Monday, August 11, 2014

Another great liberal closes the curtain.

Benjamin Crump is highly qualified to speak for the community.

I saw this essay about his verbal characteristics. I find that offensive. I thought it was notable to realize this man not only represents those that are victims of American violence, but, attacked himself. Racism.

April 12, 2012

Over the course (click here) of the past few weeks, significant shade has been thrown at Ben Crump, the attorney for Trayvon Martin's family. Attorney Crump is not a natural orator and his Southern seeps into every single (and sometimes extra) syllable. Many have assumed that because his speech is so very "Urban Floridian" that this somehow reflects his legal prowess and/or brain power. It's both an insult and a mistake to assume this. 

I don't know how many of you heard Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Magic Johnson or Deion Sanders (countless others) back in the day before the professional speech coaches got hold of them. Not. Pretty. I mention this to say that Mr. Crump requires a speech coach or a smoother spokesperson and nothing more. I'll admit when I first heard Mr. Crump, I longed for the silver-tongued effervescence of Johnnie Cochran. And then I went and looked up brother Crump's bio.

He has quite the track record of impressive wins and tackling improbable causes and coming out on top. He has worked hand in hand with Rev Al, Rev Jesse and other activists to shine light on racial injustice. He is considered a bright and talented legal mind with a shimmering future ahead. And he wears a navy suit rather well. (Sorry, just a sidebar. Moving on...)...

Here is the latest about safety from Thailand.

August 12, 2014

At least three workers died and 17 others were injured when a six-storey building under construction collapsed just outside Bangkok, police say.

Rescuers are now searching for an unknown number of missing people.

The planned student accommodation block crashed down at around 4.30pm local time on Monday (9.30pm Monday NZT) in Pathum Thani province, north of the capital, a police officer told AFP on condition of anonymity....

The picture is the rubble. What company did this?

...Labour groups have warned about lax safety standards and low wages at Thai construction sites, especially for migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, who are often paid below the country's minimum daily wage....

From Wiki:

The industrial parks are listed as in Nonthaburi. 

Software Park Thailand (in Nonthaburi, southwest of Pathum Thani), Nava Nakorn Industrial Promotion Zone (1376 acres / 5.6 km²), Bangkadi Industrial Park (470 acres / 1.9 km²), Techno Thani (a "Technology City" administrated by Ministry of Science and Technology), and a number of industrial parks in neighboring Ayutthaya and Nonthaburi provinces

Here the latest about Mayor Rob Ford?

Police are investigating the alleged email threat, the mayor says. Doug Ford held up a copy of the message for the media.

Aug. 11, 2014

Toronto police (click here) are investigating an alleged bomb threat against the Ford brothers at City Hall.
Police spokesperson Mark Pugash confirmed police were at City Hall Monday afternoon looking into the alleged threat, but there has been no evacuation order.
City councillor Doug Ford and Mayor Rob Ford disclosed the alleged emailed threat to media at City Hall and showed a copy of the message.
“Since you guys have been back, it’s been chaos,” the message reads, then switches to all capital letters to warn the Fords to “vacatge (sic) city hall” within 24 hours....
A threat? Really? I don't know. It sounds more like a Pink Slip to me.

Excuse me? Israel is calling for aid. Oh. That makes it all better now.

A Palestinian boy rides a donkey past a destroyed residential neighborhood in the Gaza Strip. Photo / AP

August 12, 2014

Israel calls for conditional aid for Gaza (click here)

Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid has called on the international community to pull together a massive aid package for Gaza conditioned on the Palestinian Authority returning to power in place of the Islamic militant group Hamas.

Lapid said that the Western-leaning Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is the legitimate authority in Gaza, which was been blockaded since Hamas seized control there in 2007.

This so called aid by Israel is self serving. How is that? You know this. What do the people of Gaza and their President want? Access to trade. Now, why is Israel providing aid? Compassion or plans for more control and further violence against the Palestinians?

