Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Political Polling Data, no matter the polster, is irrelevant to 'the truth.' Only relevance is to elections in the USA. Even then it is tenuous.

Political Polling Data is unconstitutional when applied as a leverage instrument to governing. It demands anarchy and not competency. It is why it is an ethical issue in either the House or Senate when applied to positions by Republicans. It does not reflect fact.

The ability of the media to manipulate the public's opinion causes what is best for the nation to be 'askewed' from reality when that opinion dominates the legislative process.

For Republicans to demand the government to reflect the opinion of the people is not 'governing' it is 'campaigning.' Constitutional content of legislation is suppose to bring about benevolence to the USA democracy, not, opinion.

To govern demanding any legislation to 'answer' to the opinion of the public is unconstitutional and threatens the sovereignty of the country. Governing is not about opinion, it is however about doing what is best for the citizens of the USA.

Corporations are NOT citizens.

...Silver offers a picture of electoral maps between 2004 and 2008 – a profound shift of the entire electoral map towards blue, or liberal, voting. He points out that there’s a block of states – centered on Arkansas – which voted more strongly against Obama than they did against Clinton.

Is this about race?, Silver wonders. In Louisiana, roughly 1 in 5 white voters told polsters that race had been a factor in choosing not to vote for Obama – that compares to roughly 4% in states like New York and California.

Is racism predictable? he asks. He looked for correlations between independent variables and racism and found a strong correlation to levels of education – low education levels correlate closely with racial-based voting. Highly rural states also showed this pattern, though it’s less dramatic than the educational pattern.

Using data from the General Social Survey (click here) which looked at people who had neighbors of another race, Silver looks at political affiliation – there are more Republicans in monoracial neighborhoods, but it’s not a dramatic difference. Similarly, there’s not much difference in opinion regarding affirmative action. But a question about interracial marriage gets dramatically different results in monoracial neighborhoods – people in these neighborhoods are twice as likely to support a law banning interracial marriage....

...Obama's overall approval rating (click title to entry - thank you) is holding steady, with 51 percent of respondents giving him positive marks and 46 percent rating him negatively. On the big domestic issues -- the economy, health care, jobs and the federal budget deficit -- bare majorities of Americans disapprove of the job he is doing...

Hamid Karzai is betraying his word to the USA and its coalition. He is allowing his own people to be used as human shields.

The sooner General McCrystal's forces are allowed to secure the town and encourage citizens to return the sooner the refugee camps will empty. People need to move from the area, allow the coalition to clean up the town and THEN monitor the return of 'peaceful citizens' to the cities.

Short of WANTING to maintain the corruption, I don't know why President Karzai isn't speaking effectively to the people. I thought we were partners. This should be a fairly straight forward and simple mission, not one of suicidal ideation.

As Afghan assault looms, many civilians haven't fled (click title to entry - thank you)
McClatchy Newspapers
KABUL -- As U.S.-led coalition troops prepare for a long-awaited offensive against the Taliban in southern Afghanistan, few civilians have managed to escape the town at the center of the operation, raising the risk of civilian casualties that could undermine the Obama administration's military strategy for the country.
The U.S.-led force said Tuesday that fewer than 200 families - around 1,200 people - had left the town of Marjah and the surrounding area, which have a population of about 80,000.
"Commanders in the area are reporting no significant increase in persons moving out of Nad-e Ali district in the last month," the U.S.-led International Security Assistance Force said in a statement. "Despite reports of large numbers of civilians fleeing the area, the facts on the ground do not support these assertions."
Thousands of U.S., British and Afghan soldiers are poised to push into the area, with preliminary operations reported to have begun late Tuesday. Afghan police will accompany the soldiers in an effort to establish law and order quickly....

Rush Limbaugh, along iwith the other Conservative Con Men use 'contradiction' as a technique to manipulation.

I had to think about it. How was it that Rush Limbaugh is worth so much money? Have syndicated radio without discussing any topic based in facts and the truth.

