Friday, January 22, 2010

Hate weakens USA National Defense

Transport Security Administration nominee Erroll Southers explains his withdraw (click here)

“The personal attacks and partisan attacks over collective bargaining and some other issues were really getting to be quite disastrous. As the controversy got hotter and hotter, I believe that I was becoming more and more of a distraction for the White House and that the honorable thing to do was to remove myself so that the country and the organization could move forward.”

The USA had THE MOST QUALIFIED nominee in the nation at its doorstep to become the TSA's Secretary, but, the hatred Senator Jim DeMint has for the Obama Administration and the working class American stopped the nominee to be seated and then to be pressured to withdraw his nomination.

There is no other reason for the withdrawal of Erroll Southers nomination EXCEPT hatred. Pure unadultered hatred.

The nominee, Erroll Southers, is a former FBI special agent and assistant chief for homeland security and intelligence at Los Angeles World Airports Police Department.

His nomination has been approved by two U.S. Senate committees and the TSA is being led by an acting administrator pending a vote in the full Senate.

Marshall McClain, the president of the Los Angeles Airport Peace Officers Association, said the Senate should have already confirmed the appointment by now.

When the incident occurred in Amsterdam, the new Secretary of the TSA should have already been seated.

Intelligence Officials say Underwear Bomber Should Never Have Boarded Plane (click here)

Cindy Saine
Capitol Hill
20 January 2010
..."Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab should not have stepped onto a plane on Christmas Day," he declared. "The counterterrorism system collectively failed and I along with Director [of National Intelligence Dennis] Blair and Secretary [of Homeland Security Janet] Napolitano and others want to tell you and the American people the same thing we told the president, that we have to do better," he said.

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab allegedly tried to detonate a homemade bomb onboard the Northwest Airlines flight, but it failed to detonate....

The harassment of Erroll Southers by Senator Jim DeMint was an act of distain of the Obama Administration and the rights of the Working Class American. Senators use their legislative powers to embarrass elected officials in their choices of nomination. It is the only reason DeMint placed a hold on the nominee to the TSA.

Erroll Southers is eminently qualified for that position and his absence from the capacity of Secretary of the TSA may indeed have been the 'missing link' between stopping Umar Abdulmatallab from boarding the plane in Amsterdam.

That reality belongs on the shoulders of only one man and that is the irresponsible and politically driven Jim DeMint.

Every Working Class American has the right, with or without Erroll Southers at the TSA, to organize under collective bargaining laws. The assertion that such a legal capacity of TSA workers should be barred from occurring is against established laws in the USA. DeMint is guilty of obstructing the best outcome of the USA National Security by oppossing the legal rights of any Working Class American to Collective Bargaining. DeMint is an out of control ideologue.

DeMint has too much power at his disposal and should be reviewed for his misuse of it by the Senate Ethics Committee. It is not ENOUGH that a Senator is allowed such power. There are reasons for it to exist, BUT, "Abuse of Power" should never be allowed.

DeMint abused the powers of his office in holding the nomination of Erroll Southers from taking his position as Secretary of the Transportation Safety Administration. In doing so, he interrupted vital functions of that agency, hence, causing a diminished capacity of the USA National Security.

I demand DeMint be reviewed for abuse of power and censured in his capacity to interfer with the National Security of the USA.


Erroll Southers is eminantly qualified for the position of Secretary to the TSA and should have been seated long before December 25, 2009. IN THAT is a stark reality that the USA's capacity for National Security was breached.

According to Mr. Southers, the chemicals used in the bomb maker's chosen weapon IS/ARE detectable by 'sniffer dog' and could have been detected. THAT is a fact NO ONE knew EXCEPT Mr. Southers. I propose, by not being seated in the capacity to protect people from the reality of the lack of that information CAUSED the incident that could have been a tragedy on December 25, 2009.

