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President Obama has a country to worry about, not just a party. He never lost his 'base.'

Census Bureau  (click title to entry - thank you(

Sales of new single-family houses in May 2010 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 300,000, according to estimates released jointly today by the U.S. Census Bureau and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. This is 32.7 percent (±9.9%) below the revised April rate of 446,000 and is 18.3 percent (±13.0%) below the May 2009 estimate of 367,000.
The median sales price of new homes sold in May 2010 was $200,900; the average sales price was $263,400. The seasonally adjusted estimate of new houses for sale at the end of May was 213,000. This represents a supply of 8.5 months at the current sales rate....

President Obama has kept the USA from collapsing completely.  He knows EXACTLY the pulse of the country and the USA's economy.  He could probably brief the entire USA on the condition of the global economy.  He is a brilliant man.  He is also a very, very moral man. 

I trust the President and admire him.

His current 'average' approval rating is about 46% with six of the nine major polling agencies finding him at 47 to 48 percent approval.  THAT IS HIS BASE.  He has a base of AT LEAST 46% as did all other 'modern day' past Democrat Presidents and candidates.

He is a tough guy.  He is a very tough guy and anyone that says differently is paying attention to the Republican rhetoric and NOT reality.

He is not shrinnking in the corner in the Oval Office, he is engaged and flexing his muscles everyday and in every way possible.  He is steering the USA on a path of revitalization and don't forget it.  You won't hear much different from me.

The graph above clearly illustrates the reality of his enormous capacity to act in the best interest of the American people.  The graph above shows the 'entirety' of the Bush Economy.  The Bush exploitation of the American Dream and its collapse,  The Bush Era didn't have a real and sustainable economy.  It collapsed and took the entire 'Family of Nations" global economy with it.

What fallout (click here) should President Obama expect from this deal to keep the upper-income tax cuts? Will this move significantly erode the support he has among Democrats -- and does that matter for what he wants to accomplish in the next two years?

The above paragraph is from The New York Times.  The quality and content of their journalism has normalized incredibly under this President.  I have been reading 'The Times' for a long time and during the Bush Era the content of the newspaper went to the political 'right' while seeking to find 'acceptable' truth to print that would enlighten the public to the incompetence of that administration.  They survived a very, very difficult political environment.  I admire them as well and today they are 'breathing' the political air far better.  I am proud of my President for that as well.  The New York Times is not shrinking in the corner either.

In the first two years of his presidency, President Obama passed HUGE legislation.  Legislation that was direly needed in the USA.  Legislation that will set the tone for decades to come.  He has had a historic presidency and I don't want to hear how he is 'too young' or 'too inexperienced' to carry out his responsibilities.  He has had a historic presidency in far more ways than one and has provided a foothold for Democrats to secure their nation from exploitation ever again. 

The 2010 Elections were about the plutocracy and its ability under THE ROBERT'S COURT to 'steer' voter opinion.  Tha nation has to come to terms with the Republicans and THEIR priorities.  The Republicans, as proven yesterday, even in compromise will destroy this nation and the global economy again and again and again.  Anyone not realizing that is not living with realty. 

The Democrats need to stop attempting to 'posture' themselves to win the 2012 election and begin to let the entire country know exactly what a magnificent president, President Barak Hussein Obama has been to date. 

Yesterday he achieved his complete agenda without compromise.  The Republicans demanded the further exploitaion of the American people and their children's future.  They cannot deny that.  Yesterday it was completely obvious the prioriites of Republicans and their 'political rant' are disharmonious.  They are nothing but a mouth piece for the Plutocarcy and cannot and will not put "Country First.'

The challenges of the Simpson-Bowles Commission DEMANDS every American 'Put Country First.'  It is time we got on with it and prove even further how Republicans of any 'denomination' hate the American people and 'kiss the feet' of the wealthy and Wall Street.  The Palin statements during her run for Vice President with the bigoted McCain stated "Main Street and Joe Six Pack" were important to her.  Yesterday, Palin's Party proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they lie to achieve a goal. 

To realize the extent President Obama DID NOT concede his priorities; and as a matter of fact came away with MORE than the House or Senate Democrats were asking; only begins to illustrate his commitment to putting his "Country First" both domestically and globally. 

I thank President Obama for achieving protections for the Middle and Lower income people in the USA and the movement foward to secure the future of their children. 


"Oh, yes we do."

We don't belong in Iraq, we never did and NOW, we don't !