If Israel brags about the aid they are providing to the Palestinians, then they don't need to remove the blockade. Yes? 

Israel OWES Palestine war reparations, not aid.

Ever notice how the GOP is more concerned with war than guns and violence in the USA? 

There is absolutely no mention of the killer police on FOX.

I'd like the USA to solve it's own problems before taking on war in every corner of the world. Don't get that from the GOP. Ya know?

It is a DISGRACE how much attention war receives without the same time spent on American violence and the dead innocent people of our own society.

The USA can't go on holding every hand in the Middle East. We have our own problems. The nations of the people in the world have to stand on their own. The USA can talk about genocide and identify it, but, the fact of the matter is by the time the USA finds it and provides relief for it, it is too late for many people. The people of this world have to protect their land and sovereign country. It isn't humanly possible to be a care taker of the entire world. Won't happen.

The Kurds and their efforts should be admired by Turkey and the two peoples need to form an alliance that works to protect all of them.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Khaled Sharrouf. Photo: Supplied

August 11, 2014
By Rachel Olding

Politicians and Muslim (click here) community leaders have labelled it sickening, deplorable and shockingly evil.
But Khaled Sharrouf's brother believes Australia should simply "forget" about a photo of his young nephew holding the severed head of a Syrian soldier.
As the shocking image of Sharrouf's son travelled around the world on Monday, Mostafa Sharrouf, a stonemason from Sydney's western suburbs, said: "He's gone, forget about it. He's forgotten about youse. I'm sure you've seen much worse than that."...

If a country wants to stop the recruitment of it's own citizens into wars by extremists than stop allowing it into the boundaries via internet or otherwise. When a country can't protect it's citizens from extremism it is relinquishing it's sovereign authority to those that kill and destroy lives.

There is no such thing as absolute freedom. Why allow this recruitment in the first place? The NSA can spy all they want, but, somehow the freedom extremists in Western governments have even more rights to endanger lives. It's ridiculous.

Australia complains about this horrible reality, but, guess who is putting this front page? 

This is from the Gulf News. They got it from "The Australian." Do you know who The Australian is? Murdoch. Who is the real terrorist? Those that commit the act or those that provide the ground for the recruitment in the first place? This man and his son are now in danger from all corners of the world. Well done, Murdoch. I've always said The West simply doesn't have enough liberties, wouldn't you agree? 

August 11, 2014
Sydney: A shocking image (click here) of what is believed to be the young son of an Australian man holding a decapitated head in Syria shows how barbaric the Isil “terrorist army” is, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Monday.
The picture, taken in the northern Syrian city of Raqa, was posted on the Twitter account of Khaled Sharrouf, an Australian man who fled to Syria last year and is now an Isil fighter, The Australian newspaper said....

Noontime Propaganda Update

Did you know that the military of the former country of Iraq failed because so many of it's members retired? Well, dah, where was the USA military when they never realized so many were near retirement when they road their tanks out of Iraq into Kuwait.

That enlightening report was from talking head retired general Spider Marks who had just flown back from Iraq in consultation with the community behind the blast walls in Baghdad.

And FOX talking heads seem to think President Obama handed over the USA Air Force to Maliki because the President responded to the call by ? Iraq ? to bomb the northern region where the McCain inspired ISIS/ISIL was advancing. Confused to say the least.

Now, to make up for the confusion about the retirement of so many soldiers in the former Iraqi military the nation of Western Iran has instilled a new Prime Minister. Anything to save face.

Now to the USA where police are still killing innocent civilians. 

..."Several other stores (click here) along a main road near the shooting scene were broken into, including a check-cashing store, a boutique and a small grocery store. People also took items from a sporting goods store and a cellphone retailer, and carted rims away from a tire store.

"TV footage showed streams of people walking out of a liquor store carrying bottles of alcohol, and in some cases protesters were standing atop police cars or taunting officers who stood stoic, often in riot gear."...

