Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ukriane finds support for peace from the people of Moscow

I betcha you thought this was a picture of New York City and the Climate marchers. Right? Nope.

Demonstrators clash during an anti-war rally and march Sunday in downtown Moscow.Thousands marched through central Moscow to protest the fighting in Ukraine. (Pavel Golovkin/Associated Press)

September 21, 2014
By Karoun Demirjian
 A march for peace (click here) in Ukraine drew tens of thousands to downtown Moscow Sunday in a show of protest against Russia’s involvement in the conflict.
The demonstration drew a mixed crowd of old and young, families and organized factions, who walked the route chanting songs and slogans — the most common being a simple, “No to war.”
“This march is to show the people that there’s quite a number of people who are against the war and don’t think that most Ukrainians are fascists,” said Mikhail Garder, 28. “The government knows that. The people don’t.”...

I want to have friends in Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to "Friend" Russians on Facebook!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vladimir are you paying attention. The Russians are great people and I love them. Get over yourself!
There is a difference between a Russian and a Russki. Vladimir I am on the verge of believing you are more a Russki from The Cold War than a man that thinks!

Russians need to STICK TOGETHER, the prisons are going to be very oddly overcrowded while there is no one in their homes. The global community can demand fairness for human rights, don't stop now!

Vladimir you keep up you isolation and Russia will be poorer than Germany after WWI. Stop this!!!!

Yes, Vladimir I am a subversive, ask the FBI they will tell you!

Oh, the USA military?

Yeah, well I stated my position on that before. I don't like repeating myself.

Let's put it this way, when Republicans run up against any regulation that would cost them money they ways say the goal of the regulation is UNATTAINABLE.

Yeah, unattainable.

That is the word the US Legislature needs to come to understand in regard to war.

The money.

Did a decade of war in Iraq work? No.

Did a decade of war in Afghanistan work? No.

Did losing over 50,000 Americans in Vietnam work? No.

How much money was spent on those three wars? 

Now. Why not simply spend it on Homeland Security? I think the White House is short on staff and the unemployment rate in Washington, DC is still 7.4 percent.

End of discussion.

Where is the National Guard when the people need them?

In case anyone missed the proceeding from Climate Week, tune into The Weather Channel. 

I never thought I'd see the day The Weather Channel (click here) would be covering the United Nations. They covered it all. I applaud them. I understand they even covered Secretary Kerry meeting with business leaders yesterday. 

On Monday morning El Paso, Texas had received 4 to 5 inches of rain. The streets were flooded and lives put in danger. Citizens were saving each others' lives as the National Guard in Texas is guarding the border from immigrant children.

September 22, 2014
Flash flood warnings (click here) were reissued Monday afternoon as a new round of heavy thunderstorms developed over the El Paso, Texas, metropolitan area, where flash floods earlier in the day turned deadly. By Monday night, numerous roads were flooded in the Las Cruces area. 
Earlier Monday, a cluster of heavy rain parked over the north side of El Paso and triggered deadly flash flooding. 64-year-old Consance Manzanares drowned Monday after her car was trapped in a canal by flood waters, KVIA reports.  
At least two water rescues were performed, according to the El Paso Times. Portions of Hondo Pass, Railroad Drive, and Fairbanks Drive were impassable. Rocks and other debris littered parts of Fairbanks Drive with water reaching up to the wheel wells of at least one vehicle, according to KFOX-TV.  Floodwaters reached the front entrance of El Paso Community College. 

Earth has a new ambassador.

The change in CO2 emission by the USA is less than 10% while Russia and Europe have decreased their carbon emission by greater than 50%.

Interactive map (click here)

The third world needs help in changing their emissions. Where is the First World in it's priorities?