MSF has asked for an independent investigation to really understand and to make clear what happened in Kunduz and that unfortunately despite the fact that the U.S. has had an internal investigation, this independent investigation hasn't happened yet and we keep asking for it," he said.
At the news conference, Votel stressed, "We extend our deepest condolences to those injured and to the families of those killed in this tragic incident," adding that the Pentagon was "fully committed to learning from this tragedy and minimizing the risk of civilian casualties during future combat operations."
"This was an extreme situation we were dealing with," Votel said, noting that the Taliban in the area were in possession of a surface-to-air missile, a rarity in the Afghanistan conflict....

The Mediterranean Sea has to rebuild it's reputation as a tourist haven.

April 29 2016
By Peter S. Goodman

The strongest economies in the eurozone (click here) — major exporters like Germany and the Netherlands — may have recaptured healthy momentum. But in the worst-hit countries — Cyprus, Greece, Ireland and Italy — ordinary people continue to grapple with the consequences of deep job losses and wage cuts, which have slashed away at incomes....

Ireland's economy is fairly new. Previous to the build up of a new economy the Irish economy was always soft. Ireland's leadership needs to work toward stability as mapped out in it's stability program (click here)

But, the countries of Cyprus, Greece and Italy have some real downsides of their tourism. Tourism is the second pillar in Greece. The Greek islands have been receiving refugees and some of those refugees have proven to be killers in Paris. Security has to accompany the Greek economic resurgence. This is one of the reasons Syria has to be stabilized and sovereign borders of countries in the region hardened.

Security can be an economy all by itself. The security doesn't have to be uniformed people. The streets of places like Corfu can have strolling security officers without a frank appearance, however, in difficult times the occasional officers patrolling can be rather reassuring.

There are points of pride in Greece in their family based shipping heritage and the vast preservation of the ruins. Security to protect those structures is paramount. We know what vicious militias do to long standing heritage areas. Greece has to boast it's humanitarian efforts while maintaining domestic peace.

I cannot imagine anyone who would not want to tour Corfu. It is an astounding place and it is still ours to marvel at with understanding to it's history. Greek cuisine is unique and not found anywhere else in the world. France has it's vineyards unique to it's country. Europe has significant history. All that cultural wealth should not be overlooked, but, exaggerated to bring about interest. The world's economy is not going to improve overnight, it needs to be nudged. But, as the uptick comes, hold onto the edge and keep pushing. 

The European economies that have been viewed as a place where killers hide have to reclaim their luster. There is no way Paris can lose it's economic base. The economic stability has to be maintained. Security has to be the very base of Europe's economy. Security cannot be lost. The authorities in France were merciless when hunting down the killers. That has to occur. Each countries instability enhance the potential for more. That cannot be tolerated. Security, security and more security.

Tourism for any country is completely dependent on the ability of tourists to afford travel. Countries have to bring about the growth of it's middle class. The middle class is where people can begin to afford travel. It is a global dynamic and it is vitally important. Wages have to move upward following 2008. It is all counter intuitive, but, it is where growth, security and the future lives.

Isn't there a from of tourism that allows SERVICE to the country as a method to improve the economy? I thought that had a dimension of growth.

Volunteer tourism. Security is vitally important in the areas where volunteers can concentrate their experience. Enjoyment is a part of the volunteer movement. Work during the day and dine at magnificent restaurants in the evening or however it works out. It is a cutting edge economic opportunity. But, safety of the volunteers has to be rock solid.

July 31, 2014
Carrie Kahn

As you plan (click here) — or even go — on your summer vacation, think about this: More and more Americans are no longer taking a few weeks off to suntan and sightsee abroad. Instead they're working in orphanages, building schools and teaching English.
It's called volunteer tourism, or "voluntourism," and it's one of the fastest growing trends in travel today. More than 1.6 million volunteer tourists are spending about $2 billion each year.
But some people who work in the industry are skeptical of voluntourism's rising popularity. They question whether some trips help young adults pad their resumes or college applications more than they help those in need....

The United Nations might have Peacekeepers to provide for areas where volunteer tourists can visit and experience the country's humanitarian effort. I think a lot is possible even if it incremental at first. The longer the security is established the more of a 'future' concept will manifest in the plans of the tourism industry. Sincerely good tourism demands the understanding security and safety is stable to attract the PLANNING needed for the growth of tourism.

"Future Think" and expectations delivered is very important to planning for tourists.

I think Greek shipping has always been a mystery to most people. It is historic with incredible beginnings and today with places of danger such as pirates.

May 17, 2013
By Ted Kemp

Like the Caribbean of old, (click here) the waters near Somalia used to be the most heavily pirated in the world. Now there's a new king of the pirates that's quickly become a headache for governments, shipping companies, cruise lines, energy firms, global conglomerates and — perhaps most immediately — for sailors trying to ply trade....

People love to learn about their world. And, NO, do not have volunteerism to experience what happens when a ship is pirated. But, there can be that aspect to any tour of a family's shipping history.  Demystify the world. Inquisitive people and surprises about reality.

Assess assets, find the curiosity to be satisfied and create a market. "The Lives of the Shipping Families" from the time of their beginnings would be something to explore. Safety on shipping docks have to be absolute without the ability for any tourist to be a stowaway. 

Scoundrels within a shipping family will bring about amusement. Every family has at least one.

Guns in the USA are probably boring by now for the collectors. I would think highlighting the gun culture and/or lack of it would attract many people to Europe. Reality based information with moral content. That is what people are looking for. They want to close the loop to modern day and how we got here.

Good luck.