There are demonstrations today in the USA protesting the killing of so many dead citizens at the hand of police departments inspired by the 23 or more dead homeless citizens in Albuquerque.

James Boyd was murdered on March 24, 2014. That was four and a half months ago and there are still no charges filed against the assassin police swat team. Since then the city and their police department are peddling as fast as they can to make example of the teens that followed the police example by killing more homeless people. Teens.

While the teens need to be dealt with, the police are still without charges and James Boyd is still very, very dead.

Since the death of James Boyd there have been killing of many innocent people including many African Americans. There are few states in the nation that can claim their are free of killer cops. 

What is being done to end this problem? It would seem nothing and the police are more and more convinced it is Americans with the problem. Yet, armed camps of right wing extremists still walk this country and kill others. What is wrong with this country?

It is back to school time in a few weeks in most southern states. The northern states usually go back to school after Labor Day. A nice gesture that is more than practical considering once school is begun there is actually uninterrupted until Columbus Day and then followed by Veteran's Day. There may be an occasional holy day here and there for some folks though. But, the really exciting news is there are many new students in some schools this year. They are the children sent to the USA by heart broken and/or dead family to save their lives. They are going to get their first taste of school American style and for many this may be their first understanding of education at all. It is an exciting time for these magnificent and brave children. I hope it all goes well.

Today in Palestine, the cold hard fact that there are 10 to 1 wounded over dead in the Gaza community. Can you imagine being a surviving Palestinian and thinking, "Let's see 10 to 1 everyone else is in the hospitals, let's start there." 

In Israel they are taking polls. Seriously.

...In three different polls, (click here) sizable majorities – ranging from 59 percent to 78 percent – termed the war at best a draw, and perhaps even an Israeli defeat; only 21% to 41% deemed it an Israeli victory. Thus, one would expect Israelis to be angry at the prime minister who presided over this fiasco. Instead, Binyamin Netanyahu’s handling of the war was approved by 59% of respondents in one poll and a whopping 77% in another.

Analysts as diverse as the centrist Shmuel Rosner and the left-wing Haaretz’s Yossi Verter explained this anomaly as reflecting a recognition that defeating Hamas isn't possible, so a tie was the best that could be achieved. Yet that explanation doesn't jibe with another poll finding: A majority of Israelis wanted to continue the operation rather than ending it. That makes no sense if they actually thought the operation had achieved the maximum possible; who in Israel would want IDF soldiers to continue dying in Gaza for nothing? Indeed, respondents even told pollsters which additional goals they wanted achieved: eliminating Hamas’s rocket capabilities, topping Gaza’s Hamas government, targeting Hamas leaders....

So feeling very secure in Israel, there is a populous that want Hamas dead. See, the Israeli government has played politics with Palestinian lives and never bothered to explain the assault of Gaza was like shooting fish in a barrel. Minor point that might even give Israel's citizens a moment of pause to realize they approved of mass killing of innocent people including children. 

It would seem Israel lacks the ability to move past it's 'business as usual' mind set that allows the belief they can actually invade an independent nation of people that have suffered to the point where death means nothing. 

More later.

Today's Editorial

How many Democrats noticed the change in posture of our President pre and post inauguration?

Okay, okay, put your hands down. 

Next question, how many Democrats said under their breath, "The military got to him?" 

Right? Like, too obvious, right? 

Poor BaraK Hussein Obama was barraged with military fear of an impending and complete withdrawal like that crazy Michigander Gerry Ford. Right? So, Obama is then convinced the only 'globally' safe way to end the two wars is to follow Bush's plans. The DNC said, you know some of us voted for the lousy war and we could be hung out to dry and following Bush's plans makes a lot of sense. NOT ONE DEMOCRAT, except maybe for Bernie Sanders, said GET THE HELL OUT BECAUSE NATION BUILDING DOESN'T WORK!