I, again, demand the Senate Ethics Panel review DeMint for abuse of power considering Mr. Southers qualifications and his knowledge of his craft in light of the 'near miss' of December 25, 2009.

DeMint needs to be censured.

January 21, 2010
San Diego, California
Photographer states :: The water was rising fast! This driver abandoned the car very quickly.

Storms in California (click here)

acquired January 20, 2010
A tornado-like storm that, according to eyewitness reports, flipped a sport utility vehicle in Sunset Beach and lifted boats out of the water along the Pacific Coast Highway was just part of the excitement in California on January 19, 2010. Forecasters warned that residents were in for several days of severe storms that would bring high winds and heavy rains....

Thursday, January 21, 2010
20:07:22 UTC
USGS World Earthquake Map (click here)

I am about to make a statement no one is going to believe, but, I am going to make it anyway and I doubt I will repeat it. This is NOT quackery either.

USGS M 2.5+ Earthquakes (Real-time, worldwide earthquake list for the past day - click here)

There are 33 recorded earthquakes over the magnitude of 2.5 that occurred between January 21, 2010 at 03:23 AM and January 22, 2010 at 12:32 PM. 33 recorded quakes at the USGS. Twenty-one of those quakes involved THE NORTH AMERICA PLATE. That is a disproportionate number of quakes compared to the distribution around the globe. In examining the map above it is easy to discern there are more quakes occurring in regard to the North America Plate than any other globally. Especially along the west coast of that plate.

The distribution of the quakes with a magnitude of 2.5 or greater along and within the North America Plate is below:

Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands - 7
Puerto Rico Region - 5
Nevada - 1
Baja Peninsula and Southern California - 3
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming - 4 (Yellowstone is believed to have the nature of a Caldera)
Haiti - 1

That is a total of 21 quakes within and along the North American Plate out of 33. I believe there are several factors related to human induced global warming that can be contributed to these quakes.

The North American Plate is known to have had (And I said 'have had') heavy ice deposits along its northern border with the Arctic Ocean. Those ice deposits literally press down on that region of the plate. It has been a long held view of the geological community that these plates move along a magma layer of Earth. It has also been a long held view that when there are significant ice deposits on a continent that borders the poles of Earth that Plate will lie at an 'attitude' within that region of the magma.

In other words, the North America Plate at its northern border is deeper into the magma layer than at its southern border.

We know there is gross deterioration of the Arctic Ocean, loss of Polar Bear habitat and a reduction of perma frost. We also know there is a northern 'sea' passage over the pole now. We also know there is no OLD ICE in the Arctic Ocean. It is all new ice and far less dense than the old ice that once existed there.

I propose that the North America Plate is losing 'its attitude' within Earth's magma layer and is rising in the north and settling deeper in the south, thus, producing a multitude of quakes in a short period of time. This attitude change is due to the profound loss of dense sea ice and land ice that acted as an anchor to 'slow' the movement of the North America Plate.

I also propose that human induced global warming with its vortexes in high numbers resulting in high velocity winds in its 'surface troposphere' SUSTAINED over years now, also acts as a pushing force against the exposed land mass both in air dynamics and water dynamics. It can be stated that erosional force winds against the Rocky Mountains will not only cause deterioration of the mountain rock, but, also prove to be a 'torque' strength FORCE that with a changing of the Plate in its magma layer also provides incentive for movement of the San Andres Fault.

Realizing also, the 'air-surface interface' characteristics of the ocean tides and movements will create 'surface layer' torque FORCE as well that exerts its dynamics against the land mass of which it collides. That air surface interface will provide a 'ratio of torque force' as the upper winds translate to the water surface.

I do not believe any one of these forces acting alone can produce these effects, however, in a 'perfect storm' if you will, those dynamics are possible. If this is even remotely possible, which I strongly believe it is, there is absolutely no predicting the cessation of the quakes in the Gulf and Atlantic Ocean of the West and Northern Hemisphere.