How does Beck and Murdoch's tribe get away with so much falsehood? Blatant lies?

If Republicans can convincingly destroy the truth, the elections are guaranteed to them. Election donations facilitate that reality and are well spent. It is anarchy.

It is a technique. I knew it had to be something concrete because it is so successful. It isn't just lies, it is premeditated manipulation of 'the message.'

It has a goal.

It is definately a technique.

Rush can never be wrong, but, only WRONGED. He is 'wronged' by the truth. At that point it is a 'loyality' issue and whom one tunes into everyday or whenever. Loyalty is trust. When a subject is too complex for any electorate to 'get their minds around' it is easier to be loyal (feels good) and trust.

The 'mistruth' then becomes beneficial and 'a choice.' Once a mistruth becomes a choice there is no finding middle ground, but, only conquest.

The Republicans will never commit to anything the Democrats have in mind. The President can include their ideas into legislation, but, for Bohner to ever shake the President's hand in a job well done would sink his 'standing' with his electorate. Republicans don't want good policy, they want to be elected and if unethical behavior accompanies it, then so be it.

Introducing an untruth along with a truth or urban myth "all in the same breath" is a way of engaging dialogue 'to find' the 'talk' that destroys the truth. It brings people in, suckers those that hold opinions regarding issues.

Then through the 'rantings meter' the message that brings in the most people regardless of the truth can be honed in and perfected. As long as the message is 'reasonable' and 'believable' by the largest listening audience it is accepted as factual, whether it is or not.

What is a politician's best friend? The majority of votes in election, yes? Why then speak the truth or seek the best path for the country when people can be manipulated in majority to vote based on 'talk radio ratings?'

It is why 'the truth talkers' lose elections. When a candidate wants to win why not 'go with' the flow and accept lies and injustice as a legitimate position. As long as the myths continue to be popular, regardless of the competency of the other party the Republicans will win.

They'll use anyone who can deliver an election regardless of the adverse effect on the country.

Destroying the truth is a priority. It creates a wedge that will split the vote.

Why this is NOT "El Nino." I am tired of hearing it. If a climatologist states this is El Nino that person is incompetent.

"El Nino" in any strength or voracity could never alone melt the Arctic Ocean. There is absolutely NO precedent for a complete meltdown of the Arctic Ocean connected with any El Nino Event.
This is occurring at the same time Antarctica is melting down. These are global events. The melting of Antarctica has NEVER been connected with any El Nino event.
It is Human Induced Global Warming.
End of discussion !
Created: 2/10/2010 1:00:02 PM
Updated: 2/10/2010 2:20:33 PM
DULLES, Va. -- At 11:55 a.m. on Wednesday morning, airport officials closed Dulles International airport for 24 hours, affecting trips to and from Jacksonville.
Twenty-one Southwest, JetBlue, USAir, United and Continental flights heading north have been canceled at Jacksonville International Airport due to weather conditions....

National Weather Service warns of 'extremely dangerous winter weather'

There is a list of precipitation amounts at this link.
So far Finland, Minnesota is leading the nation in snow with 15.4 inches.

There are high winds expected as well in areas of the country. Secure all potentially flying objects outside, but, kindly be aware of the dangers of being out in this kind of weather. Limit exposure to the WIND and cold to a 'time schedule.' Return to warmth frequently.

Count on flooding when it warms. The fluctuations of temperature will also make 'ice' on ponds and lakes unpredictable. Children should be warned to stay away from bodies of water. Adults need to supervise any skating, ice hockey or otherwise. Those adults should have REPORTS by Park/Forest Rangers in regard to the safety of ice formations over water.

No one should take anything for granted. The dangers of these fluctuating weather systems is melting can create weaker ice when air bubbles are trapped in ice layers. Please, please be careful. Skating and recreation over 'shallow' bodies of water is best at this point. Seriously.

Thank you.

February 9, 2010
Wyandotte, Michigan
Photographer states :: Snowstorm continues in southeast Michigan. through 10pm about 5 inches had fallen with snow forecast to continue all through the night.

