Monday, February 07, 2011

While Egyptians are tenacious for freedom, the removal of the 'Preamble' of the USA Constitution si being trampled for political and financial fodder.

"insure domestic tranquility"...means to maintain law and order (tranquility) within the country (domestic). This is in direct contrast with the next reason listed: "provide for the common defence." ...  the focus is aimed outwards -- toward possible hosility from other countries. You can think of the Preamble in terms of the duties and purpose of an ideal government for a new country:...
There is no way domestic tranquility can be provided with the 'weapon load' on the USA streets that exists today.  Conveniently, the 'Second Amendmenters' like to ABANDON and IGNORE the Preamble of the USA Constitution which CLEARLY delineates THE DIFFERENCE between carrying weapons THAT DO NOT OUTGUN police and military and how a National Defense is CENTRALLY located among the USA military and NOT the citizens of the country.

How convenient everyone sets this topic aside.

...Note that the CDC child gun death figures are typically half of the figures that the gun control lobby publishes. The difference is in the definition of a child. The gun control lobby counts young adults that are 18 or 19 years old as children, but they do not count 20 year olds as children. You can choose from one of two possible reasons, depending on your level of cynicism: 1. The standard CDC age groups used to go from 0-19, 20-39, etc and the gun control lobby couldn't figure out how to select a custom age group. 2. Counting 18 and 19 year olds as children doubles the number of so-called child gun deaths, and more child gun deaths means more support for gun control.

In 1999 there were 1776 gun deaths in the 0 through 17 age group and 3385 gun deaths in the 0 through 19 age group. By subtraction we find that there were a whopping 1609 gun deaths in just the 18 through 19 age group. Historically the 18 through 24 age group is the highest crime-committing group. At age 18 part-time drug dealers leave school and become full-time drug dealers. Despite the propaganda from the gun control lobby, criminals in general and drug dealers in particular are the group of so-called children most likely to be shot by their fellow criminals. You can verify this by reading the local gun death news stories in any city newspaper. School shootings are so rare that every one gets national television coverage, but drug dealers are shot so often that they are barely mentioned in their local newspaper....

Greg Segalini held a photo of his niece Christina Green and his sister, Roxanna Green, in Tucson.

Firearms Death Rate per 100,000 (vs)  Teen Death Rate (click here for rankings by State).

Nationally, Teen Deads by Firearms contributes 6l per 100,000.

Firearms Death Rate per 100,000 (vs) Child Death Rate (Clcik here for rankings by State)

Nationally, Child Death Rate by Firearms contributes 60 per 100,000.

The Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired Sept. 13, 2004.

Homicide trends in the U.S. - Age trends". Bureau of Justice Statistics

There needs to be a STANDARD federalized law in regard to issuing gun permits, otherwise, young Americans can simply go to any other state to obtrain their weapons.

Right-to-carry laws permit individuals (click title to entry - thank you) who meet certain "minimally restrictive" criteria (such as completion of a background check and gun safety course) to carry concealed firearms in most public places.
Concealed carry holders must also meet the minimum federal requirements for gun ownership. 
* Each state has its own laws regarding right-to-carry and falls into one of three main categories:
1) "shall-issue" states, where concealed carry permits are issued to all qualified applicants
2) "may-issue" states, where applicants must often present a reason for carrying a firearm to an issuing authority, who then decides based on his or her discretion whether the applicant will receive a permit
3) "no-issue" states, where concealed carry is generally forbidden
* As of August 2010:
• 38 states are shall-issue and do those thirty-eight; Vermont, Alaska, and Arizona allow lawful firearm owners to carry guns without a permit. All other shall-issue states require firearm owners to obtain a permit to carry concealed guns.
• 10 states are may-issue:  Alabama, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

• 2 states are no-issue:  Illinois and Wisconsin.


Mayor Continues to Hear Positive News on Officer's Recovery  (click here)

Paramus Patrol Officer Rachel Morgan, alleged gunman both wounded. Morgan still critical after surgery.

...A troubled 23-year-old Westwood man, Michael Sean "Mickey" Carmody, was identified Monday morning as the shooter. Carmody was shot several times by at least one other Paramus officer who arrived at the scene, Molinelli said.
Morgan, who was wearing her bullet-proof vest, was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center, where she is surrounded by family and fellow officers, Molinelli said.
The officer, who had previously been a cop at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, pulled over Carmody on Route 17 just after 11 p.m., Molinelli said. He fled the stop and Morgan gave chase, the prosecutor said.
Carmody lost control of his silver car on the ramp to the Garden State Parkway, and opened fire on Morgan, Molinelli said....

The opponents to gun regulation HAVE NO legitimate arguments.  It is Unconstitutional to 'out gun' police and the military in the USA !

The NRA's interest is in regard to Commerce.  Where Commerce threatens 'Domestic Tranquility' and 'National Security' it is MUTE.

NRA faces two crucial tests this week (click here)

February 7th, 2011 2:55 am PT
...The City Council of Los Angeles is in the process of enacting an ordinance which would make it a crime to openly carry a handgun within the city limits of Los Angeles.
On Friday January 28th the L.A. City Council unanimously passed a motion "...requesting the Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) and City Attorney to report to Council to share their legal understandings concerning current federal, state and local parameters concerning gun issues. Recommendations for Council action..."
In the same motion, the city council unashamedly asked "...the local community organizations aimed at stemming gun violence, including Women Against Gun Violence and Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, be invited to attend any such presentation and discussion, and to share their information, insight, advice and ideas."
In short, if you are an opponent of the ban on Open Carry you are not invited....

THAT'S RIGHT.  Why invite people to talk that have nothing to say?  It only wastes taxpayers dollars.