I do not view the 'aftershocks' as they are reported as being 'aftershocks' at all, but, repeated 'quaking' of the North American Plate as it settles into a new attitude in its magma layer, IF, that is possible now.

L.A.'s latest storm brings heavy flooding (click here)

Traffic is a nightmare, with portions of the 710 and 405 freeways inundated by several feet of water and the Grapevine and Cajon Pass closed by snow. Evacuations are ordered for more than 1,000 homes.

A bulldozer clears mud near homes in La Canada Flintridge, Los Angeles January 20, 2010. Authorities on Wednesday ordered the evacuation of 750 homes in the foothills around Los Angeles, fearing that the third in a series of powerful storms would trigger flash flooding and mudslides.
Credit: REUTERS/Gus Ruelas

Tornado warning in California as storm hits (click here)

January 19, 2010

Tornado warning in California as storm hitsPosted: 20 January 2010 0531 hrs

LOS ANGELES – A rare tornado warning was issued for Los Angeles Tuesday as a storm slammed into southern California, dumping heavy rain and snow across the region and leaving thousands of homes without power.

National Weather Service meteorologist Ryan Kittell said a strong storm moving in from the Pacific Ocean and packing winds of around 60 miles per hour had triggered the tornado alert.

“We don’t have any physical evidence of a tornado, but our radars indicated it is spinning rapidly so there’s a good chance of a tornado at the surface,” Kittell told AFP.

Powerful storm fronts developing at sea often weakened by the time they made landfall, Kittell cautioned, admitting that tornado alerts in sun-baked California were “pretty rare.”

“We do get them from time to time but they are pretty rare,” he said.

The storm rolling into southern California on Tuesday followed a similar weather front which deluged the region 24 hours earlier.

Authorities placed hillside communities on alert for flash flooding and mudslides, a major concern in regions affected by raging wildfires last year.

Tuesday’s storm was one of a series of wet weather fronts forecast to hit southern California this week, which are expected to drop as much as 16 inches of rain in some areas.

Local power companies reported Tuesday that engineers were working to restore power to nearly 17,000 customers suffering outages because of the weather.

The weather in Antarctica is hot.

Summary at Scott Base, Ross Island, Antarctica. These temperatures and dynamics illustrate clearly unseasonable warmth for this region of Earth.

Infrared North Pole Satellite

Eight Heat Transfer Vortexes noted.
Four are polar, two of the polar vortexes extend from Arctic region to Equatorial region, two of the polar vortexes extend from the Arctic , four are mid-latitude.

In this satellite image there is more significant and discernable characteristics that indicate a far more extensive vortex set of system. It is more likely a 'single system' when considering the 'caloric heat distribution.' I have noted before there is oscillation between all of Earth's mechanisms that work to cool its climate. It is most likely on any given day, globally, the heat distribution is within a consistent range even though increasing under a thick blanket of carbon dioxide, but, simply manifests in different patterns.

The Gas Laws of Earth dictate that behavior of its troposphere, especially its partial pressure gas laws.

While Greenhouse Gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide trap infrared heat as reflected off Earth's surface, it is the water vapor (which is categorized with Greenhouse Gases) that is the 'heat transport' agent. A biotic Earth depends on high concentrations of water vapor at all latitudes to remain so. It is the water vapor that is a secondary mechanism controlling Earth's climate working intricately in a 'measurable balance' with the other Greenhouse Gases to maintain a biotic Earth. All of the gases are equally important, but, what is MORE important is THE BALANCE that needs to be maintained to continue Earth's benevolence toward its biotic content.

Infrared World Satellite 01.2210 (link)

This is the heat distribution characteristics of Earth today. Water vapor is the primary compound to such heat relief for Earth's climate and it isn't necessarily distributed equally over the planet so therefore the 'daily characteristics' manifest uniquely. They manifest uniquely due to a progressively heating climate.

