Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The GOP is afraid of Democrats.

President Obama is correct. Where the Democrats and Republicans agree they should pass bills to make it law. Middle Class tax cuts is an excellent place to start. We know for a fact the driving force to our economy's stability and growth to date is due to the Middle Class. The "investor class" isn't interested in the USA. The Middle Class is interested in the USA. The wealthy class wants to pay their fair share in a fair manner mandated by law.

So, what is the problem? The problem is the GOP is afraid of Democrats. They are afraid if they don't get their tax cuts for the wealthy they won't get anything at all. Well, one has to ask, is the majority of the wealthy actually interested in continuing the UNBALANCED tax cuts during a difficult time for the country?

This graph was published by The New York Times years ago and to realize it still stands and is causing larger and larger deficits to our nation is absolutely immoral. Does the GOP actually think the wealthy want this to continue? They don't have a conscience I suppose, is that it? The wealthy have no conscience, they only have greed and bank accounts and political donations.

Amazing. The tax structure above named by the Democrats a long time ago, should be legislated by the Senate even if it doesn't pass. It is equitable across the spectrum of the citizenship of this country. It needs to be passed into law. It is a moral imperative the country bring its deficit under control and this begins that process.

If the Republicans want to roll back their military cuts and the Democrats want to roll back their domestic cuts, they need to agree on this tax structure and then begin to cut the fat from the USA budget. LEAN AND MEAN. What works, what doesn't. We have a President that cares about this country in a very wholesome way both on the military and domestic side. It is time to get this done! It is the moral thing to do. 

If this tax structure was instituted in the USA with the current funding cuts as of midnight plus one second of the New Year 2013, the country's credit rating would never be in question. It is time to get it done.

Why will the Affordable Care Act stabilize and then reduce health care costs?

The chart is from Wiki.

...In the decade before the law was passed, (click title to entry - thank you) national health expenditures increased about 7 percent a year. But in the past two years, those increases have dropped to less than 4 percent per year, saving Americans more than $220 billion. And that trend is expected to continue, with health-care costs projected to stay level as a share of gross domestic product from 2009 all the way through 2013....

The cost of health care in the USA has been out of control. Capitalists love it. The Health Care Insurance Companies have been free wheeling it and getting what they want without scrutiny. That will stop. The health care insurance companies have to spend 85% of their enrollment fees on the care of their members or refund the difference. Their middle management won't be allowed to grow out of control to justify costs. The companies will have to be efficient and not ungainly.

But, the most important aspect is a NEW health care market in the USA. The entire country is now the client base to the health insurance industry and while they have to spend 85% of their enrollment fees on actual care, the size of that 85% is larger. The 15% is larger. This is hardly the death of the private health care insurance industry.

In her Op-Ed, Secretary Sebelius clearly makes the argument the Affordable Care Act is already stabilizing the insurance industry. Small businesses are not falling off the enrollment, but, instead can offer health care to its employees in confidence they can continue to afford it.

The number enrolled in health care is going to grow as the years go by; not simply by the number of births in the country, but, by the sheer fact every American will continue to find health care insurance affordable and a wise investment. The free preventive care alone is worth the cost, both to the pocketbook and every person's vision of the future of their lives.

The free preventive care is the beginning of a nation far healthier and aware of their wellness. It will make a nation healthier. With a healthier and well cared for populous the USA will have falling costs by the virtue of its wellness alone, but, also because the cost will be carried by those generating the costs. Now, when a citizen is ill, they will have insurance to help with those costs and not pass the costs on to those insured but not necessary ill.

The health care industry is already stabilizing today. It is not only stabilizing but looking forward to the roll it will play in every American's life. 

The future for the country is brighter today than before the Affordable Health Care Act was passed into law. 

In the graph above, some of the escalation in costs globally is reflected by the high cost in the USA. The USA's economy has an impact on every other country. The cost of health care in the USA will come into line with other nations and will actually have a stabilizing effect on them as well. It is a hope of mine, that the stabilizing of the USA healthcare industry will not only bring USA health care costs into alignment with the rest of the world, but, in its stabilization will prove to be a factor in reducing those costs globally, too. 

Given the Affordable Care Act was a measure by Democrats in the USA, they already have reasons to be proud of their agenda for the nation. It is a good thing.

Go, Democrats, Go!