Saturday, October 18, 2014

I can never understand why President Obama's approval rating is hideously low.

He has worked diligently at providing a platform for so very many Democratic values. What good are values if they can't be expressed within society and government. 

We have a health care system that did not destroy insurance companies, but, gave them a place in the USA's culture.

We have a President that says the worlds global warming and climate crisis with an EPA changing the face of our country to end greenhouse gas pollution.

President Obama popular with environmentalists or not has provided an energy independent country.

The first first act as President saw the coarse correction for woman in the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay act.

He has brought our military out of Iraq without returning our soldiers, but, instead building a strong alliance between countries in the region. Their failure is not ours anymore.

Osama bin Laden is dead. Does no one understand that meaning of that? Most of his henchmen are dead as well. 

The Afghan people have a government of all their choosing and there is every reason to believe their will be a unified Afghanistan and not one divided against itself.

There have been strides in non-proliferation. It is astounding there hasn't been fireworks between the USA and Russia over Ukraine. Any other administration would be loading canons and not economic treaties. 

The economy which suffered the greatest recession of our history has come back to an unemployment rate of 5.9%. I agree we have to increase the level of those resigned to never finding employment, but, the USA economy is better than we could have imagined in 2008. We made our recovery because of small businesses the President targeted when no loans were available. This recovery is not a Wall Street recover, it is a citizen's economic recovery. 

Wall Street has realized some of the highest levels of value in their history. While Wall Street bobs around it's universe seeking direction, our first woman Chair of the Federal Reserve are using words like wealth inequality. I never thought I'd hear those words from anyone at the Federal Reserve yet alone the Chairwoman.

President Obama has placed the first Hispanic minority in the Supreme Court and a woman besides. The US Supreme Court has a record number of women sitting today. 

The Obama Justice Department has moved mountains in making aware the gross injustice and remaining racism still in the USA. They have stood in defiance of a tainted police culture that permeates many of our cities. The Holder Justice Department has taken the lead in bring about awareness.

Saturday represented the two month anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, shot down in the street of Ferguson by police officer Darren Wilson.
I don't remember one week that has gone by when I thought, Obama is really some kind of President isn't he and yet his favorable ratings never reflected. 
Today in the USA, the electorate or at least the polled people in the country react in measuring the President's favorable ratings by the negative universe of the RNC. When the Affordable Care Act passed it was frowned upon as people didn't know the impact on their lives, but, today they do. The reach of that law has been incredible and is changing health care and budgets of hospital systems across the country. I would think if nothing else a President that has saved the lives of Americans while rolling back the danger in health care would receive a 100 percent rating at the very least. The rest of his accomplishments can only be 110 percent or 120 percent or 130 percent.
I am proud of my President and I don't appreciate the lack of express of his incredible administration by so many in the country. War and fear is all anyone understands as an American anymore? Well. Then there won't be favorable ratings for a President that not only avoid wars, but, empowers countries to defend themselves.
It is amusing to realize generations of Americans honestly don't know and can't appreciate peace.