January 22, 2010
1313 gmt
North Pole Satellite

Eight Heat Transfer Vortexes are noted in this satellite. Four are polar, two of the polar vortexes reach from Arctic region to Equatorial region, two of the polar vortexes reach from Arctic region to Mid-latitude region, four Mid-latitude vortexes. This is a maximum number of vortexes based on my experience with these observations. Previous to today, the maximum based on number of vortexes and not 'size or dynamic' of vortexes was seven. Nor were there two equidistant vortexes on opposite longitudes of Earth that reach from Pole to Equator.

The vortex dynamic of Earth is so powerful reaching to the higher levels of the troposphere that it over rides the jet stream.

January 22, 2010
1232 gmt
Pacific Global Satellite

There are four vortexes in this view in the Northern Hemisphere. Two in the Northwest Pacific and one over the North American continent and one in the Northwest Atlantic offshore of the Northeast North American continent. Northwest Pacific contains one Polar to Equatorial vortex, one Polar to Mid-Latitude vortex. The North American Continent has a Polar to Mid-Latitude vortex and and the Northwest Atlantic offshore of Northeast North American continent is a Polar to Mid-Latitude vortex.

There is one major vortex in the Southern Hemisphere in this view. It extends from the Equator into Antarctica. There are two others, but, I'll note them in other views.

January 22, 2010
1225 gmt
Western Hemisphere

There are three vortexes noted in this satellite in the Northern Hemisphere. All three are Arctic to Mid-Latitude heat transfer vortexes.

The Southern Hemisphere shows two unique heat transfer vortexes. The easily noted vortex extends from the Equatorial region to the Mid-latitude region. It is this vortex that carries so much water vapor and heat from the equator it occasionally spawns a rare hurricane in the Southern Atlantic.

There is one discrete vortex at the southern edge of the South American continent that moves heat from the Mid-latitude vortex into the frigid (what used to be frigid) Antarctica continent system.

The noted 'terminal end' of the vortex west of the previous vortex was noted in a previous satellite of the Pacific Ocean dynamics.

January 22, 2010
1229 gmt
Africa - Europe Satellite

There are primarily three vortexes in the southern hemisphere in this satellite. One is an equatorial to Antarctic vortex that is in the center of the African continent. There is one that is a Mid-Latitude vortex at the extreme east in this satellite and the final one is noted to be at the southern tip of the African Continent reaching in to the Antarctica continent also receiving partial caloric heat from the South American vortex.

The Northern Hemisphere four distinctive vortexes, two of which may have been mentioned in entries above. There is one over the Euro-Asia continent reaching from the Arctic Circle to the Equator. The Eastern Atlantic vortex reaches from the Arctic Circle to Mid-Latitudes. There is an Arctic to Mid-Latitude vortex all the way over to the east of the satellite image and to the west of the satellite image there is a previously West Atlantic vortex.

January 22, 2010
1214 gmt
West Pacific Satellite

There is intense heat in this region. Australia currently is paying attention to that big red spot on its northeast corner of the continent (click here). Last year the Cyclone season started January 11, 2009 near Australia. The heat system to the very east in this satellite was noted to be the vortex in the Pacific Global Satellite moving heat from this region of the planet to Antarctica.


Updated 6pm EDST, Friday 22nd January 2010.

Tropical Cyclone Magda crossed the Kimberley coastline in WA in the early hours of Friday morning, producing gale to storm force winds and heavy rain around Kuri Bay. Fortunately this system remained a Category 2 system, rather than intensifying to a Severe Category 3 or 4, which did seem a strong possibility on Thursday night. This system was pushing souhwards through inland parts of the Kimberley district on Friday evening and starting to weaken, although a Tropical Cyclone Warning was still in force at 3pm WST....