See, Barak Obama was a pure unadulterated Democrat with his belief systems mired completely in tried and true values dating back decades. But, they taken from him. By politics. See, the military was convinced the best outcome to any "W"rongful invasion was to create a nation that was like the USA. We, as Democrats know, that Nation Building is nonsense. We know it, it's in our blood, it is in our religion and it is in our politics. Nation Building fails. 

But, see Bush decided early on Saddam was going to hang for the slurs to his father and the Brits decided the Ba'ath Party was the problem. So, Iraq, when it was still Iraq, was eliminated of it's Parliament and it's military as well as it's dictator. So, "W" said, "I am the genius of all genius and I can make this happen the right way." He instituted nation building and ordered the USA military to MAKE IT SO.

Heady stuff, ya know? A military that could conquer a disarmed dictator and create a democracy. The people of the USA were too traumatized by 911 and Cheney took advantage of all of it and made fear the cultural norm in the USA. 

If Iraq is this much of a mess, what do you think you think Afghanistan is going to look like? 

What did we always know?

National Building doesn't work.

Troops Out Now.

The last thing the world needs right now are journalists that spout philosophy and ideology.

The last voice that falls into that category is Kooky Roberts. She said today the American public has to be given lessons in military in action.

I think Americans know exactly what military inaction is and does not like the fact the USA is always the country to provide 'the action.' So, if other nations want to be involved in their own military inaction that is their peril.

She is war monger. Kooky Roberts is a war monger. She thinks she is slick, but, not so much. Let's just review a few realities this morning. 

The 'idea' of a Mars O2 Fart Machine is actually a $2 billion ad for commercial aerospace. Not government aerospace, but, commercial aerospace. It is not expected to produce anything except speculation.

Mars atmosphere is primarily CO2. It produces no gases and is not alive like Earth. Earth is dynamic and produces CO2 as well as oxygen. So, the chemical composition of Mars is finite, unless of course, human endeavor proves otherwise and that is what commercial aerospace wants everyone to buy into. 

The molecular weight of CO2 is 44.01 grams per mol (don't understand mol/mole than read it - click here).

The molecular weight of Oxygen is 15.9994 grams per mole making O2 31.9988 grams per mol. 

The O2 the Mars Fart Machine will emit will be lighter than any of the atmosphere surrounding it. Where is it going to go? Is it going to hang around the machine and call it home so that human beings can make a new atmosphere? Of course not. The O2 in a relationship with CO2 as something like Helium and Hydrogen. They are both gases, but, one is lighter and floats higher than the other. O2 from the Mars Fart Machine will rise to the top of the CO2 air column. O2 at that place in any atmosphere will burn off when hit by solar radiation as it will excite the molecules. Why do you think Mars is dense with CO2? Because at even it's highest altitude it is stable and difficult to excite into changing conformation as a molecule.

Now on to the former Iraq. The West's political propaganda machine is scapegoating Maliki. The folks in the Green Zone, you know the Baghdad Gated Community behind the concrete barriers are not fighting the wars; the soldiers are. There are no more Iraqi soldiers. They quit. So, fighting about the administration in Baghdad isn't going to result in soldiers willing to fight. 

THERE IS NO MORE IRAQ. Please tell me people aren't this stupid.

I will say this about the new Islamic militants fighting notable wars in Kenya and the former Iraq. They have developed a genocidal methodology as their primary focus in executing their wars. Now, in Kenya, the genetic mix is probably not genocidal, except, for tribes with distinct language and culture. So, in the greater African composition, the Boko Hiram military model is genocidal considering it will homogenize peoples. In the former Iraq and Syria the same holds true. There are tribes of people, even living in cities, that carry certain cultural and ethnic differences. 

How does it work? You know this.

USA Humvees roll into town with a bunch of goons with USA munitions. Then they assassinate any soldier in the area and all the men they can find, except perhaps older men not into procreation.

What's next? If all the sperm are gone, what happens next?

The women are captured or kidnapped and sold into human slavery as baby machines. What occurs? Complete dilution of the genetic content of any ethnicity and the installation by force of a new culture. 


So, there is the propaganda update. Later.