...EXPANSIVE AREA OF WINTRY PRECIPITATION (click title to entry - thank you)



Local news agencies can be extremely helpful.

Updates on new snowstorm in region (click here)

Honda is still recalling autos regarding their airbags? What is going on? Oh, wait. The government is finally doing its job. Is that it?

Since the budget was passed.

You know, the budget that put everyone in government at the federal level BACK TO WORK.

That budget.

The people of the USA are actually getting something worthwhile from their federal government again. Something more than Six Flags Over Lincoln. Something a little less tangible, but, REAL just the same.


I'll be darn.

The lesson in regard to the stock fluctuations is that when a company steps forward to achieve an understanding that consumers are important to them rather than a commodity to manipulate their 'brand' is not necessarily effected.

No one ever doubted Toyota had a good product, but, to realize that perhaps they were willing to accept 'deaths of consumers' as if a battle in a war was a little more then most folks were willing to accept.

I imagine Honda's stocks will rise again as well. It is a matter of reassurance and consumer confidence. The folks that 'play the markets' run away from any reality that has a dusting of uncertainty. They are the 'opportunistic' investors. I suppose it is a 'wave' of fluctuation brought on by all those 'trading tools' these online brokerages play around with. So much for the 'long term' investor.

How does any government find reassurance in their economy with all these 'flash in the pan' Wall Street investor types? There is no confidence in the market place anymore. It is simply 'skim' what one can. The entire 'market system' of 'investing' is a hideous commodity for any government to place its 'tax base' on.

Completely hideous.

Local economies. It is the only way any government has reassurance for an economy that supplies a strong tax base and stable employment venue for citizens.

Multi-national companies? I just don't see it. Never did. That is what occurred at the end of 2008. Too big to fail means too big to contribute effectly to any country's national security. A component to any nation's security is a stable and consistent tax base.

President Obama could not be more correct. Stable and sustainable jobs is what builds a nation's stability.

Honda announces 437,000 more recalls (click title to entry - thank you)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(02-10) 04:00 PST Tokyo - --

Honda Motor Co. has added 437,000 cars - including 378,000 in the United States and Canada - to its latest round of global recalls over faulty airbags.

The latest disclosure in a series of announcements came today in Tokyo, when the company said it is recalling 17,000 more cars in Japan and elsewhere.

Japan's No. 2 automaker said it is recalling 4,000 cars in Japan, affecting three models.

Honda originally announced the recall to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in November 2008, and since then it has grown to 952,118.

This article appeared on page A - 6 of the San Francisco Chronicle

Honda Motorcycle India mulls capacity expansion (click here)

MUMBAI, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt Ltd, a wholly-owned unit of Japan's Honda Motor Corp (7267.T) is looking to expand capacity in the country, its India head said on Wednesday.

Cyclical Consumer Goods

"We will reach 100 percent utilisation next year... we are doing an internal study on a second plant," Shinji Aoyama told reporters.

The company currently has a capacity to make 1.5 million units of scooters and motorcylcles in India.

(Reporting by Janaki Krishnan)

Nikkei drifts up 1 percent;Toyota up but Honda falls (click here)

By Elaine Lies

TOKYO, Feb 10 (Reuters) - Japan's Nikkei stock average rose 1 percent on Wednesday after reports of an aid plan for heavily indebted Greece eased worries about global economic stability, while a weaker yen buoyed exporters such as Canon Inc (7751.T).

Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T) edged up, with some market players saying its share price may have bottomed and despite a new recall of Camry sedans for steering problems.

Honda Motor Co (7267.T) slipped after saying on Wednesday it would recall 437,763 vehicles globally for defective airbags. [ID:nTFA006595]

A senior German ruling coalition source said euro zone governments have decided in principle to help Greece, calming investors after risk aversion increased in the past two weeks on concern about the fiscal stability of Greece, Portugal and Spain. [ID:nSGE61801C]...