January 22, 2010
0600 AM
Antarctica Surface Wind Satellite (24 hour loop - click here)

The surface winds of Antarctica are primarily moving off the continent. That creates more sea ice that will in turn assist in the maintenance of the ice continent itself. If the hot ocean waters of the South Pacific or South Atlantic were actually splashing up against Antarctica shoreline there would be a faster deterioration of the ice continent. Fortunately the East Wind Drift provides a 'small cushion' of chill to the continent. That cushion is maintained by the surface winds leaving the large ice formations and providing higher levels of sea ice.

There is one area noted in this satellite, in the southeast, that are 'onshore' winds due to a heat transfer vortex arriving to Antarctica. The winds on the Peninsula are exceptionally high.

January 22, 2010
0600 gmt
Antarctica Vortex/Jet Stream (high troposphere, whereas, the surface winds are noted above) - 60 hour loop - click here

The 60 hour loop of the Antarctica jet stream shows clearly the arrival of a heat transfer vortex over the Ross Sea and directly over the Ross Ice Shelf.

January 22, 2010
1313 gmt
Antarctica Satellite

Beginning at 12 o'clock of this satellite, there are two heat transfer vortexes as 12:30 o'clock, one north and one south. The southern vortex is from the Mid-latitudes to Antarctica and the northern vortex equatorial regions to Mid-latitudes and contributes to the southern vortex. Both these have been previously noted.

At 3 o'clock there are two vortexes, one north and one south. The southern vortex is Mid- latitude. The northern vortex reaches from the equator to Antarctica at the six o'clock position.

At 4 o'clock there is a heat system.

At 6:30 o'clock there is a significant heat conduit between Australia and Antarctica.

At 8:00 o'clock there is a heat transfer vortex from the equator to Antarctica.

At 9:00 o'clock there is a vortex from the equator to mid=latitudes.

The ice continent does not have any residual frigid air and is why Vostok is showing temperatures as high as -17 F.

January 22, 2010
0600 AM UTC
Antarctica Temperature Image (24 hour loop at title to entry - thank you)
There are five images that comprise the 24 hour loop at this point and they all basically look the same. Missing is 3AM, 9AM and 3PM. But, these missing pieces do not equate to a different understanding that the temperatures in Antarctica are normal or non-homogenous.

The map on animation does get better either.

The Warmest Reporting Stations

Novolazarevskaja, Antarctica

Local Time: 4:24 PM GMT (GMT +00)

Lat/Lon: 70.8° S 11.8° E

Elevation :: 335 ft (This is new level for the increasing heat in Antarctica. Normally, the dynamic of heat is noted at sea level elevations. This is definitely a change in that dynamic.)

Updated: 12:00 PM GMT on January 22, 2010

Temperature :: 41 F

Humidity :: 25%

Dew Point :: 17 F

Wind :: 9mph from the South

Wind Gust :: -

Pressure :: 29.21 inches (Falling)

Visibility :: 12.0 miles

Palmer Station, Antarctica

Local Time: 1:25 PM CLST (GMT -03)

Lat/Lon: 64.8° S 64.1° W

Elevation :: 26 ft.

Temperature :: 39 F

Humidity : 63%

Dew Point :: 32 F

Wind :: 5 mph east

Wind Gust :: -

Pressure :: 28.92 inches (Falling)

Visibility :: 10 mph

The Coldest Reporting Stations

Dome C, Antarctica

Local Time: 2:44 PM GMT (GMT +00)

Lat/Lon: 75.1° S 123.4° E

Elevation :: 10761 ft

Temperature :: -24 F

Wind Gust :: -

Pressure :: in

Vostok, Antarctica

Local Time: 8:49 PM VOST (GMT +06)

Lat/Lon: 78.4° S 106.9° E


11220 ft

Temperature :: -17 F

Conditions :: Overcast

Humidity :: 39%

Dew Point :: -28 F

Wind :: 9 mph from the SSE

Wind Gust :: -

Pressure :: inches (Rising)

Visibility :: 12.0 miles

UV :: 0 out of 16