Thursday, February 24, 2011

The government of Libya is all but dissolved. There are many private citizens of mulitple ports of call in the Med

There are huge container ships in the area of the Mediterranean as well.  I cannot help but believe they can attempt resuces of people from the North African Coast where passenger boats may be stranded and trying to leave areas such as Libya.

There is no real war being conducted.  This is all civil actions that are seeking to remove dictators and oppressive regimes.  The potential for rescuing people to safe ports of call on the European side of the Mediterranean may be an option.

Maersk teams with Hapag to enhance U.S, Mediterranean services  (click here)

By gCaptain Staff

Mearsk has announceed that it will enter into a slot swap agreement with Hapag Lloyd between their Mediterranean Gulf Express (MGX) service and Maersk’s own WestMed service.
This swap will offer new direct service from Barcelona, Spain and Valencia, Spain to the US East Coast and the US Gulf, along with new direct service from the US Gulf to Italy and Spain.  The agreement also adds new US ports including New Orleans, Louisiana; Houston, Texas and Port Everglades, Florida.  New Mediterranean ports include Valencia, Spain; Barcelona, Spain and Cagliari, Italy.
The new services will commence on 1 March 2011 subject to final Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) approval.

A guaranteed ample supply of fuel paid for my relief efforts may be all they need.  The pirate issues are primarily in the Indian Ocean because they are unable to access the Mediterranean to date through the Suez and it is a long time around the Cape of Good Hope.  Besides the chance they would be discovered even before they reached the Strait of Gilbralter will deter them as they can be boarded themselves and arrested for international crimes.

Thank you, Ian. You are a sincere hero.

...Murphy (click title to entry - thank you) simply called Walker's office, saying he was Koch, and was ultimately connected with Walker's chief of staff, Keith Gilkes. "The most ridiciulous thing to me is when I get on line with the chief of staff and he wanted to take my number down, and I said I couldn't give it to him because my maid, Maria, had thrown my phone into the washing machine," Murphy says....

What I would expect from any Governor of any party if they were to take a call from a billionaire donor is, "David who?"

Walker's ego is unbelievable.  Talk about a demigod.  To actually believe he could literally belly up to the bar with David Koch is far more than hubris.  He was looking for plenty of money to spill into his re-election campaign after the conversation.  And the people of Wisconsin are his 'toys' in his political game.  Well, isn't the GOP wonderful?  Huh?

I expect plenty of concessions from the Wisconsin Republican Senators realizing that public employees is how the work force is supposed to be paid and compensated.  They should set an example for the Plutocracy and take workers away from private industry.  I sincerely believe public employees should be the BEST compensated, in whatever form that takes, in the country and give private industry a real run for their money.

,,,An Indiana Deputy Attorney General (click here)  "is no longer employed" by the Attorney General's Office, after he tweeted for "live ammunition" to be used on protesters in Wisconsin, the office announced in a statement Wednesday afternoon.
The deputy AG, Jeff Cox, wrote his comments in response to tweets from a Mother Jones editor named Adam Weinstein....

Former Indian Deputy Attorney General Jeff Cox